"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Those Lovely, Ill-Mannered, Untrained Shelter Dogs



A Bayswater couple's maltese cross has been mauled to death by a pair of pit bulls


Owner of dog that attacked another is fined


Police Blotter: Unleashed Dog Attacks K-9 Unit

A battle of good vs. evil played out in a condominium parking lot in Rancho Santa Margarita this week—among dogs.
According to an informant who called the Orange County Sheriff Department, a young man parked his white Ford Explorer in the lot and let his dog out, unleashed.
The dog spotted another canine and attacked it.
The second dog was a K-9 unit belonging to an off-duty police officer.
The off-duty officer cited the juvenile owner of the attack dog. The K-9 was transported to an emergency veterinarian to treat injuries it sustained during the brawl.
The call came in around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, from the 29700 block of Melinda Road.

Dog Fighting undercover part 6- Finale


Dog Fighting undercover part 5


Dog Fighting undercover part 4


Dog Fighting undercover part 3


Dog Fighting undercover part 1


Dog fighting is a cruel and inhumane "sport". I'm a firm believer that those who participate in this, will be given their "just rewards" on judgement day. That said, there's a reason they use pit bull type dogs rather than Collie's or other breeds and it's called genetics. The sad thing is these dogs didn't ask to become the manmade product they are.

Dog Fighting undercover part 2


Fight For Pit Bull Heads to Court


Woman Attacked By Pit Bull Speaks Of Horror


Pit attacked my 4 yr old


Man fights for pit bull back after fatal mauling


"Police don't think it's safe for Achilles to be back in the community, so they're going to ask a judge to deem him 'vicious and dangerous' which means he may be euthanized."

Legal Advice For Neighbors With Vicious Dogs That Bite


I-Team Investigation: Black Market Dog Breeders Part II


Also see:

Group hopes to save dog that killed 1-year-old


I guess there's just not enough homeless dogs to be saved. Funny, the Mastiff community would support the dog being PTS. So even if they are able to save the dog, which I doubt, what kind of life are they sentencing it to? A life that is no different than being stuck in the backyard. Also, according to the rescue's website, they are having a hard time with the expenses of the dogs they already have.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Albuquerque dog law holds owners responsible for attacks


Giant rogue croc captured after eating nine pet dogs


How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands-Satire


Why do people in this section have a need to recommend Pit bulls to everyone?


Dad kills pup with hammer


Dominance – is it appropriate to explain social relationships between dogs and humans?


Bruceton Police Chief Speaks About Dog Attack



Council investigates vicious dog attack


A man says two pit bulls mauled his maltese terrier to death at Banks Reserve yesterday.
The owner of the pit bulls offered no help and when confronted, told the man to "get over it"

Ya, he'll get "over it" once your dogs are picked up by the police/AC and PTS.

War Dog



A U.S. Navy Seals' Secret Weapon: Elite Dog Team


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two owners cited in dog deaths


Victim's son: My dad loved this dog more than me


This dog’s a real ‘Bruiser’


Video shows dogs attacking woman in the Bronx


New Brighton pit bulls quarantined after 2 attacks on neighborhood dogs


Man shoots pit bull for attacking his small dog


I-Team: Dog rescue investigation


Reading a few more Pit Posse comments on new articles....

and it gave me a thought. Maybe we should keep running list of all these really good comments from the Pit Posse and send them to legislators when they are looking at dog ordinances...pointing out that THESE are the type of people who own pits! I would think they would be horrified!

