"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hearing to determine dogs fate


I just don't know how to title this one!


And here's the new one you will see on the news


She's got 4 pitbulls! Of course there's the beg for people to adopt them....cause otherwise her and others like her will keep getting more. Well, have at it!

Now some of this was funny!


Should breeders be working to eliminate the dog-aggression in the APBT?

On a Pitbull website the question was asked and in a poll answered by 46 people:
YES - Dog aggression is an unwanted trait, and should be bred out. 9 19.57%
NO - The breed should be left as it is, including the dog aggression. 31 67.39%
Undecided/unsure or Other 6 13.04%

Ok, now most of the comments were that dog aggression should be accepted as a part of the Pitbull. Fair enough. But again what the pit people fail to realize is that all the pets that are being killed by these dog aggressive pits are much loved pets to the owners. Those owners then become part of the campaign to ban pits. They will also demand that the pit that attacked be PTS. While the pitty people may accept dog aggression as a whole to be a part of the pitbull makeup, on behalf of our pets, the rest of us don't and never will. And we will do everything in our power to protect our animals, including using lethal force against your pit, because in the end when your dog is loose and it's a choice between your dog and my dog, my dog's life takes precedence over yours.

Pit bulls have a reputation for being the most dangerous dog breed. Is this reputation deserved?


APB! BOLO OUT! (All points bulletin, be on the looked out)


Doesn't this sound like the actions of a bully breed owner?


A bully breed owner ran away rather than "man up"(or in this case, "woman up")


A Staffordshire Tried to pull a Boston Terrier through a gate


No can't be true! A bully breed would never do this! Now there was a video, I think it was on livelink, that showed a loose dog(shouldn't have been loose) and 2 Pitbulls behind a bar fence(well that was good) and they had pulled on of the dogs front legs off. Couldn't believe someone just sat and caught it on camera instead of trying to help the poor dog.

Someone Please Help me!

Look what those idiot humans have done to me!

Remember, it's never about the victim..only the Pitbull


And from my favorite Poet the Pit bull Poet Laureate

I saw it on the news last night:
Another report, a fatal dog bite.
It seems this happens much to often:
Another victim ends up in a coffin.

60 seconds into the media report…
“Attacked by a pit bull," then "graphic" she retorts.
Incongruous, through a lovely reporter’s smile,
The words that she reads are upsetting and vile.

Facts were presented, professional and objective,
She interviews an advocate, who gives their perspective,
“It’s all hype, it’s a witch-hunt, it’s media crap,
Don’t blame the pit bulls, you give them a BAD RAP. “

‘Though the advocates are shrill in what they accuse,
Yet I’m finding it hard to find fault with the news.
It’s hard to believe that people buy papers,
Just to keep up with the last pit bull capers.

We buy it for coupons, and for movie reviews,
Sports, comics…things that delight and amuse.
I’m thinking those people who buy it for dogs,
Are using it to clean up after their “logs”.

And for those of us who tuned in at 10,
Do we tune in to hear of those pit bulls again?
Turned it on for the forecast, but instead get story,
But I wish that I hadn’t; it’s upsetting and gory.

Oh, I know, you object, but I must retort,
It’s not really newsworthy for them to report,
The attacks of all of those assorted mutts,
The next thing they’ll have to report paper cuts!

The rest of the public, the sort with a brain,
Find your arguments suffer when you whine and complain,
Demonizing the media, for putting pins on the map,
Hey stop blaming the press; they don’t deserve the BAD RAP!

If it’s to find a culprit to be the aim,
The fault of the matter, just who gets the blame?
Blaming a dog, we just have to laugh,
Should they be sued in court, on the victim’s behalf?
Should we garnish their wages, send them to jail,
Or would their pit mommies provide them the bail?
If you believe that a dog can provide restitution's;
Do you have nice padded cell walls at your institution?

One time, my own pooch took a dump on the floor,
And I scolded, “Bad puppy”, sent him out the back door,
Found a chewed shoe, and a hole in the garden he dug,
There was not a shred of guilt expressed in his mug!

I tried to use reason, “Your fault, bad dog” I said.
That darn dog just sat there waggin’ his tail instead.

