"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Saturday, April 21, 2012

China's dog ban


Well, they have a one child policy to control the human population. I guess it was only a matter of time before it trickled down to animals.

Fatal Dog Attacks on Children [Some dogs don't let go]


In the Uk ongoing crackdown on dangerous animals


Too many Pit Owners are young and naive


"You don't convince her. Mom's house, mom's rules. If she doesn't want a pit bull in her home, then you don't get a pit until you move out on your own." Well said.

From Dogs In Service


I just want to add that comments I see regarding Pitbulls stress they are not human aggressive. To use their own phrase-all dogs bite. Secondly, they seem to carefully omit the fact that dog aggression is inherent in the breed hence the great lengths that many pitbulls will go to in order to attack and kill another dog.

Police shoot raging dog in Clayton


Pitbull goes rogue!

Comments regarding Parma man/ban


"Just because they are the leading killer of dog breeds doesnt mean they should be exterminated." Nope that is the reason why!

And here's comes the excuses


Child killed by rescue dog

"A child has just died and all most of you can bicker about is where the blame should be cast. How about showing some compassion for this family who just lost their newborn child? Have none of you made mistakes as a parent? I know I have ma...de more than my fair share of mistakes. We can not possibly make this father feel more guilty about being asleep while this happened than he already feels about what has happened. Praying for this family as they struggle to face the future without their beautiful little child and for the siblings that were also in the home."

That being said, no dog(especially a rescue who probably hasn't been socialized and trained) should be around children unsupervised.  

Father wants more penalties for Dog Owners


Fresh calls for stricter laws following attacks-Australia

"The Liberals also want Tasmania to consider a move to make owners criminally responsible for attacks carried out by their pets."

Dog attack-Pitbull/Mastiff


Friday, April 20, 2012

Attacks against guide dogs have owners offering warnings


Reporting attacks:

Dog attack/dog killed


Here ya go...chained dog breaks loose from chain as dog and woman walks by, attacks and kills the dog plus injures the woman in the process. “He has shown no aggression toward people at all. He has shown aggression toward other animals,” said Laura Higgason with the Nelson County Animal Shelter."
The dog needs to be PTS. You DON'T GET A FREE KILL!

Now this is a way to hold irresponsible owners accountable


Yup, so loyal they'll attack you during an argument!


Parma man plans to fit pitbull ban


"Technically, Ody is not a pit bull but a crossbreed of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier." So what dog show did you enter him? And win what? He's a mutt. Unless you are competing in agility, obedience or some other such dog competition, to me a "dog show" is a show that is typically  a conformation show. A conformation show is one at which purebred dogs are evaluated to determine their degree of adherence to the breed standard (the "blueprint" of the breed which is determined by the breed club).
"The accusation was that Ody, chained to his front porch, was chasing pedestrians off the sidewalk. Zeitler said it could not have happened because the chain wasn’t long enough." You have him chained? Nice. How many attacks have happened from dogs chained?
Looks like the city plans to keep the ban as is.

Vicious Poodles Attack!


2 Pitbulls attack dog


WARNING: graphic video of two pitbulls attacking a dog through a gate. Tell me how many other types of dogs would do this? Do not watch if you just ate or have a queasy stomach. I personally can't watch it.
I also can't see how someone can just film this happening and not help the dog. There otta be a law!

Pitbull shot


Even if you're homeless, you have to control your dog.

Owner/dog not found in attack-Surprise!


Dog owner arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment.


What a surprise that concern for the welfare of the dog takes precedence over concern for the welfare of the child.

Girl flown to hospital after pit bull attack


Wonder how many people have to be flown to a hospital following a Chihuahua attack?

Criccieth dog owner calls for tougher controls after vicious attack


“The owner of a dog which is dangerously out of control in a public place, or any premises where it should not be, is committing an offence. A dog is considered to be dangerously out of control if it injures a person or behaves in such a way that would make a person believe it might injure them.
“This may also apply where a dog attacks and injures another dog or the owner of that animal believes that they may be injured by intervening to protect their pet."