Aggressive canine once a goner, now a prison guard dog



Two pit bulls who attacked man and dog will be euthanized


Maryland bites Pits back, CA should outlaw them


A Facebook Comment

"I like how you erased my comments and pics from last night. Oh and blocked me as well. Not one profane word was used nore was any one disrespected. clearly it was to much to bear to see the truth. Here's an idea..... Rather than tring to brain wash everyone. why don't you give a fair oppertunity ur hands on my animal. Here's a concept. Let's drag your misdeeds out of the shadows. The things you do when you think no one is watching. Lets bring that to light. I'm sure what we would find on most of you would disgust us all. On a level where i'm sure society would like to put YOU down!! Now how ever if you people are open minded I encourage you to do this. Go out and buy a pit bull puppy and raise it for two yrs. Even tho the dog never hurt any thing, go ahead and put it down yourself. Get the real deal experience."
*****Yup way to act as you "advocate" for the pits. Again I see no other breed who's owners think everyone should own one. A REAL ADVOCATE wants to shelter the breed they love from those that will end up as irresponsible owners, does NOT want them popular and DOES NOT want every Tom, Dick and in-bred Harriet to own one.

Here's another from a new article:
"Here we go again with the breed baiting. I think most here will agree that the morons that blindly post (with no real evidence that these were actual "pure bred" American Pit Bull Terriers) how these dogs need to be eliminated. Sad really, I'm surprised you wussies can cross the street without wetting yourself. Here's a news flash folks: These are the MOST popular and Bred dogs in America! Yes, some will be problem dogs, but so is your lab breed (I.E recent story of the lab tearing the 18 month old to bits while the dad slept in the next room). These dogs are often mistaken for other breed dogs (or mixes) but VERY RARELY is a PURE bred pit involved in these attacks. Most of the time they are mix breeds (as pure bred pits have NO HUMAN AGRESSION TENDENCIES). How did we go from the "Little Rascals" and their pit, to every uneducated moron in this town scared to death of a very loving, gentle, family dog? Yes training IS VERY important, so are good owners, but the fact is more people own this breed than any other, combined. If they are so dangerous, why aren't we all dead? This is just a precoursor to outlawing any breed that may bite the cops that show up at your door to escort you to your new living arraingements (soon, sheeple, be patient). Farewell pacifist dog owners, may your labs lick your carcassas clean. "

****Sorry dude but according to AKC: http://www.akc.org/reg/dogreg_stats.cfm, Pitbulls rank 72(2011).  http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=4592...not even close to the top for 2012. And how's that going for ya being so overly bred? I'm sure all the pitbulls in the shelters and the ones being PTS, don't think it's the best thing either. And what planet did you just come from that you think more people own one than all breeds combined?

Stricter penalties for owners of vicious dogs


Another dog attack that didn't make the news


From retrieverman


The pits were too busy attacking adults, older children and other dogs/cats. They didn't make it to the babies yet.

Oh and by the way....

Why does the Pit Posse think those of us ,that don't care for the pitbull, want to see pictures of their dogs? The pitbull is really not an attractive dog. Personally, I rather see a pics of dogs like the Clumber Spaniel or some other uncommon breeds.

Police: Dog shot by officer was acting aggressively


Now of course the Pitty Posse is in an uproar about this.  Where's the comments about the irresponsbible owner whose responsibility it was to ensure this recent rescue dog just didn't "get out somehow"? Pitbull "puppies" have been involved in attacks before. It is the owners responsibility to ensure they don't get loose.  

Miramar Man Fined For Pit Bull Attack


Mendota officer recovering after dog attack


Man found dead, Pitbull may be responsible


"It was clearly the kid's dog, not the father's dog" said a neighbor

Jack Russell terrier killed after Va. infant attacked


JHC! The dog involved is a JRT and all the pit nutters are talking about pitbulls!

Malden tightens dog enforcement policy


Well it just takes all kinds......


The person who did this needs to be found and prosecuted!



Police: Man ordered dog attack on woman


MD ruling shows Pitbull Owners Hypocrisy


OK, take away the Pitbull term in the ruling. In essence, an owner is libel if their dog causes serious injury/death. Dog needs to be proven still that's it's a pitbull, that's what DNA is for, but there's no more "one free bite" or "one free kill". So what's the problem Pit Posse? Haven't you been saying all along that the irresponsible owners should be held responsible? Well that's what the ruling does. As far as the landlord issue, most landlords usually have either a no pet policy or a weight limit policy on pets. The uproar against the ordinance(which does not ban pitbulls) just shows that for all the "blame the owner", the Pit Posse is just blowing smoke and they ultimately expect to not be held responsible for their dogs actions.