Yes, blaming a dog, though are charming, are dumb,
Their vocabulary limited; “sit, roll-over” and “come”,
And the understanding Pavlovian, motivated by crumbs.
And they completely lack logic and opposable thumbs.

Here I am, declaring with the Pit bull Advocacy,
On this point of “Blaming the dog”, UNITY.
Instead, I have to ask, why you won’t join forces with US,
And with those who protect the public safety, discuss….

Some policies to keep these poor dogs away
From the criminally clueless, from whom they do stray?
Let us strive to protect these poor dogs, let’s unite,
And instead of blaming victims, support all civil rights!

Yes, blaming a victim, how vulgar and cruel,
I’m betting you were a big bully in school.
Then I realize, the proof of it, there by your side,
Your pit bull, the object of your fragile pride.

”That poor dog attacked, and now it is dead,
”How I wish they would euthanize humans instead. “
”Everyone needs to know some “self defense”,
”You were attacked in your yard: Build a better fence!
”It’s their fault, for living in such a bad slum.”
”You’re lying, that wasn’t a pit bull, you’re dumb!”
”What did they do to the dog? They don’t just attack”
”Everyone needs to learn to be alpha of the pack!”
”Terrible parents, lowlife trailer trash.”
”They’ll be banning your breed next, so watch what you bash!”
”Pit bulls can sense any weak apprehension.”
”Get over it, Asshole, you just want attention!”

Blaming victims who become a voice for a cause,
Instead, victims targets, they don’t get applause.
Truth’s scary, so they seek to silence the source,
And in turn, all of those who support and endorse.

And there’s quite the obsession about dogsbite.org,
Instead of preventing innocents from ending up in the morgue.
So to all of you pit fans who call victims “Racists”,
Look in the mirror, and look at the faces:

That reflection you see is the one who should work,
To keep these dogs from the inept criminal jerk,
Seek to find some good policy that will ensure,
That these dogs are in hands most capable and secure.

Should we blame nature, should we blame God?
Events that take place nearly daily aren’t odd,
And a civilized response, is we do what we can,
This breed of dog wouldn’t exist without man!

At this point, Pit bull apologists are on the same team,
With dog fighters, and men with low self-esteem,
Back yard breeders and all of the criminal thugs,
Who use pit bulls to guard their illicit drugs.

Ironic, when half the victims listed on that same infamous blog
Are the slain owners and children of the family dog.
Some will join their sweet pit bull in an eternal dirt nap,
Requiem to the concept: who gets the “BAD RAP”.

And in the UK....


Is the Fila Brasileiro Right for You?


Well we don't see many attacks by this type of dog..humm...guess because not many people have them I would presume.  Geez..I don't think there's a thousand + places on the net promoting them either? Unlike the Pitbull.

Interesting conversation regarding the Fila Brasileiro


Pitbull to be PTS after attack


All dogs bite...sure we know that...but when the bite causes one to require medical treatment or a trip to the morgue, the dog need to be PTS.

Some ways to make a dog aggressive


1. Chain it in the back yard...check
2. Don't treat it like a member of the family...check
3. Cross a giant breed with a bully breed....check

Friday, April 13, 2012



Pitbulls are busy today


Nanny dog strikes again!


Another commentary


As far as I'm concerned, Rachael Ray refutes the whole argument Pitty People like to use. Ok, blame the human and then what? Why don't you guys start coming up with come clear solutions? Otherwise, as you can see, people will come up with them for you and you are not going to like it.



Now this is crap!


As I read this article, my dander just got really riled. The behavior of the owner, well all I can say is it's too bad that horse did kick the crap out of the dog owner. You know, an "Unfortunate Incident".

Pitbull broke chain & got loose


Nanny dogs again!


But the difference than in most of these cases?: "Perkins said she didn’t want Cole or the other dogs back in her residence."

Rare pitty Person that isn't totally brainwashed by the Pitty cult.  

A prefect example


This dog was deemed to human and dog aggressive. But what do the pitty people do? Even though they already have more Pits than they have homes for? Get their panties in a bunch because the dog was put down. Here's a thought, why don't you try finding homes for the ones you already have before you worry about more.

We learned from the Pitty Party how to be unsympathetic


The owner said she had no idea her dog was out or that it had bit someone, police said.