Attacks on guide dogs by other dogs leaves scars, setbacks for owners


Another Pitbull that "somehow" got loose


Toddler looses a finger


Sorry but I disagree...


BOTH genetics and the dogs individual personality in addition to it's enviornment which includes the owners ability as a responsbile dog owner plays a factor in the dogs personality. Example are Mastiff's. They are genetically bred to be guard dogs. This guarding instinct varies on the breed and personality of the dog. English Mastiff usually use their size and sound of their bark to intimidate rather than launch into an attack. Moving a 200lb body is hard work so if they can accomplish they same outcome, to deter an intruder, without aggression they usually will. Now the Dogue de Bordeaux, due to it's past history as a fighting dog, can be more aggressive in their guarding instinct. Genetically they tend to have more dominant personalities than the English Mastiff. Same sex aggression issues are inherent in the breed. The owner must take care when they are around other dominant dogs. 
While the issue of dog aggression is complex, all factors come into place and must be realized. Disregarding genetics as a factor, only leads to the downfall of the dog.

A Must Read!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do Your Diligent Research Before Selecting a Pitbull

The Pitbull group is almost like a cult. Anyone who is not 100% spouting the same tired phrases, and actually says anything negative against pitbulls is sworn at, call them derogatory names, etc. You can see for yourself by reading comments by the pitbull group on any articles that present the pitbull in a unfavorable light. You usually don't see this type of behavior to this degree with owners of other dog breeds. They want to have removed articles, websites, etc that don't promote the Pitbull. This type of radicalism is really wanting to limit free speech, I suppose you could compare it to something like living under a dictatorship.  They may at times offer an apology if their dog is attacked or killed by a pitbull, will find excuses for the dog and of course oppose it being put down(with a few exceptions). It's no different if a human is injured or killed by a pitbull. They want to "rehabilitate" dogs that have been taken from a dog fighting raid and of course place them in homes. No wonder then some turn around and attack a person or other dog. You have to be careful when you get any kind of dog other than from a reputable breeder or reputable rescue group that honestly describes of pros/cons of each individual dog.  They strongly encourage people to adopt pitbulls  regardless of whether it's the right kind of dog for them and their family. There concern is primarily about finding homes for the dogs because they are hard to home which should be rightly so! They require a certain type of owner and the diligence required by the owner is often beyond the average person. Not saying that there isn't some responsible owners of Pitbulls but they are no more the type of dog for the novice owner than someone learning how to swim for the first time in a river as opposed to a pool. Many who get one find out the hard way when they realize that it's not the right dog for them and if they don't turn it into a shelter, it's left in the back yard. I can only hope they are not criticized if the pitbull is not right for them and they turn it in to be rehomed.  Many are blind to the inherent traits of this type of dog so become lax and let their guard down and are surprised when suddenly their dog attacks a person or other animal and their make the usual comment that it's never shown aggression before. I'm not saying there aren't some good owners of pitbulls but they are the minority.
Bottom line, know your strengths and weaknesses as a dog owner. Do your research among the 160+ pure breeds and the dogs that make up these mixtures. It does the dogs no good to bring one into your home just because you feel sorry for it.  Many of these dogs are in shelters for just that reason. Many breed groups have rescue dogs and don't just give them to anyone that wants one. They try through a home visit, application process, etc to make it a good fit for both the dog and the owner.  Find the dog that best suits you, your family and your abilities as a owner. In the end, it's what's best for the dog. An example is wanting an Irish Wolfhound. I'm researching the breed but not sure if it's right for me and vice versa. I've always had a pack of dogs so have to be careful of who makes up that mix as far as inherent breeds traits besides individual personalities.

How long before this dog gets in the news?


Just Put The Beasts* Down...


The Chief Constable has applied to Plymouth magistrates for an order to destroy the dog.