You need to get educated.....

Is the common phrase the Pitbull Posse uses when people do not share their feelings about pitbulls. Why do they need to get educated? They are entitled to their feelings as much as you are! Oh I know, the belief is that freedom of speech, only applies to the Pitbull Posse. Well, I'm sorry to say, it applies to everyone. If people need to be educated about anything, it's about how to protect themselves and their dogs from a dog attack.

Pit bulls putting lives at risk, says magistrate


Young dog terrified by vicious car park attack


Staffie seized by police in Wimbledon after deluge of complaints


Thug Krystian Konieczny jailed for attacking visually impaired passenger over need for guide dog


Bond set at $50k for father charged in son's death


78-year-old woman recovering after police dog attack


Pit bull attack leads to review of dog ordinance


3 pit bulls attack man in Miramar


Hanover dog owner fined $1K for pit-bull attack


Investigators: Doggie duels


South Side dog attack unleashes feelings of vulnerability


Two Dogs Attack Man and his Dog


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All 28 animals taken in Flint dog-fighting raid euthanized



Now of course the Pitbull posse is out moaning that the dogs probably weren't given a fair chance. Now let's see...all shelters have more pits and pit mixes than they can find homes for. Many are euthanized. So, we should add to that already problem equation with dogs that are from a fighting raid?  All I can say is wow. You guys really need to read Terrierman's blog: http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2012/04/are-pit-bulls-inherently-dangerous.html

2 bitten by pit bulls in Highland Crest


Elephant breaks loose at India temple festival


Man seriously injured in dog attack in Miramar


Toddlers Attack, Kill Pit Bull(only satire folks)


SOCIALLY INEPT? The Facebook Friends You Should Probably Ignore.


Don't Get a Pitbull Satire?

This is supposed to be satire though I think there's truth to satire:

Don’t get a Pit Bull unless you have at least 10 years’ experience in the breed.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you’re under the age of 30 because you have to have financial and hormonal stability in order to cope with one of these dogs.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you’re over the age of 40 because you have to be young and strong in order to handle the breed’s strength and exercise requirements.
Don’t get a Pit Bull from a breeder because you’ll be supporting the misery and suffering of puppy mill dogs and you know you’d be just as happy with a nice pit mix from the shelter.
Don’t get a Pit Bull from a shelter because you have no earthly idea if it’s well-bred or descended from a long line of man-biters.
Don’t get a Pit Bull mix, like, ever since it might be mixed with chupa cabra and you never mix chupa cabra and Pit Bull unless you want to lay waste to a few dozen cities.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you have kids because they’re just too much dog to have around the young ones.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you live alone because the dog will be neurotic without a minimum of 5 people around it at all times.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you rent since it is impossible to get a landlord to allow this breed.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you live in the city because all the hand-walking in the world would never keep one of these dogs happy.
Don’t get a Pit Bull in the suburbs because legions of soccer moms will run you out with pitchforks.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you live in the country because there are just too many yucky bugs and these dogs have sensitive skin.
Don’t get a Pit Bull if you want it to be a companion for your current dog. Might as well get a wolf to keep your steak dinner company.
Don’t keep a Pit Bull without exposing it to other dogs because you will cause inner scarring on its delicate psyche and fail to fulfill its needs as a social pack animal.
Don’t keep your Pit Bull at home because it needs socialization and exposure to lots of different situations and people and stuff.
Don’t take your Pit Bull outside because the world is a scary place full of diseases and just ew.
Don’t socialize your Pit Bull around children because those things are just annoying.
Don’t expose your Pit Bull to too many different people because then you’ll never have a dog suitable for guarding your collection of rare vinyl albums.
Don’t crop your Pit Bull’s ears. That’s just cruel. How would you like to have your ears lopped off with hedge trimmers?
Don’t leave your Pit Bull’s ears intact. They just look silly and they might be at a disadvantage if they ever encounter one of those ear-pulling disciplinarian-type grandmothers. Or a bear.
Don’t neuter your Pit Bull before 5 years of age because you will rob it of vital hormonal juiciness it needs to grow up big and strong.
Don’t neuter your Pit Bull later than 5 months of age because it might get testicular cancer.
For the love of all that is good, don’t breed your Pit Bull. This is the canine equivalent of murder and jaywalking all rolled in one.
Don’t ever use a retractable leash with a Pit Bull. What do you think you’re walking, a poodle?
Don’t use a quick-release collar on a Pit Bull because its just not strong enough and the dog will surely break loose and wreak havoc.
Don’t use a spiked collar on your Pit Bull unless you really dig pain.
Don’t use a martingale-style collar. That’s almost as bad as a choke chain or a prong collar (which are both the Devil) and will surely throttle your dog to death if you turn your back. In fact, don’t use a collar on your Pit Bull at all because it’s just not worth the risk.
Don’t be so stupid as to leave your Pit Bull collar-less. Its, like, against the law and just, well… stupid.
Don’t put your name on your Pit Bull’s tags because then a stranger might read them and be able to call your dog by name, and everybody knows that a Pit Bull will never go with a stranger that doesn’t know its full and proper name.
Which reminds me, don’t use nicknames with your Pit Bull. The breed has an image to uphold, you know. While we’re at it, don’t ever put cute froo froo stuff on your Pit Bull, like bandanas or sweaters. Nobody’s fooled, and these dogs don’t get cold anyway.
Don’t register your Pit Bull with the city because the super-secret covert ops agents will swoop down on your home and carry your dog off in a black helicopter.
Don’t own an unregistered Pit Bull or you make baby Jesus cry.
Don’t thump your Pit Bull on the head. Not sure why anybody would need to be told this, but it’s sound advice at any rate.
Don’t play fetch with your Pit Bull because you will surely hurt its joints as well as the joints of innocent bystanders. Besides, it involves letting your Pit Bull off-leash which you definitely don’t do.
Don’t bike with your Pit Bull because they will eventually pull to the wrong side of a telephone pole and you will die.
Don’t own an untrained Pit Bull ‘cuz that’s just as bad as leaving a machine gun on your front lawn.
Don’t take your Pit Bull to group classes because it will definitely grab another dog and create massive media headlines.
Don’t show your Pit Bull in UKC dog shows because it will definitely break that silly little shoestring leash and wipe out the surrounding dog population.
Don’t show your Pit Bull in ADBA dog shows because we all know that those are just a cover for prostitution and drug smuggling. Nobody shows their dogs unless they’re into something illegal. I mean, duh.
Don’t weight pull with your Pit Bull because PeTA will so get you for that.
Don’t do obedience with your Pit Bull because these dogs just aren’t that smart.
Don’t do agility with your Pit Bull. See any above line about machine guns or mass genocide.
Don’t bathe your Pit Bull any more than once a year because you’ll dry out its coat, or any less than once a week because that’s just gross.
Don’t speak in any other language except English to or around your Pit Bull because that’s deeply offensive to their cultural heritage.
Don’t post on any Pit Bull-related message boards because the CIA, FBI, ATF and any other associated letter people will swoop down and take your computer, you naughty thing.
Don’t get any of that paraphernalia stuff (treadmills, springpoles, etc.) because, yeah, just because.
Don’t get a blue-nose Pit Bull because they are fake.
Don’t get a red-nose Pit Bull because everyone knows that red is recessive to black and without strong pigment your dog will spontaneously combust in the sunlight.
Don’t get a black-nose Pit Bull because those are just boring to look at. If you’re going to get a Pit Bull, you might as well make a statement.
Don’t teach a Pit Bull to open the fridge and get you a beer. They will eventually become alcoholics and you’re just being lazy.
Don’t leave a Pit Bull without a job to do, unless the only job available is beer retrieval.
Don’t try to explain the theory of relativity to a Pit Bull.
Don’t let a Pit Bull ride loose in the car because they will eventually ask to drive, and the breed can only legally drive in southern California.
Don’t let Pit Bulls ride in any vehicle manufactured by Chrysler as you would be trusting their life to chance and that’s just not right.
Do as I say, not as I don’t.
Don’t put your Pit Bull on a chain as it automatically qualifies you for inbred hillbilly freakdom.
Don’t let your Pit Bull live in the house because it will go to their head and it’s important to keep the breed in a constant state of submission.
Don’t dress your Pit Bull up for Halloween as they will surely be abducted when they go out trick-or-treating.
Don’t feed your Pit Bull high-protein food because they don’t need all that.
Don’t feed your Pit Bull food that costs less than $2.00 a pound, cheapskate.
Don’t feed raw foods to your Pit Bull because they’re genetically engineered to do better on kibble and blood makes them go crazy on a full moon.