You need to know where your dog is at all times. If you can't handle that level of responsibility, as evidence in so many pit owners, then get a pet rock to leave in the back yard.

Older article..people wonder why I hate Pits!


And they are Banned in the UK!


Who will be Missouri's Historical Dog?


This is why there are NO Nanny Dogs!


Child remains in critical condition.

Now, as much as I hate Pit's....


If I see an article I like written, I will acknowledge it. Yes, it doesn't not give your agenda any traction calling people you don't like mentally ill.

Now, children, what have we learned....


"Owners of a mixed terrier called LMPD to report that another dog attacked their dog Jack. The owners informed police that this was the fourth incident between the two dogs, but only one previous attack was reported.
They were walking their dog along Burns Road when a Stafford terrier pitbull, Lucy, began chasing after Jack. Lucy was on the front lawn of its owner’s property, but was not wearing a leash. He went off the property to engage with the other animal.
The owner tried to protect Jack and got in the middle of the two dogs. She suffered a laceration to her middle finger and a bruise on her right knee, but did not need medical attention. Lucy’s owner’s, the Elwood’s, were made aware of the incident and issued a citation for confinement of dogs."

***Report every dog attack. This should not have happened 4 times before the owner of the dog victim takes it a step further to protect their dog.

Tibetan Mastiff



Don't try ths on a Pitbull


Good method for OTHER dogs. Now if it were a pitbull, have one person hold the collar as shown in the video, another person grabs a gun and......

Some comments about this method:

Wow! A Pit owner didn't apologize for his dogs attacking!


Comment from the article:
That was my brother that was attacked. He was just walking his dog when the two pit bulls attacked him and his dog. It took about everything he had just to keep them from killing his dog. I hate to imagine if it would of been his wife instead of him. They would have killed his dog at the least. To top things off the owner of the the two pit bulls didn't even so much as apologize to my brother. He should have been arrested for ever letting those two ignorant killing machines run free. They need to be put down and their owner needs to pay for it too, not just the hospital and veterinary ER bills but pay for his ignorance too with a little time and a good fine.

Canine Chompers-I like that phrase!


Dogs on the Titanic


Bullmastiff & Pitbull


This man didn't get a whole lot of help


Sorry, dude, sounds like you're going to have to get a CWP.

You would have thought a Pitbull was in the story....


There's the "Unfortunate Incident" comment and the redirect off the topic..hey, I was doing something illegal but that should be ignored.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another view on dealing with a dog attack


Backyard Breeder & Bad Owners?


Funny though, people and other pets don't get attacked/killed by BYB and Bad Owners. Well...usually.

Pitbull or Rottie-Which is more dangerous?


Columnist in Australia



Editorial: Dog or owner? Both to blame


Rachael Ray


Now we all know if you talk with a Pitty Person, you get the same old tired phrases. Blame the owner-not the breed, it's all on how you raise them, they were trained that way, they must have been abused, all dogs bite, other dogs bite more often, my dog would bite..sorry I mean lick you to death. And of course the infamous, You're ignorant, uneducated, misinformed, stupid and, as I've been called lately, evil. But bring up the name Rachael Ray. There is dead silence from the Pitty People. Hummm...very interesting.

A citation? That's it?


Pitbull Ordinance



County puts teeth in aggressive animal ordinance



Interview with author and expert Alan Beck


Lambs and Sheep under attack


People in the more rural areas tehnd to let their dogs roam and thus farm animals suffer.
"Why do non dog owners always have to say dogs should be keep on a lead at all times??? Yes they should always be on a lead in busy areas and around livestock, but keeping dogs on leads at all times is a never a good idea. They need exercise and to run around freely. Without the ability to excercise the dogs will naturally become more aggressive due to all the pent up energy. How would humans like to be keep on a lead and never allowed to execise?!? All that is needed is a little bit of common sense with regards to your surroundings."

Well dogs need exercise, yes. But you don't just open your door and say, "come home when you're done." If you don't have a fenced area where they can run around, get out of the house and supervise their exercise.

Now I like this BUT


The title of the article is misleading. The owner didn't make the initial efforts to be a responsible owner until the police were involved. "A dog owner whose family pet broke free whilst being walked and attacked another dog has willingly had her pet neutered and micro-chipped as part of the police-led LEAD initiative to promote responsible dog ownership." Everything included in the statement should have been done prior as being a responsible dog owner. It should be more something like: Owner agrees to be part of the police-led LEAD initiative to promote responsible dog ownership in order to keep her dog.