The court heard officers seized Rocko at the end of January.

Owner Craig Randle, aged 28, of Newcastle Gardens, is opposing the application and wants the dog back.

He told the court: "We have five kids and the dog is great with the kids."

Mr Randle said he did not know whether it was a pit bull.
Well, let's see. What's its behaviour?
...the animal had attacked a neighbour's dog in the street in January.

Mr Rendell said the owner had to pick up the pet to protect it.

He added the dog then turned on the owner's child.

Mr Rendell said: "The child was put up on the shoulders of its parent and even though this person was 6ft tall, the child had to lift its legs to avoid being bitten."

He claimed Rocko had been out in the street without the knowledge of Randle or his partner Paula Libbey.
Hmmm. that name seems familiar...

*snaps fingers*

Oh, right!

HOUSTON - A family claims their neighbors' two pit bulls got loose and bit their mother to death, in Harris County Court.


Leeburg-Pitbull Attacks


I guess Pit Nutters don't like the advice offered.

Horses attacked by Pigdogs



MYTH – Pigdogs are human and dog aggressive.
FACT – This behavior is both totally unacceptable in the hunting community and society in general. Any pigdog that shows excessive aggression to humans, other dogs or any other animal is immediately removed from a hunting pack. This dog will not be reintroduced back into the pack unless this behavior can be corrected and is removed from any breeding program. It is however totally acceptable for your dog to bark when visitors arrive or something startles them, especially at night, this is perfectly normal behavior and acceptable for all dogs in society.
Please remember you and your dog are representing the hunting community, be safe, be responsible, follow the laws and regulations for your area

Pit Bull Attacks Greene County Deputy; Second Attack in Week


Woman attacked, dog killed by pit bull


***"Lewis said Wednesday he wasn’t planning to file any criminal charges against Birkhead."

Charges should be filed and the dog PTS. Spilled milk is an accident a dog attacked and killed is not.

Boy did not provoke 'half-wolf' dog - mother


Petition to destroy dog granted


Dog owner facing jail after his Rhodesian Ridgeback jumped over garden fence and savaged boy's face


Guide dog owner says it’s time to get tough over attacks


OT-Who you calling ugly?

I'll look like this when I'm older:


$4000 penalty for owner of attack dogs in Australia


Linwood officials receive reports of dog attacks

Action to declare animal dangerous may come April 24
Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter
Linwood Town Board supervisors on Tuesday, April 10 listened to a complaint from residents living on 242nd Lane NE, about repeated problems with a dangerous dog.
A pet cat was killed by the animal which came into their yard. Their dogs have been attacked repeatedly by the dog while in their yard.
The residents said they cannot allow their children to play in the yard because of the constant dog barking and aggressive behavior.
There have been two police reports filed about the attacks. Attorney Gerald Randall asked for copies of these as documentation.
The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, at which the board will consider a resolution to declare the identified dog as “potentially dangerous.”
Many of the actions described by the complainants fit under the definition “potentially dangerous dog” (MN Statute 347.50, Definitions Subd. 3). Considerations are if attacks are unprovoked, if domestic animals have been killed, if threatening people or other animals in an attitude of attack, or has a tendency to attack unprovoked.
If the resolution is passed, the dog owner will be given written notification to take specific steps related to fencing and muzzling; to demonstrate the animal is under control. A notice of a special meeting will also be posted.
Once notice is given, the owner has 14 days to take specified action to secure the dog. The special meeting date will be scheduled sometime during the week of May 14.

*****Doesn't say what breed of dog is involved but no owner of any type of dog should create such a climate of fear in a community.