Is the Cesky Terrier Right For You?


Is a Coonhound Right For You?


Is the Coton de Tulear Right For You?


Is the Curly Coated Retriever Right For You?


Is the Collie Right For You?


Is the Cocker Spaniel Right For You?


Is the Clumber Spaniel Right For You?


Is the Chow Chow Right For You?


Is the Chinese Shar-Pei Right For You?


Is the Chinese Crested Right For You?


Is the Chihuahua Right For You?


It’s Ma’am’s best friend




Miami-Dade will vote on pit bull ordinance


I love it! Good Humor!


Facebook comment of the day

"Ok- dogs are animals and like to roam- the bigger queston is "Where were this kids parents?"

Sure dogs are animals and like to roam, BUT it is the owners responsibility to make sure they don't roam. SO, the bigger question is really, "Where were the dog owners?"!

Dogfighting - Cruelty In The Heart Of Texas


Dogs, But Not Wolves, Use Humans As Tools


ALLEN PARK: Man bitten by neighbor's dog


Woman attacked by 2 pit bulls Tuesday morning


Maria Aparicio Allegedly Sent Her Pit Bull to Attack a Neighbor; Dog Ran Down the Street and Bit Five Random People Instead


Dog laws postponed for Fall 2012 Town Meeting


Gilford police ID & quarantine dog that attacked walker


4 year old Corning Girl Attacked by Dog


90-year-old woman dies after being attacked by dog in Yamanashi


Owner Cited, Dog Removed After Avondale Boy Attacked


Woman dog-sitting pit bull that attacked Covington girl is cited


Hume: Doting dog owners overlook behaviour that’s offensive and dangerous


Blogger post reg Maryland Court Decision


Oh, the pitbull people read the decision. They just don't like that it puts into law without a doubt that they are libel for their dogs actions. They are doing their typical redirect off the topic at hand tactics. As I've said before, if I can support these type of court decisions owning breeds bigger than pits, why can't they? What the problem? All your dogs are so wonderful and loving, right? So there won't be a problem for you, right? Or is it you just don't like not having an out if there is a problem?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Father of 2 month old charged


POLICE: Fairdale man dragged, tortured dog to death


Really good blog entry about dog ownership


Neighbours’ CCTV catches ‘dog lover’ attacking animal


Dog control bylaw fines insufficient as a deterrent


This is what NOT to do when you have dogs and children


Warnings after attack dog destroyed


In Rutland, legal help sought on dangerous dog


The dog should have been PTS. The owners already showed they were irresponsible after it happened a second time.

Chandler couple lose 'baby' in dog park attack



"Due to the Greyhound’s athleticism, they need daily exercise, but should be kept on leash or in a fenced area due to their tendency to run."

"Greyhounds(as a sight hound) will typically chase small animals; those lacking a high 'prey drive' will be able to coexist happily with toy dog breeds and/or cats" But I would think in the case such as this, the little dog was prey. I hope they find the owners who should be held responsible.