Pitbull shot


- an aggressive pitbull looking dog snarling and circling a man on Temple St. Police attended and located the animal inside of the residence.
-a 42-year-old man was attacked by two pitbulls while walking home on Straume Ave. He sustained numerous scratches and puncture wounds to his torso. Members attended to the location and discovered the dogs loose in the front yard. Provincial conservation officers attended to the location and attempted to capture the dogs. One of the dogs attacked the officers and had to be shot by police. The dog was then taken by Animal Control to the Terrace Pound. The other dog also had an injury to it and had to be seized as well. Terrace Animal Control is dealing with the owner and people involved.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about


In typical pro pit fashion, the article talks about how breed bans are wrong..it's the irresponsible owners...with no comments or suggestions on what serious laws need to be in place to penalize those dog owners whose dogs inflict serious injury/death on a person or domesticated animal. As usual their, "Blame the Owner" lacks teeth. And we can't miss the term "Nanny Dog" which is about as irresponsible of a saying as "Gentle Giant". "preventing good owners from owning pit bulls."  Yah, like Rachael Ray.


Another where it's "blame the owner" and then do what with that? No ideas or suggestions. From the Pitty people it always stops at that. So what is the incentive for any dog owner to be responsible?

Uhhh...I think there should be a little more to it than that


Dogs to be put down that were involved in attack


“Of the 127 dog bites we responded to last year, 75 happened with the owner being present. Dog ownership is a serious responsibility and the dog owner is responsible for all of their dog’s behaviours both on and off their property.”   "The fine for a serious dog bite is $1,500."
Now my dogs are not allowed near the front door and this is an example why.

Dogs that are loose being sought


More Bite than Bark


That might get dog owner's attention!

$250 citations to owners of unleashed dogs. That might be the trick. My hubby refused to wear a seatbelt when driving. No amount of convincing worked. Then he was pulled over and given a ticket for not wearing one. He sure does wear one now! Maybe I need to start giving him tickets for the things he doesn't do when asked.

Shelter sued


Doggie Daycare Dilemmia


And here's another bully breed idiot....


Pitbull owner cited


This is old news but...


I read this guys book. Not a bad read. Hummm..wonder why his service dog, Rigby, isn't a Pit?

Everyday, somewhere...

 there is a Pitbull that is helping us! Please him/her! Now let's say a prayer as the pitty is helped to the Rainbow Bridge. Oh! Wait! Pitbulls are banned at the Rainbow Bridge! Well, hopefully he/she can be reincarnated into another breed that is allowed.

Pitbull/Mastiff mix-Not a good combination


And in the UK the Pit Brigade Keeps Trying


Nanny dog?


People please keep your dogs in your own yard!


When dogs attack


Need to keep an eye on this one.....



humm...what type of dog just recently ripped off someone's nose?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One of the Pitbull Posse's agendas...

Is to pressure the media not to report the dog breed in attacks in their articles. It's important that the dog breed, regardless of the type of dog, is included in these articles. If you see an article where it's not noted, then ask for clarification and for it to be included in the article.



Pitbull killed after attacking 2 dogs


Another Survey says....


From Craig's List

in reference to dog attack (fort worth)
Date: 2012-04-11, 5:15PM CDT
Reply to: qqm3m-2953109473@comm.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Apparently you dont know the whole story. she was out front with her dog and has lived at her house for 10 years and never had an attack. The pitbull dragged her owner to the ground to attack him. and also no dog ever jumped over her fence. she lives in a beautiful nice house and has lots of clients that are happy with her. she is doing an awesome job and on her own at that. This was an unfortionate accident and this was not her fault. they should of had control over their dog. Thankfully they are taking it back to the place they got it from. they only had the dog for 4 days

Is the Bloodhound Right For You?



Is the Bernese Mountain Dog Right For You?


A heartbreaking plea...

