"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Owner says dog not responsible for man's death


"If officials determine DMX was responsible for Cameron's death, Ford could face criminal charges including manslaughter or second-degree murder"

Dog trained in sign language gets 'paws up' in online video


Police shoot dog after pair of pooches attacks Elgin fire station


“When they are big enough and aggressive enough to push grown men in great physical shape into a building because they are so scared of them, what do they do with older people and kids?”

Fire inspector attacked by dog near uptown


Girl bitten by pit bull wants dog returned


First off, a child does not have a say in this type of a situation. Shame on the lame mother who thinks more of the dog than her child's safety.

Pit bull attacks Chihuahua mix; Pleasant Hill woman injured


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neighbors voice concern after pit bull attacks 5 local dogs


Dog nurses 2 endangered tiger cubs in Russia


Owner of dog that bit girl's face feels 'bad'


"Investigators already are saying Okeke should have been more diligent when the canine was around children. She was given citations twice last year because of her dog's vicious behavior."
"Tanya Okeke's dog, Bear, was euthanized Tuesday after investigators say the pit bull-terrier mix attacked a 4-year-old girl."

Family dog fatally shot by animal control officer


"The family admits the dog was loose, having bounded over a fence, but maintain Gotti was gentle by nature and didn't have to be shot." There's always a BUT with Pitty people. Well you failed as the dogs owner so only blame yourself.

Western Uganda: crop-raiding elephants call for plan bee


Horse soring incidents lead USDA to take hard line


Portsmouth girl bitten by pit bull


Teen attacked by 3 Pit Bulls


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Animal Owners Told Pets Could Be Shot


Baby hospitalized after pit bull attack


Coroner: Bites on 2-yr-old consistent with bites from 2 dogs


Woman says Florence police chief shot her dog and her son's dog


Dog who bit kids three times in St. Paul euthanized


Winslow dog killed after attack on girl


Search for pit bull after girl, mother attacked


Monday, June 4, 2012

Animal control picks up pit bull after fight


Dog shooting causes heated controversy


First off a dog is NOT properly contained by an invisible fence..especially a type with a high pain tolerance. Not surprised by the Pitty Posse reaction. But I guess I will use their own phrase...It's just a unfortunate incident.

"Of the two online postings which O’Flynn paraphrased as saying “$1,000 to anybody who kills the deputies involved,” O’Flynn said: “We are looking at that from the criminal side."

Police: Boy mauled by family's pit bull


Nevada Supreme Court won’t stop death of dog that killed baby



Conflicting reports.

Palm River girl badly bitten by pit bull mix


Owner cited after dog attacks child Sunday afternoon


Controversial Army policy makes it difficult for soldiers to get service dogs


Geez, you can't walk your dog without getting attacked by something!


Australian six-year-old mauled by a pack of dogs


Four Year Old Attacked by Dog


Ft. Collins Neighbors Attacked By Pit Bull Mixes


Toddler badly hurt in dogs attack


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why you should be careful around Pit Bulls (Reason # I lost track) {Somewhat Graphic}


Dog shot and killed by deputies in Penfield



When Pit Bulls Attack-The Owners are always at fault!


86-year-old Hermiston Woman Recovering After Dog Attack


Diabetic Alert Dog Saves 3-Year-Old Girl’s Life Countless Times


Big money may be motivator in walking-horse 'soring'


Dog bite victim in good spirits


"Asked if he had euthanized the dogs, Batson said it was not as easy as that.
“I just can’t put the dogs to sleep like that; it would be considered cruelty to animals. There is a process which is involved,” he stated, while stressing that the dogs were now properly secured.

From pound puppy to crime fighting dog


Dog owner faces charges after allegedly ordering pitbull attack in south St. Louis


Owner saves dog from pit bull attack in Lynn Woods


"Ragucci said she was lucky Jesse managed to turn his head or the pit bull would have clamped down on his neck or face but she was flabbergasted that neither man did anything to try and stop the attack."