Opinions are....

Alot of our opinions are based upon experiences, things we read, etc. Others can have opinions that differ from mine and I don't have a problem with that. What normal for one, is not normal for someone else.
When my kids were small, we had small dogs. When they got to be teenagers, I got larger dogs...Irish Setters. When they moved out, I got my large and giant breeds. I didn't want anymore dogs that would sit on my lap and lay on the bed(don't like all the dog hair on the bedding). I wanted dogs that I didn't feel would be appropriate when  the kids were here. I don't feel people need to have the same type of dogs I own, in fact I always discourage it. I research breeds to decide which would be appropriate for the pack and other factors. As I've mentioned before, our oldest dog is a 12 year old Irish Setter. Hubby wants an Irish Wolfhound but I'm still in the researching stage to see if that would be a good dog for the pack among other things. The health issues in the IW are a concern. Plus this is a sight hound which I've never owned so need to research that more.
All my dogs are house dogs. I don't believe dogs should be left outside. The pack members are selected to co-exist with each other based on breed genetics and individual temperments. They have their own couch and anywhere on the floor to lay. I have another couch, my couch, which they are not supposed to lay on. Of course though they do when I leave the room, they quickly jump off when I return.
I think above all, no matter what type of dog we own, they are our responsibility...not the neighbors. So even if you own a small dog, don't let it run loose. No dog should be running loose. If you do need to let it loose, if it isn't in a secured, fenced yard, it sould be a secure area where it will not injure a person or other dog. How your dog is with you is not necessarily how it will be with another person ort dog and safety for everyone should always come first. It is your responsibility as the owner to keep your dog safe and other humans and dogs in the neighborhood safe.

Penguin-Nappers Drunkenly Steal Animal from SeaWorld


Are Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous?


Pit bulls: Own them at your own risk


Another Dog Attacks And Bites A Woman In Victoria Monday Morning


Police Log: Wakefield Woman Charged with Killing Dog


Dog sends police on chase through Seaside Park and into ocean after attacking officer


Family: Girl struggling for life after dog attack


Monday, April 30, 2012

Older article-What's a woman to do when a Pitbull bites her dog?


Owner of pit bulls that attacked three people wants dogs back


Boat needed to capture dog at Jersey shore


Pit Bull Who Bit a Man and His Airedale Terrier has Hearing Today


Aggression is aggression whether it's toward a human or another animal. If you can't properly control/contain it so it doesn't hurt another animal, get rid of it.

Woman Bites Bulldog


Getting an advocate is a better idea


Now looks like the shelter PTS her dog by mistake but tried to cover it up. No, no no! She should be compensate in some way.  Personally, rather than get the internet crazies involved, I would think it's better to get an advocate:


What’s your problem?

If you're having trouble with a business - any business - and you've reached a dead end, maybe I can help. Send me an an email and I'll investigate. (I can't promise a fix, but I take every request seriously.)

Typical Facebook Comments


Now the article was about two people being arrest for the attack by their dog. Why is none of the comments about that these women are being held responsible? Isn't that what the Pitty Posse likes to always say? Blame the owner? Yet when the owner(s) are being held accountable, all they can do is defend their breed.

Very good blog post


Performance Pedigree?


Dog shot after street brawl on the weekend


Police shoot, kill pit bull guard dog


Yuma officer shoots 'vicious' dog


A little sick, twisted humor found on-line.

A man was leaving a cafe when he noticed an unusual funeral.. A funeral coffin was followed by a second one.
Behind the Second coffin was a solitary man walking with a black dog. Behind him was Que of 200 men walking in straight line. The man couldn't stand his curiosity. He approached the man walking with dog." I'm sorry to disturb you, but I've never seen a funeral like this with so many walking in a straight line. Who's funeral is it?". He replied, " that 1st coffin is for my wife"." What happened to her?." My dog attacked and killed her". "The Second coffin?" It's my mother- in - law's. She was trying to help my wife when the dog attacked and killed her also". A silent moment passed and then he asks," can I borrow the dog?" And he replied... " get in the line".