"I live Parkland Dr, Durant, I have been terrorized by my neighbor's 3 Pit Bulls in the trailer NE of me for over 2 years,in city limits and leash law. The last incident less than 2 months ago, my 2 year old GGdaughter and i were chased on my golf cart by 2 of them, Animal Control said owner told him she turned them loose and nothing was done!! I have probably called 10 times and same nothing done!!! Yes, I now carry a shotgun and pistol on my 5 acres...again, in town with leash law. I am 70 and female, live alone, they have been in my barn, in an outhouse now torn down, refused to leave....owners have criminal record. Where are Durant's men, we know where the law is! Please help me before the same happens to me and/or my GGgranddaughter! One was there yesterday on a chain about 10 ft long and little children on premises."


Wait for the "but"....


Read towards the end....

What the......


"Gamache, like other residents in West End neighborhood, lets her dogs roam free, she said. Buddy wasn’t an aggressive dog, she said."
There is no excuse for letting dogs roam free. And the end result is why.

And for those Cesar fans.....


Now I've seen him get irritated at dogs that weren't coming around to his way of thinking quick enough. Even an episode where a Dogue de Bordeaux was on, the DDB gave him a tad bit of a challenge-they are so stubborn! When they don't want to do something, they won't do it. No ifs ands or buts. Try moving a dog off the couch that's 130lbs when it goes dead weight! LOL

And some people wonder why......


What do some mother's think.....


Survey says.......


UK Victim's parents


Typical Pit owner


Rare time than a Pit owner was there


Texas I guess can learn from OK


Let's see...


Officer's go to a home because a person missed a court date. Would think it was about something serious other than, let's say, a traffic fine. And it just so happens the owners have a Pitbull. What a surprise!

Bullmastiff attack


Cross a breed with a bully breed and what do you expect to get? Now, everyone knows I love Mastiff's. However, many of the giant breeds are called gentle giants..including Mastiff's. It's a phrase I NEVER use. Ranks right up there, to me, with Nanny Dog.

And they just keep coming


This shouldn't be a surprise


People need to advocate more often


This PO didn't miss



Doesn't anyone carry firearms these days?


At least they put the dogs down


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Ok-That's all I can stands I can't stands no more!

"There's no point in arguing any of this. This is about the 10th pit bull story I've seen on KXII. They all incite nothing but arguments. You really can't fix stupid and you can't argue with stupid either. Bottom line - if you own a pit bull, your sidewalk really doesn't go all the way to the front door. There's no amount of arguing that can convince me otherwise. I don't care if you've raised 925 of them in your life and they all gently eat skittles out of your toddler's mouth. You're still not very bright for the simple fact that you own one."
"Ok people. Regardless of what breed of dog you may own, why don't you just try simply keeping your dogs put up. Keep it in the house, inside the yard, or on a chain. If you so called dog owners out there even cared about your pets in the first place they wouldn't be running loose and if they aren't running loose they obviously wouldn't be attacking people that aren't on your property. If you are going to own a dog, you need to be held responsible for the actions of your dog if you do not keep it put up. If everyone would take care of their pets and keep them on their own property these kinds of horrible things would not take place. If you are not able to keep up with your pet, you shouldn't have one to begin with."
"Really hard to keep from name calling, but I'll try. Why? I've told this story here and elsewhere enough that it almost doesn't make me sick anymore, but I like to think it might save someone somewhere someday. I once stood in a puddle of a neighbor kid's blood as he was being taken to the ambulance, his face literally ripped off by another neighbor's beloved pit bull that he and his family of 5 raised from a puppy. It slept with his kids, played in the yard with other kids. Until one day, out of the blue, that dog did what his genetic code told him to do because of some unknown trigger and decided ripping the kid's face off was the thing to do. Hard to even call it an attack, it was just a matter of fact action. The dog wasn't particularly agitated before or after. And his idiot owner stood there by that puddle of blood and made the same asinine excuses like the one you just gave along with all the other standards: wouldn't hurt a fly, was like our baby, never even growled at anyone, and then he got to the 'David must have done something to provoke him'. I resisted the urge to beat the hell out of him and kept the boy's son from doing it in front of witnesses. That isn't my only personal pit bull story, but I'll leave it at that. There is no excuse for these dogs to exist outside of a fighting ring were they were born to be, and since that's illegal, so should they be."
"I say it's past time for a little "Vigilante Justice" on these animals...since the Sheriff's Dept. say they can't do anything legally, until the dog has mauled or killed someone. Where are the men in Meade? Protect your children & citizens! Quietly take care of this problem...you know how...no need for a big deal made of it."
"To the people in that neighborhood: these dogs nipped at your kids' feet and you didn't blow their brains out? Did anyone complain to authorities and was anything done? If so, who dropped the ball and how soon can they be fired? People, if you have pit bulls running loose in your neighborhood, yell 'they're coming right for us' and put several rounds into their skulls. You people let this poor man down and should drop to your knees and ask forgiveness while expressing gratitude it wasn't some of these kids that were chewed to pieces. As for the owners, they should be put under a jail. I would say put a needle in their arms, but the law makes allowances for anyone with such a diminished capacity that they would own a pit bull in the first place."
"This is my opinion on pitbull dogs. My grandfather raised and fought pitbull dogs back in the 30's and 40's. He knew the very nature of these dogs, and that is why these dogs were used for this purpose. He kept his dogs confined in an chain linked enclosure that was over a cement foundation with a huge rod cemented into the very center of the pen. The pen was 8' high, and the dogs were chained with log chains from the center of the pen, and were unable to reach the sides of the fence by a length of at least 10 feet. My mother was not allowed to go near these pens at any time. My grandfather instill in us that these dogs were breed to be fighters and natural killers...Now, folks, this was a man who knew this from the 1930's and 1940's...why is it that now that everyone thinks that these dogs are such sweet, harmless household pets? Better take notice of the wisdom of my grandfather. I was raised all my life knowing the scope on pitbulls. If you value your other pets, children, loved ones, and others in your community, best you take heed. Seems to me that the only people that have the pits are the ones who are associated in one way or the other in activities not conducive to society and the law...don't like what I have to say...well...I really don't give a rat's patoot... "