Friday, June 1, 2012

Owner charged after dog dies in hot truck


Father of dog bite victim feels ignored by authorities


Silver Lake poodle named Chipotle recovering from pit bull attack


“The vet found extensive damage to the neck and shoulder muscles of my dog,” Casas said in an email. “The initial wound was small with very little blood, but the vet explained to me that Pits usually cause much damage internally.”

Bristol man recovering after animal attack while walking at Lake Mystic


Pit Bulls Attack; Woman & Two Dogs Injured


"I wouldn't even call it a fight it was more like a mauling it was just so vicious," Eric Eagan, one of the first neighbors to rush to their aid said. "When I got there all three pit bulls were locked on to three different parts of Dasher; one by the throat, one by the stomach, and one by the hindquarters and they were all pulling in separate directions."

Sound like a wild animal kill doesn't it?

Guest: Guide dog's death raises legal issues


"It is a crime in Florida for anyone to "permit a dog that he or she owns ... to interfere with the use of a service animal by obstructing, intimidating, or otherwise jeopardizing the safety of the service animal or its user."

Builder killed by bite from pet dog


Pit bull that bit girl to be released back to owner


Sorry Your Dog Got Decapitated


Judge rules group still has no legal standing in killer dog case


Selsdon dog walker mauled in fight gets £5k compensation


Terror in Tuffley as Staffie goes for dog's throat


IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!!!!!!!- child involved


"You can't sugarcoat away a dead baby"

Owner lies about identity after pit bull mauls other dog


What would you do if a strangers dog was mauling your dog?


"if I'd had a gun I'd have shot it"

Clairton woman sues over police killing of her pit bull


Seriously?  Case with no merit..dismissed.

Owner kills pit bull after it injures three


Dog Bite Laws


Worst attack on Hutt animal control officers in 37 years


Wheeler: One and done for dangerous-dog owners


Police kill dog that attacked pregnant Alberta woman


Godfrey pit bull only quarantined after 3 confirmed attacks


"Animal control director David Hall says under the current state law, there's little they can do, other than quarantine the dog. He says they can't put it down or force the owner to keep it locked up without a judge's order. Hall agrees the law needs to be changed."

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cuyahoga County Council member proposes requiring pit bulls to be sterilized (poll)


"But the national Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals opposes mandatory spay/neuter laws in part because they can discourage owners from registering for dog licenses. The local nonprofit, For the love of Pits, calls the proposal discrimination, arguing it won't work anyway"

Typical, any thing that would address the overbreeding..laws to hold bad owners responsible will always be shot down by the Pitty people.

Triple Crown bid nearly derailed as I'll Have Another almost hit by rampaging horse


Pit bull attacks Rock Hill boy, bites off part of scalp


PBS show features Colorado service dogs


Pit Bull Dangers-Blogtalkradio


Vicious Edmonton Staffie attack leaves dog fighting for life and owners injured


Owner guility over Willenhall dog attack


Bull dog attacked four people at tower block before being put down


Police shoot charging pit bull



"This group is shit. You stupid mother fuckers"
"This group is full of shit...I hope we don't see more idiots like you."

Save all the wonderful comments like these so you can present them to your legislator's as stunning examples of the type of people who own pit bulls.

Wheels give disabled dog new leash on life


Pit bulls flooding Albuquerque shelters


Pit bull owners celebrate repeal of ban


What's the old saying? You'll be sorry!

2 pit bulls use hole in fence to attack, kill cat


Help Ban PitBulls post

"if I see one more maniacal Pit nutter compare Pit Bulls to "vicious Chihuahuas who bite and maim more than any other breed"... I'm gonna report them just for being stupid, and posting that stupidity to Facebook."


Dog attack sends toddler to hospital



"Animal Control spokeswoman Kim Rodriguez said that to her knowledge, the parents weren't in the yard when the boy was bit"
"large, 125-pound male pit bull" Ya know, I have seen ads for these steroid induced pits and all the pitty people saying they want one. Well end result from that wish.