False Sense of Security

"My brother is selling his dog, Onyx and he’s staying over my house temporarily. I’ve always had a negative position on Pit Bulls in the past. My wife bought a pit several years ago and it didn’t work out. Very aggressive, barked constantly, was just out of control. I’ve heard and seen countless stories about pitbull attacks. Call me crazy but I believed that Pitbulls have this natural aggresiveness that cannot be tamed and can instantly turn on someone.
After having him for about a week my views have changed. He’s only a year and a half old but he’s such a big baby. I just don’t get it. I’ve ran with him around the block several times already and he’s so calm and obedient. It’s funny because everyone I come across on the sidewalk with their dogs would immediately go on the other side of the street. He doesn’t even bark. The sad thing is if I was the other person I would’ve done the same thing too. And why is it that everyone walking their dogs have them unleashed? That pisses me off, and I’m thinking, if their dog runs up to the Pit and attacks him, whose fault would it be if their dog dies? Mine of course."

****Now this guy is basing his comments on a dog he's been around for a week. This is where Pit Nutters are lead into a false sense of security, they become lax and then Bam! An attack on a human or other dog happens. Now, how many other types of dogs can still manage to kill another dog while it's on a leash?

Nature vs. Nurture: Can you ever really trust a pit bull?(NO!)


If you want to get a laugh....

Just goggle "Pitbull Hater" and read some of the comments people write. Very amusing. Obviously some people have been off their anti-psychotic medications for awhile. But the most scary thing? People who rant and rave like this owning dogs like pitbulls. And I would bet you if we were able to do a cross reference, we would find many of these dogs involved in the attacks just happened to be owned by these Pit Nutters. Also I'm sure a psychiatrist would say there is a direct correlation between the temperment of the own and the temperment of the dog.

Typical Pit Nutter rant


Excellent Consequences for Nutter Owner!


Another loose pitbull


Spoken like a true nutter


A True Nanny Dog does not have a "freak accident" with Children


Town Will Revisit Leash Law After Vicious Dog Attack At Veterans Park


Even some cops are pit nutters



Great Dane Attack


What do you add to a story like this? A poor dog(Great Dane) lost it's live due to the loser owners of this type of dog.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pitbulls in a pack

I just read your material on breaking up a fight and found it quite informative. I do have some questions I would like advice on. First let me explain the situation... I have 8 dogs, assorted breeds, and 3 are pits bulls.
Last night a vicious fight broke out between the Shepherd & Dobie. The Shepherd in the Alpha Female and once the others saw what was going on, all joined in against the loser (the Dobie). We were able to get all the dogs to stop BUT the pits who were in a death match fury. By the time we were able to break things up - this included grabbing hind legs, breaking holds, etc. it was too late. Bones (the Doby’s name) had arterial & vein wounds and were bleeding out. I am a vet tech. and could do nothing to save her... she was glassy eyed by the time we got all dogs off. We ended up losing a loved pet of 7 yrs. due to a damn stick my granddaughter threw (she did not know we don't do that with all dogs out at the same time) and Bones got to it first. My husband is disabled and cannot fight with them as well as I, so it was a nasty situation. Today they all act just like nothing happened at all.. I would like to know what you'd suggest in my situation. I have all ready said the pits will not go out with ANYONE other than themselves anymore for they are the ones who caused the deadly damage. Should this ever happen again what can I do to break them? I will go get some of those poppers we use to awaken those knocked out, but do you suggest pepper spray? What about the cattle prod if it is at a high enough voltage to stun them? The grabbing by the hind legs just is not feasible here - not enough people to work with. A break stick was advised to me, I have never used one and do not know if it would work. Please advise - I do not want to go through this again. Sure we have had spats in the past 10 yrs. but never of this magnitude. Hope to hear from you soon.
This death is tragic. You have created a dog pack and have now witnessed the ramifications of pack behavior. Build some kennels to keep your pets separated or give some dogs away to good homes. This kind of fighting will happen again. It takes some courage to be a responsible pet owner. In your case the courage means finding better homes for your pets. What you are doing is 100% wrong!