Pitbull victim wants the owners to be held responsible



to those looking for my breed profiles, Is this the right dog for you? I do those when there's a lull on the Pitbull front but unfortunately, it's been rather busy in that respect.

Someone is a bad shot


You've got to be joking!


This wouldn't happen as the producers wouldn't be able to get insurance! LOL

Now they do have http://www.beyondthemythmovie.com/ which they call a documentary which in actuality it's not as documentaries present only factual information without bias. And this is clearly only about the Pitty groups continuing efforts to promote a positive image of pits. Must be alot of work though with the daily attacks, maulings and killings. Would be a 24/7 job I would think!

But three of the breeds I own did:
Irish Setter-Big Red
English Mastiff-Sand Lot
Dogue de Bordeaux-Turner and Hooch

All together Now....


No responsible dog group would want a aggressive dog rehomed. So does this include the Pitty People...nope! Of course the Pitty people want these dogs to be given a second chance. Even though they can't find homes for all the many pits in rescue the way it is. Ya, we know you are all over the internet begging and pleading for people to adopt these dogs. Never see this with Mastiffs. Wait...oh that's right. Because the Mastiff group would rather have the dogs PTS!



On-line petition


And for all the Pitty people who think their dog is a "service dog"


And in the UK


“I know it’s not the dog’s fault, but if I got hold of it, I’d nail it to a tree, because it’s disgusting.”

Boy, in Sweden, they don't mess around!


Pitty People say the dangest things


Probably would say the same thing even if the boy was killed.

And sometimes you can't even trust a vet


To Parents:


An older article but Yah!


We need to see more of these.

A comment from a K9 Officer

"I just had a conversation about this with a retired K9 police officer.
In their opinion, there are certain breeds that are just more unpredictable regardless of upbringing or training. Pitts are one of those. It's not that they're bad dogs but due to their high prey drive or high protection drive, they tend to be just...unpredictable. In this person's professional experience, they hated pitts and more problems with them in general.
I always believed that it came down to training and not the breed; however, this person completely disagreed (again, this is a person that I would consider an expert being a K9 officer as well as military K9 trainer...and a lover of dogs!)"