La Mesa Police Consider "Dangerous" Tag For Dog That Attacked Two People


Come on people! If I can keep 4 dogs from being a menace to people and other pets, you guys should be able to do the same with your dog!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Community, officials at odds over free-roaming dog


UPDATED: Accused TorC Dog Owner Arrested in Magdalena


Dogs jump fence and kill other dogs


"Navarro said the investigation about that pack of dogs is closed and they will not be removed because the dogs have not made an unprovoked attack on a human"
Plain and simple..if these dogs are getting loose and attacking other animals, they should be shot.

Horse found murdered day before Balmoral Park race


MD-Lawmakers form pit bull task force


Campaign to find a home for heroic dog who stayed with his dying friend after car crash


Reasons You Should Not Have a Mastiff


Another dog does his best to prove Darwin right


Dog in savage attack on four-year-old Darwen girl


Pit bull that attacked Whitman man expected to be put down


Woman attacked by dog at Airds


Dog owner cited "multiple times" before recent attack


Authorities: Child May Not Have Been Killed by Dogs


Owners of BAD dog breeds KNOW their dogs are KILLERS!


Dog attacking man's pet caught on tape


Keep your dog in your back yard! No friggen excuse! Your dog will obviously attack other dogs(and it doesn't matter why). I would be packed walking past this house with dogs.

Two "Aggressive" Dogs Killed by Sacramento Police Officer


Poodle attacks pit bull



Woman's dog killed during vicious pit bull attack


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pit bull owner sentenced after 5-year-old's death


"Investigators said Gordon was more worried about his pit bull than the little girl when it happened."

Pet dog found skinned on the brink of death

"She wants to know why someone would do this" A sick person, like a sociopath or psychopath:

State Supreme Court refuses to issue stay in case of killer dog


As a Mastiff person, I am sad this has to end this way for the dog but unfortunately because of the circumstances, it needs to. I only hope these type of tragedies are a wake-up call for ALL dog owners that young children MUST be 100% supervised when around dogs. And frankly, because it takes so little from a dog to cause serious injuries/death to  young children, I would personally restrict a child from close contact with a dog.

Touching reunion of soldier and the dog he saved from shocking Afghan cruelty by owners who HACKED off his ears and tail


Read the comments-Priceless!


Pitty people, as shown here in the comments, are just plain dumb and gullible. This person is trying to get a rise and you took the bait! I'm sure the FBI really cares. Not!
Another thing they like to comment on is a page having only x amount of "likes". Well, in the end, the amount of likes or lack there of doesn't matter. The "truth in the pudding" is that pit type dogs continue to be the most passed up type of dog in shelters and rescues. That's where it matters.

Platt: Hunt for bite and flight attack dog


Pit bull attack sends Whitman man to hospital


Woman Loses Finger in NE Columbus Dog Attack


Owner of mauling dog to spend weekends in jail


Pit bull attacks Norco child; neighbor intervenes


Man struck by an SUV while chased by dog


$10,000 to the person who finds and returns the dog


Monday, May 28, 2012

Police: Two men used sledgehammer to beat tied up horse


Dog Tasered after biting Oxford owner, threatening animal control


Mysterious death prompts Person authorities to seize dog


"nearby residents said the dog sometimes roams the neighborhood and tries to attack their dogs."
"I got a dog. I ain't got no cat. He fights other dogs," he said – but the dog isn't a killer."  Real responsible owner! Not! Ya well, if I was your neighbor and your dog got loose and tried to attack mine, your dog would be a dead dog.