PTC dog declared ‘vicious’ after attacking girl in garage


"Cassie’s new owner was aware of the restrictions, which will still be required even though the dog now lives in another county." Yup, let's just move the problem elsewhere.

"“The dog had been loose several times in the weeks leading up to the incident and I’ve been told by the owners and other neighbors of other incidents of aggression that went unreported,” Conner said." Those incidents should have been reported. This dog should have been PTS.

KPD: Pit bulls escape, attack people, dogs in Mechanicsville


""They've never attacked anybody, I think this was just a misunderstanding of people trying to get in between a dog fight," Wallace said." WTF? Dang right most owners are not going to just stand by and watch their dog get attacked by another dog without trying to help. And anyone with a heart isn't going to stand and watch it either.

Dog injured in attack


Women arrested for pit bull attack on Hammond child


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blind Dog Gets New Life with Canine Pal


Grandma tells her story about the attack on her granddaughter


Dawson's pit bull ordinance


Ferret Attacks baby


Here's one of the differences between me and thee

One of the scare tactic's pit owners use to drum up more support, is to tell people their breed could be next on the BSL list. As far as I'm concerned, so what?  There are many different breeds and their mixes to choose from. Like most normal dog owners, I don't feel that if I didn't have a Mastiff, my life is incomplete. Don't get me wrong. I l.ove my Mastiff's. But if the breed came under BSL due to so many crappy owners, I would pick a different breed if needed. But I'm not too worried about it. The average person doesn't want that large of a dog.

Is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Right For You?


Is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel right for you?


Personally, if I was seriously looking to get a CKCS, due to the serious health issue of Syringomyelia I would only get one from a breeder who guaranteed in writing a refund of the dog turned out to have Syringomyelia and the breeder must be a member of the breed club in good standing.

Is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Right For You?


Is the Cane Corso Right For You?


Is the Cairn Terrier Right For You?


Now this is a Responsible Pitbull Owner


***Since she got the dog from a rescue, she had no true knowledge of the dogs history. I would have done the same thing. As another blogger said, nice and adoptable are not the same thing.

Is the Bullmastiff Right For You?



Bullmastiff used as Bait Dog-UK


Trust- A Deadly Disease

There is a deadly disease stalking your dog, a hideous, stealthy thing just
waiting its chance to steal your beloved friend. It is not a new disease, or
one for which there are inoculations. The disease is called "Trust".

You knew before you ever took your puppy home that it could not be trusted.
The breeder who provided you with this precious animal warned you, drummed
it into your head. Puppies steal off counters, destroy anything expensive,
chase cats, take forever to house train, and must never be allowed off

When the big day finally arrived, heeding the sage advice of the breeder,
you escorted your puppy to his new home, properly collared and tagged, the
lead held tightly in your hand.

At home the house was "puppy-proofed". Everything of value was stored in the
spare bedroom, garbage stowed on top of the refrigerator, cats separated,
and a gate placed across the living room to keep at least one part of the
house puddle free. All windows and doors had been properly
secured, and signs placed in all strategic points reminding all to "Close
the door!"

Soon it becomes second nature to make sure the door closes nine tenths of a
second after it was opened and that it is really latched. "Don't let the dog
out" is your second most verbalized expression. (The first is "No!")

You worry and fuss constantly, terrified that your darling will get out and
disaster will surely follow. Your friends comment about who you love most,
your family or the dog. You know that to relax your vigil for a moment might
lose him to you forever.

And so the weeks and months pass, with your puppy becoming more civilized
every day, and the seeds of trust are planted. It seems that each new day
brings less destruction, less breakage. Almost before you know it, your
gangly, slurpy puppy has turned into an elegant, dignified friend.