Monday Musings

When we bought our house so many years ago, I was like the mailman as far as the dogs were concerned. I walked them every day no matter what the weather. Two in the morning, the other two later in the day. I was called the dog lady and looked for by everyone. This area is part urban/part rural and I dealt with many loose dogs. Not one Pit though. And for those Pitty people that bring up GSD's...two neighbor's each had a GSD loose in the yard. The owner was always out when they were loose. Each time they would run into the road, with a whistle from the owner, they pulled up short and ran back to their yard. Another neighbor had 2 GSD's loose in the yard. They would just lay ion the door step as we went by. I would think, "I want a dog like that!". Not a GSD...just one that well trained! LOL
Anyway, it was stressful to try to hold onto my dogs while we were being circled. Especially when I was walking the Mastiff's. Then my son passed away in Nov 2002 from Advanced Coronary Artery Disease at the age of 24. No one knew. Even the coroner said it wouldn't have been caught because of his age. Well, I stopped walking the dogs. I couldn't deal with it anymore. People started wondering where I was. Eventually a pool was started and the winner was who found out what happen to me. I thought it was too funny.

Pitbull Summit


If you have children...

This is what the Pitbull community thinks of how important the life of your child is.

Sayng a prayer

From Pit Bull Dangers Community:

Another day....

another pitbull attack. These dogs should have been killed long before this poor man was.

"Officials say the dogs have to be deemed vicious and have a proven history of biting and attacking others before any criminal charges can be filed."
That's why any loose pit should be a dead pit!

Monday, April 9, 2012



These daily pitbull attacks sure keep the Pitty people busy with that Pitbull Positive Image thing.

There are some really sick, twisted people in the world


Good Article


Too bad this doesn't happen more often when a dog is attacked by a Pit


Now this isn't bad-Found this on Someone's Blog

"Pit bulls: Do you have what it takes to own one?
Reports like this are what motivates me to write this blog. Not because I want to tout pit bulls as the best doggone dogs around — I may own a pit bull, and love a pit bull, but I'm no idiot. Pit bulls aren't the dog for everyone and frankly, it scares me half to death to think of the powerful breeds, labs included, owned by the masses who don't know the first thing about dog behavior.
Most people just get lucky. The right circumstances for an attack never add up. But for damn near every dog, there is a threshold. There is something — some set of unique circumstances — a dog wasn't socialized to, prepared for or ready to cope with that could happen, but it may be a very narrow set of circumstances that just never occurs.
But for many dogs, the circumstances do occur. Many people have been bitten by dogs of all varieties and often, those bites never add up to anything. The dog was small, or the bite was half-hearted and motivated by fear; not serious enough to inflict grave injuries and hit the news.
Pit bulls need an owner who holds him or herself to a higher standard of responsibility and understanding of the breed they've chosen to make their best friend.
Most people don't have what it takes.
Most people hardly have what it takes, in my book, to be a responsible owner of any breed of dog.
And that is why I write this blog."
***I would hardly call labs a powerful breed.



Boy, a Bully breed breaking through the fence! So rare!


Find the Pitbull







Now someone mentioned they couldn't find a pitbull in the links..ya..that's the whole idea. Any disabled person that needs a service dog, usually doesn't pick a Pit. And the legit Dog Assistance Orgs don't usually use them either.

Can't Touch This

Pitbull "Somehow" getting loose

Me thinks there's more to this story than simple barking


Leave it to Pitty People to distort the truth.

There's always a Pitty Person Hiding Somewhere


A group of "normal" mom's, WOW!


Now these are the type of charges I want to see against owners!


Appropriate outcome


Are Rescued Pitbulls Safe?


Me thinks....


That the truth to the problem is being withheld.

The Pitty People....


want the media to not identify the type of dog in their articles. You would think though...as a "Normal" parent-someone who puts the lives of their children over the life of a dog-, that you would want to know the types of dogs that may be the actual life of your child at risk? The Pitty people will try to redirect the topic to attacks by smaller dogs. That's like comparing an attack by a very small non venomous snake is as deadly to a Boa Constrictor.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

While in most areas people have a right to own a Pitbull. Fair enough. You agree then to the inherent risks owning this type of dog. However, if you dog gets loose, then it puts others at risk and we didn't agree to that. This is the way we need then to address that risk:

Dogs on a rampage


Yup, the ultimate Nanny dog!

Miami Pitbull Ban


If the Pitbull is in essence nothing more than a mutt, why not just let it die out like the dinosaur's?

Now here's the deal.....