****This is called Pit nutter gone wild!

Animal Cruelty


From Cravendesires


Ah, bull crap. If there is a loose dog in my yard, capable of causing serious injury/death to me or my dogs, I'm going to shoot it. If the owners cared so much about their dog, it wouldn't have been loose in the first place. How many times do we see these attacks happen and the owner isn't even home? Here's a thought, put your dog in the house or garage when you are not home!

Must be a Pitbull Owner!


2010-Rogue Pitbull Clears Out Dept Store


I think someone wanted to shop with fewer people around.

Go Irish!


Somewhat interesting and somewhat amusing conversation


Now I can tell you some vets are not very familiar treating the giant breeds. When I took my Mastiff in to another vet after he wasn't getting any better under the care of his usual vet, the new vet wanted to remove his toe nail without giving him anything to relax or calm him. I looked at the vet and said, "this is a 200lb dog and you going to remove his toe nail just like that?" She then thought better of it and put him under.

It's very simple..keep your dog in your yard!


Which dogs are likely to bite


Stunning example of a Nutter


Police Officer mauled to death, child mauled and the dog owner is upset that his dogs were shot and killed?

Pitbull attack Videos from MissWooHoo11


Redirection and scare tactics

The Pit nutters like to use various tactics to advance their cause. These include trying to minimize the effect of a dog attack/killing by saying for every person or dog mauled/killed by a pitbull..blah,blah,blah. Doesn't matter! Those people and other animals should never have had to experience that trauma or lose their life because of a dog YOU chose to own(and obviously can't control). They also try to scare owners of other breeds by saying, "if you promote these bans or restrictions on pitbulls, your breed will be next". In reality, out of 160+ purebred breeds, only a handful would have the frequency and severity of attacks/maulings/killings that would put it on the list. If I'm not worried about it owned two of the type of dogs I do, the Dogue de Bordeaux and English Mastiff, you shouldn't be either.
Also when attacks happen, neighbors are reluctant to report attacks regarding neighbors dogs when they like the neighbors. However, the next attack could be deadly. All attacks should be reported. In the end, Pit Nutters only care about dogs. the mauling or killing of your child or animals will only be put down as an "unfortunate incident". Few nutters would actually have the decency to put their dog down afterwards.

Terrell Co. pit bull ordinance is in effect


Pitbull attack


Supervisors put more teeth in animal control ordinance


Neopolitan Mastiff killed


"Devil" Dogs in the UK


Police shoot dogs


As far as I'm concerned, if you don't want your dog shot, keep it secure in your yard or house.

If it's going to happen, let the victim be the owner


Clock ticking on pit bulls


Guide dogs attacked


A TRUE guide or service dog( the odds of a normal dog possessing the skills required are like passing all the skills tests to become a Navy Seal) doesn't respond to external stimuli like other dogs nor do they fight back if attacked so they are a favorite victim for dogs or irresponsible owners.

Doesn't this sound like a Pitbull and it's nutty owner?


The guy had a right to grab the attacking dog off his dog.

Should have shot the dog(s).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dangerous Dog Act

Twelve years after it was debated and passed in Parliament with a three-fifths majority, the Dangerous Dogs Act will take effect from August 1. This follows a Cabinet decision last Thursday to enforce the law by Proclamation of the President. The Act prohibits importation and breeding of three categories of dogs, the Pitbull Terrier, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa.

The Minister of Local Government will have the power to declare any other type of dog dangerous if they present a serious danger to the public. In a release yesterday, the Ministry of the Attorney General said the law was being enforced because of recent and growing attacks on citizens by pitbulls. “The facts show that often these dangerous dogs are not properly trained or secured. In recent times, dangerous dogs have been allowed to escape onto the road and attack persons, causing severe injuries and, in some cases, death,” the ministry stated.

Within three months of the law coming into force, owners of dangerous dogs must have them spayed or neutered by a veterinary surgeon and they must be registered with the Ministry of Local Government. Dog owners must also obtain an annual licence from their municipal corporation at a cost of $500 a dog.
In addition, they must have at least $250,000 worth of insurance for each dog. Citizens who keep or own unlicensed dangerous dogs will be liable to be fined $50,000 and one year imprisonment on summary conviction.