Baby koala fights for life after dog attack


Dog-bite woman has died of rabies


Family Guy

South Park

Autopsy results on toddler killed by dogs deemed inconclusive


For Combat Veteran, Following Doctor’s Orders Could Lead to Eviction


Man claims to be victim of severe pit bull attack


Blog Post-The Toledo Blade


Woman Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack


Two labrador dogs shot and killed


Woman horrified after dog is maimed


2-year-old toddler dead following dog attack


"The dogs, a female black labrador-shepherd mix and a female brindle labrador-shepherd mix, were taken from the home."
My hope is that on this Memorial Day, people show some compassion and withhold judgements regarding this tragedy. For this family, Memorial Day will always remind them of their loss. My prayers are with this family and the child they have lost.

Dog tired! The stray who ran unbelievable 1,100 miles across China after making friends with cyclists on cross-country race


Women sues Delta for $4M after three of her 11 dogs die in '120-degree storage hold'


Poll:Dogs or bees - which have attacked you more often?


Plymouth's tame swans attacked by pitbull-type dog


Calgary boy recovering after alleged dog attack


Zoos’ Bitter Choice: To Save Some Species, Letting Others Die


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Port Credit resident's dog attacked


Pair of dogs attack elderly Surrey woman


Is the King Charles Spaniel Right For You?



Is the English Springer Spaniel Right For You?


Is the English Shepherd Right For You?


Is the English Cocker Spaniel Right For You?


Is the English Pointer Right For You?


Is the English Setter Right For You?



Is the Dogo Argentino Right For You?


Is the Dogue de Bordeaux Right For You?


Is the Doberman Right For You?


Is the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Right For You?


Is the Dalmatian Right For You?


Is the Dachshund Right For You?


Tennessee Walking Horses step under scrutiny


Hobart pet's death sparks concern


Anacortes Police Blotter, May 18 - 25, 2012

Police and paramedics responded to the report of a man on the ground being attacked by two pit-bull dogs in the 5500 block of Sugarloaf Street on Tuesday evening. The man yelled for help and neighbors came to his aid by using shovels in an attempt to drive off the attacking dogs. The dogs had fled when police arrived. The victim and witnesses reported that the two pit-bulls had been running loose in the neighborhood when they began to attack the victim’s poodle that was tethered in its own yard. When the victim went to try and help his dog, the pit-bulls attacked him.
The victim man was severely bitten on his arm and suffered numerous puncture wounds. He was transported to the emergency room. The victim poodle also suffered severe injuries and had large areas of exposed muscle from where its fur and skin had been torn off. It was taken to a local animal hospital for treatment and is expected to survive. The attacking dog’s owner, a 35-year-old man who lived on Rosario Way, retrieved his pit-bulls and he told police that they had escaped their yard through a faulty fence. The pit-bull owner appeared to be intoxicated and he was belligerent and insulting towards the police officers and said that his dogs “wouldn’t bite anybody.” The pit-bulls were transported to the pound where they were placed into quarantine. The pit-bull owner faces criminal charges of his dogs running loose and the incident is under further investigation by the Animal Control Officer.

Manchester dog fight illustrates problem with invisible fences


Now I agree that invisible fences are worthless. HOWEVER, in this case the attacking dogs owner was not able to control her dog and the dog went on the victim's property so in this case the attacking dogs owner is at fault. If you know you have a dog that is easily threatened, it is you responsibility to contain/control it. Also, on the flip side, we all know of dogs that, even with a physical fence, will still find a way to get over or under the fence to attack another animal.

Queens disabled veteran is first in borough to graduate with assistance dog


Dog/Horse: predator meets prey


 "it is important that they have their dogs under ‘close control’. This means the handler is capable of instantly controlling their dog, no matter what the circumstances."

DOG ATTACKS: It is fighting breed's nature to be aggressive


Dog owner prepares for court after alleged attack


Pit Bulls Still Hot Issue in Washington


New Orleans-based Villalobos, the largest pit bull rescue shelter in the nation, had plans to visit Washington and help others reunite with their dogs, but never showed. Other rescue organizations had offered to help, but the enthusiasm has died down, Guillory said.
"When it was going strong and a lot of publicity, there was a lot," Guillory said. "Then, we called them back and they don't return our phone calls

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When little dogs attack.....