Now that he is a more reliable, sedate companion, you take him more places.
No longer does he chew the steering wheel when left in the car. And darned
if that cake wasn't still on the counter this morning. And, oh yes, wasn't
that the cat he was sleeping with so cozily on your pillow last night?

At this point you are beginning to become infected, the disease is spreading
its roots deep into your mind.

And then one of your friends suggest obedience classes, and, after a time
you even let him run loose from the car into the house when you get home.
Why not, he always runs straight to the door, dancing a frenzy of joy and
waits to be let in. And, remember he comes every time he is called. You know
he is the exception that disproves the rule. (And sometimes late at night,
you even let him slip out the front door to go potty and then right back

Years pass- it is hard to remember why you ever worried so much when he was
a puppy. He would never think of running out the door left open while you
bring in the packages from the car. It would be beneath his dignity to jump
out the window of the car while you run into the convenience store. And when
you take him for those wonderful long walks at dawn, it only takes one
whistle to send him racing back to you in a burst of speed when the walk
comes too close to the highway. (He still gets in the garbage, but nobody is

This is the time the disease has waited for so patiently. Sometimes it only
has to wait a year or two, but often it takes much longer.

He spies the neighbor dog across the street, and suddenly forgets everything
he ever knew about not slipping out doors, jumping out windows or coming
when called due to traffic. Perhaps it was only a paper fluttering in the
breeze, or even just the sheer joy of running...

Stopped in an instant. Stilled forever- Your heart is broken at the sight of
his still beautiful body.

The disease is trust. The final outcome, hit by a car.

Every morning my dog bounced around off lead exploring. Every morning for
seven years he came back when he was called. He was perfectly obedient,
perfectly trustworthy. He died fourteen hours after being hit by a car.

Please do not risk your friend and your heart. Save the trust for things
that do not matter.

Please read this every year on your puppy's birthday, lest we forget.

Author Unknown

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"Why do humans come first? Because you're human? You're that selfish that, no matter what, you come first? Because humans were the only one of the humanoid species to survive the changing Earth? Or is it because 5 million years ago our hips tilted so we walk upright? Because I can tell you that, if your answer has anything to do with our level of intelligence, it's definitely not a species-specific thing. My pit bulls are smarter than a good amount of people that I run into at Walmart."
"Well, if you're going to embrace the food chain, you'd best embrace the fact that sometimes stronger animals of one species will win against weaker members of another species. So, next time there's a dog mauling you should just remember that you love your precious food chain concept. No one gets their way 100% of the time, and sometimes humans who are ill-equipped in how to deal with stray animals will wind up getting ripped up by a stronger animal because of their inability to learn. That is survival of the fittest in its element: a dog who has come to learn how to read human body language against a human who couldn't be bothered to learn how to read canine body language. The creature with the will to learn and the ability to adapt will know what's going on, while the other will be left on the ground waiting for the news to come so they can pull the same old "I don't know what I did. I was just walking by and the dog attacked me out of nowhere" routine. Nevermind that the human was taking a shortcut through area the dog considered to belong to her, where she had puppies that she had to protect. I wonder what it's like to live life thinking of no one but ME ME ME ME ME all the time."
****All I can say is...thanks for helping us!

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Great Dane Rescue and Aggression Policy

"We believe in the future of our breed, and as such, we do not adopt out dogs with known "aggression" issues to humans. We believe in the safety of our community, and the value of life. We will make every effort to rehabilitate, restore, and re-home all Danes placed into our care, but we will not intentionally place an aggressive dog in a home."

MD ruling


To me, this ruling no longer allows for the "one free bite". There should be no free bite for any type of dog, especially when it involves serious injury/death. A DNA can be done to determine the breed of dog. So for all the "responsible" pit owners getting their panties in a bunch over this, this shouldn't apply to you should it?  Or is it because you wouldn't be able to call an attack a "unfortunate incident". You say bad owners should be held responsible so here ya go. This is holding them financially responsible for the behavior of their dog.

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