I'm glad to see they are doing a home inspection.

Dog Fighting


Something to add to a Dog Attack Lawsuit


Dog Attack Video's


Bullmastiff attack


Royal Mail starts Inquiry into Dog Attacks


Sounds like a bully dog owner


How to tell the difference between a REAL Service dog and a Service Dog Wannabe


"But, I am tired of seeing so much money being spent on Rehabilitating a dog & seeing dogs that never harmed someone or thing- never getting a Chance"


Pitbull victim's father tells of his pain of losing his child


Human aggression not ok but dog aggression is?


Yup, this type of behavior will advance the Pitbull Cause-NOT!


Discussion of Pitbull biting a child


"You guys need to chill the hell out"


"Bully breeds are welcome in our stores, grooming salons and training classes; we also offer individual play time to these pets when they board in our PetsHotelssm. For the safety of our associates and other pets, however, they are excluded ...from the off-leash, group play activities within our Doggie Day Campsm. Our policy reflects careful consultation with our veterinarian staff and safety experts, as well as our deep knowledge and experience interacting with these pets in a wide variety of settings."

It doesn't matter whether it's a human or dog in an attack


"We have a right not to be afraid"


But in the case with Pitbulls, just keep it muzzled


Too bad not all dog attacks are reported by the News


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dog shot by Police


You would have thought it involved a Pitbull from the comments


2 Children attacked in Separate Attacks


Bull Terrier attack


"Bull terriers are bred for fighting but are not to be confused with the more notorious pitbulls, and are not considered a restricted dog breed."

Great Article


Just about every breed has a rescue group. You can goggle to find it.


Good Cause


This is one way to get dog owners more responsible


"This is Florida. We value our rights. Animal care and control should be abolished. Dogs run loose all the time in similar areas like Mexico and South America. People seldom get hurt by them, and they eventually find their way back to their owner. Animal care and control is just another money making scheme by liberals who are trying to control us through the pocket book. Let's all stand up and tell them who we are and what they can do with their fines and government intrusion in Florida."
This is a comment from the article. Guess this person should move to Mexico or SA then.

So sad...


People please! Spay/neuter your dogs, fence them in a yard(preferable they are in the house) and if for what ever reason you can no longer care for them, turn them in to a shelter.

People should not tolerate...

April 11, 1:22 p.m.: Three dogs of unknown breed were off their leashes and attacked a German shorthaired pointer. The pointer sustained bites to the neck, leg and chest. The owner of the pointer said that there had been previous issues with the three dogs.

People should not tolerate dogs being loose and attacking other dogs-inflicting serious injury/death. If you're going to tolerate the dogs being loose, the owners aren't going to care about being responsible. In most places there's not enough taxpayer money to support controlling these bad owners. So, sorry for the dogs, my my dogs life overrules yours.

Ok, not bad...thinking outside the box


While still including language in the article per the unwritten requirement for anything pro pit, at least this writer is not just saying, "blame the owners" and in fact offering ideas which is good.

However, to me and due to the genetic makeup of Pitbulls(sorry guys, but a dog genetically dog aggressive has a higher likelihood of turning that aggression on a human IMO) in absence of a ban, I think the average person should encounter a Pitbull to the same frequency you would encounter a Dogue de Bordeaux...not very often.

Do not believe everything you hear


When my dad was in hospice, I brought our Mastiff's to see him. The dogs also spent time while we were there with other residents. I was asked to bring our dogs back as many of the residents enjoyed them. Now that didn't make them therapy dogs. In this setting they were calm and relaxed. That doesn't mean the same thing would happen in another setting. To me a true therapy, service dog or what have you, are selected based upon not only unique abilities in the dog but also their ability to ignore outside stimuli that another dog may react to. So only the select few qualify. The odds of you just happening to be an owner of one? Small-kinda compared to winning the Lotto.