Officer keeps paralyzed dog, graduates a second


SC Judge: Jury to Decide Dog Mauling Death Charges


And of course anything gets turned into Pit related


Meth lab gone, no need for dog


Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department to enforce vicious dog requirements


Legal beagle! Seeing-Eye dog helps law student get her degree


Dog Jokes


The Stranger-Bibles Good for Something


Blog Post


I'll Have Another Horse Triple Crown: Mario Gutierrez Key to Historic Win


Blog Post

The ATTS test cited is NOT a test given to evaluate dogs as safe family companions...it is a test that evaluates working drive in dogs. It is used primarily to evaluate dogs for bitework/protection sports like shutzhund and french ring. It does not test for dog/dog aggresion, the most common temperament problem in pit bulls. Dogs can fail NOT because they are aggressive, but because they fail the tracking portion of the test by refusing to walk across wire grating. Schutzhund trained dogs are allowed an aggressive response to the "threatening stranger", and guarding/fighting breeds can fail if they back away fearfully from the threatening stranger.....they can fail for not being aggressive enough.

Good Forum Post About Pits as Police Dogs

I think the qualifier here should be...... how common are pit bulls in law enforcement? The answer is that pit bulls have never been used by law enforcement agencies for police work in any substantial numbers, and the few dogs cited have been outliers. The Law Dogs program started by Diane Jessup shut down years ago, as there was little demand or interest from law enforcement agencies for pit bulls. The most common dogs used by police and military operations are GSD and Belgian Malinois. As a previous poster noted, beagles are the most common dogs used for agricultural detection work in airports.

Also note that there is a difference between a police canine and a detection dog...the small handful of pit bulls that have been used by law enforcement agencies have been detection dogs, similar the the beagles used for detection work.

The dogs used for police and military work come from breeding programs which are carefully selecting dogs for specific traits that make them suitable for this type of work....high drive, intelligent, low fear, and healthy...which means free from commono genetic diseases like HD, etc. It costs a lot of money to train, screen, and develop these dogs, and many still don't make the cut. There needs to be enough genetic material available, from suitable dogs, to maintain the health of the dogs, which is why some programs are importing dogs from overseas to keep the gene pools diverse and viable, and avoid too much inbreeding.

Pit bulls have never, and will never, be used in any significant way, in police work....the dogs are simply not being bred for these purposes, and the very small number of ethical hobby breeders existing couldn't produce dogs with the right qualities in any meaningful numbers. Terriers, in general, are not well suited for this work, because of their general lack of biddability and independent, often stubborn, temperaments.

When Vicious Dogs Attack


FOLLOWUP: After Surgeries, Pit Bull Victim Finally ‘Getting Her Smile Back’


Neighbors upset over Pit Bull attack


Liverpool boy, 12, mauled in suspected pit bull attack


Janet said: “The family said it was an Argentinian pit bull but we don’t know for sure because it has disappeared.
“We thought they would have had it put down but I found out last Saturday that it has gone missing.

Wow! The dog has gone missing! What a surprise!

Activist visits pregnant mom mauled by dogs


"Out of concern for her welfare, the TTCA wanted to see how she was doing." Bullshit!

WALTHAMSTOW: Man arrested over dog attack


Dog ‘shaken like a rag doll' by Staffordshire bull terrier


Sheriff: 2 pit bull mixes seized after attack on livestock


Pensacola woman awarded $643K four years after pit bull attack


Man says dog in attack was vicious


Pit bulls are number one breed coming into Roanoke's dog pound


Well let's see...one thing is that they are very over bred, especially given the high numbers in shelters..also people that believe the hype that they are a good family dog(without doing their research to see if it's the right dog for them) find out soon enough and then contribute to the ever growing population in the shelters.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pit Bull attacks child


Mom faces child endangerment charge for dog bite


Dog walker mauled stopping fight at Kenley Aerodrome


OT-Heartbreaking picture of toddlers being carried out of house after they were suffocated 'by their mother enraged by husband's affair'


Ya know, this has begun to be a regular occurrence...parents killing their kids and then trying to off themselves(sometimes succeeding, sometimes not). If, for whatever reason, you feel the need to "check out" go right ahead! But leave the innocent children behind....safe and sound.