"My @hole neighbor abandoned his 6 month old pit bull when he moved, just tied him up and left. I took it in and finally found it a good home after two months. It was a very sweet pup only because it was a pit bull people shied away from her, I've taken in stray dogs before and never had such a hard time finding them homes as was the case with this friendly pup."

There are 160+ purebred dogs and thousands of mutts for people to choose from when looking for a dog. Just because the only people creating a line to take a pitbull are the pitty people, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with a person passing up on a Pitbull. They have lots of options and should choose the dog that right for their family and themselves as a dog owner. I don't see any other group trying to cram their dog of choice down other people's throat like the pitty people. And you guys wonder why the Pitbull has a image problem. Take a look in the mirror, pitty people.

Old article but interesting


Good articles



Pitty People Are Everywhere! Kinda like Cockroaches


Kids don't get to choose the dog, do they?


This is an old article but bears repeating.



A RAMPAGING pitbull terrier was twice shot by police before it ran away after attacking its owner at a Clayton pub.
The canine chaos unfolded in front of stunned patrons, who watched the 24-year-old man run into the Monash Hotel, fleeing his pet after it turned on him in the carpark.
The vicious dog chased him into the Dandenong Rd hotel and continued its terrifying attack on him, causing 30 puncture wounds to his legs, back and arms.

Police said fearful patrons jumped up on the bar after the unregistered dog tried to bite them too.

The dog stormed into the 24-hour pokies venue about 7.30am on Saturday.
A police spokeswoman said when officers arrived, the pitbull was also trying to attack staff.

She said police used capsicum spray on the dog but it had no effect.

"The dog continued toward police in a threatening manner," she said.

"A police member then fired two rounds towards the dog, striking it before it ran from police into an industrial area."

RSPCA officers caught the dog and treated it for wounds to its legs, before it was put down yesterday.

The owner, from Clayton, was taken to Dandenong Hospital.

Monash Mayor Stefanie Perri said the attack served as a warning to all owners of dangerous dogs.

"It is an absolutely horrific incident and one that will be dealt with seriously and appropriately," Cr Perri said.

The council and police are investigating and the owner could face charges.
Police are expected to review CCTV footage of the attack.

The State Government waged a crackdown on dangerous dogs after four-year-old Ayen Chol was killed by a neighbour's pitbull terrier cross last year.

Is the English Mastiff Right For You?




A UK Study says......


You gotta read these Poems!


You will piss your pants from laughing!

Why do you feel this way?

This is what I was asked recently by a Pitty person. Why I was so against Pitbulls. It hurts like hell to get bitten by a dog. I can't imagine the pain to be killed by one.
2 of our dog(now passed on) didn't get along. Maura, the psycho Irish Setter from hell-hubby's dog..and Cinnamon, my Dogue de Bordeaux. Maura always initiated the attacks. Cinnamon wouldn't back down from it. A bitch fight is nasty. Hubby was as irrational about Maura as a typical pitty person. Finally the incident happened which got hubby to agree the the crate and rotate. All the dogs slept in our room. They found a place wherever. Maura was on the bed. It was dark. Cinnamon tried to get on the bed and must have stepped on Maura. The fight broke out. I reached down to grab Maura, screaming at hubby to grab Cinnamon. As he jumped up to turn on the light, Cinnamon tore into my arm trying to get at Maura. It hurt! After that, I told hubby(since he didn't want to get rid of Maura, we needed to keep them separated or we needed a divorce. Actually for a few years Maura went to live with my sister-in-law, then came back. They spent the rest of their lives separated.
So because of that experience, and the callous way Pitty People have about when a person or pet gets injured or killed by one of their dogs, is why I am passionate about this and will ensure the average JPQ doesn't get sugarcoated about Pitbulls!

Typical Pitty Person

Yup, your choice to own a Pitbull.
MY choice on how to deal with a loose Pitbull.

Is a Rottweiler Right For You?


And sometimes you gotta mace the owner


He's sticking to his guns in the comments




This story is all over the Internet claiming this dog is a hero. Whatever! The dog's response would have been the same thing if paramedics were there to help his owner. Remember the Pitbull that had to be killed so the police could get to his owner who was on the ground, critically injured?

Farm animals


Bullmastiff Attack


Good with children?


Never be lead into a false sense of security that a dog is good with children...you must always supervise.