Toddler Bitten in the Face by 175-Pound Dog


Second time this dog has bit a child.

"In the past they were used especially as a fighting dog." Same kind of dog that killed Diane Whipple.
"Breeders warn that Presa Canarios should not be wrestled with nor allowed to play tug-of-war games in which they grab rags and shake their heads vigorously. Such activities, in the words of breeder Tracy Hennings, can "build up the dog's bite drive."

Blog Post


Sheep killing dogs shot dead


Attacked terrier needs surgery


Another savage dog attack at Batehaven


Elderly Man Attacked By Pet Owner


Man in jail after pit bull attack


Pit Bull Attacks Toddler at Park in Anaheim


Man recovers after pit bull attack (video)


"Not once did the dog growl. Even when it had 20-year-old Paul Alderete II by the neck."

"All owners need to clearly heed to Mr. Countryman's statements. He thought he "knew" the dog, all appearances are that he was a very responsible owner." I totally agree with this comment. Never be lulled into a false sense of security about any dog.

Owner says dog attack wasn't dog's fault


WTF! Typical pitty owner! If this boy was riding his bike on PUBLIC property, he had a right to go anywhere. If you can't control/contain your dogs so people are safe on PUBLIC property, then it is your fault! You can't tell someone they can't be on PUBLIC property because you are a crappy dog owner than can't handle your dogs.
Where's Judge Milian when you need her:

OBA: 'Don't lift pit bull ban'


Ventura council approves pit bull ordinance


Owners speak out after dog attacks, kills smaller dog


"He said this incidents is a good example of why people should know the backgrounds of animals before fostering or adopting."

East Side man, 63, bitten by pit bulls running loose



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alligators and drugs not an uncommon combination


"But if McCants was using the gators for protection, he'd be relying more on myth than reality.

"They're absolutely all bark and no bite," Oxier said. "People would go, '...I'm not going anywhere near that alligator,' but they're actually very docile animals, not prone to attack humans at all."

You would almost think it was a pitty person talking about a pit bull!

Aggressive dog released amid troopers shot but survives


Students rally around sick Southaven service dog


Dogs attack girl walking to school in Lakeside


Girl, 4, bitten in face by dog in Homewood


No link between aggressive dog breeds, delinquent owners: study


Dog bites into spray can; explosion ignites kitchen fire (VIDEO)


Dog shot after attacking two people and killing cat in suburban West Palm Beach


New animal ordinance is approved


Calaveras tightens up dog laws


Boy viciously attacked by own pet pit bull


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Judge to consider motions regarding dog that killed baby


Victim: Cops MIA for hours after pit bull attack


Pit bull ordered quarantined after dogfight


Pet pitbull attack sends man to hospital


Terryville woman bit by Pit Bull


3-year-old attacked by pitt bull in the Bronx


Roanoke Police officer bitten by pit bull, dog eventually killed


Prince William to queen's dogs: Stop yer yapping!


Facebook: The Perfect Place to Disown Your Crappy Relatives


Animal Control decides to put down dog that bit boy


Pit bull put down after Lowell attack


Dog killed by pit bull at soccer game


WTF! The dog that killed the other dog given back to the owner! I hope the owners of the other dog at least take this pit owner to civil court.

Victim, 65, in serious condition at hospital after pitbull attack in Syracuse


SPD: Officer shoots loose pit bull


If pit bulls weren't dangerous, owners wouldn't fear being held liable for their behavior


Disagreeable People Prefer Aggressive Dogs, Study Suggests