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Saturday, March 31, 2012

When reviewing Pitbull websites.....

You will notice they all have the same theme. To educate the public about a breed they feel is misunderstodd. Yet very little if any effort is made to educate people, who are researching the type of dog they want to adopt, on whether the Pitbull is the right dog for them. You need to be your own advocate. I am a firm believer that many animals are in shelters due to be people not doing their research and finding out after they get the dog home that it's not the right dog for them. For example, do you like to jog and want a running partner? Well then the Mastiff is not the breed for you. Do you have little time to socialize, exercise, train and supervise your dog on a consistent basis? Then the Pitbull is probably not the right dog for you. Remember there are many breeds and mixes looking for homes. Do not adopt a dog because you feel sorry for it. If it's not the right dog for you, you are not doing it any favors.

An example of not being on guard

Never assume that dogs are good around all people, all dogs or in all situations. Anything can happen, especially when you least expect it and if you are caught off guard, the result could be worse.


Comparing dogs to birds

I get calls and emails from people looking for help to find a bird, often a Cockatoo or Macaw. My first question is always: why do you want one? Many of these types of birds end up in rescue and harder to rehome due to their size and behavior which many times stems from people not doing their research in regards to what type of bird would be suitable for them and their family. 

It started well....

"Pit bulls are strong, stubborn and not well-suited to first-time dog owners.  But they’re also a loyal dog and overwhelmingly friendly. It’s poor breeding and ownership habits that lend them a bad name."
This comment from a Pitbull breeder started well then drifted off into the usual sugar coating state. What  should have been added is that when people don't have all the information, both pro and con, about a breed to make a good informed decision about what dog would be best for them, you can have the issue of a person getting a dog they weren't able to be a suitable owner to. While I know Pitbull people are desperate to find homes for those in rescue, this will just add to the continuing cycle of dogs being put through the rescue mill. Better to try and get it right the first time if possible. I would also add, besides first time owners, they are not suitable for someone that can't give them consistent training, socialization, keeping them as a family dog and not in the back yard, supervision and proper containment.

Help me to understand!

What is with Pitbull people comparing a Pitbull attack to an attack by a Chihuahua(or similiar small breed)? That's like comparing a tortoise and a hare in a race. The biggest difference, to me, is one bites and releases and one bites and won't let go.

Ok...one more off topic

A little off topic

Joyriding Dogs Steal Car in Moscow

19:21 30/03/2012
MOSCOW, March 30 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: Russia, Moscow
A Muscovite motorist was in for the surprise of her life this month when she found her parked car rammed by a vehicle driven by three dogs, AlfaStrakhovanie Group insurer said on Friday.
The unidentified young woman left her car in the parking lot of a Moscow shopping mall and went inside, returning to find another vehicle slammed into it, the company said on its website.
Three dogs barked at her from inside the other car, but no people were to be found, not even in the car trunk, the report said.
It was established later that the other car’s owner left the animals inside the car and the engine running while he was away, and the dogs somehow managed to get the vehicle moving until it hit the nearest obstacle, the insurer said.
The woman had the presence of mind to photograph the incident, AlfaStrakhovanie said. “Who would have had believed otherwise that I was rammed by dogs?” she was cited as saying later.
The doggy joyride did not end there: when the woman briefly left the scene to fill out police paperwork and then returned, she discovered the dog-driven car gone. The vehicle turned up several dozen meters down the road, put into motion again by the restless animals.
The actual incident took place mid-March, but was only reported this week as a special treat for the upcoming Fools Day on April 1, the insurer said.
The incident was recognized as a legitimate insurance event, the report added.

Socialize, Socialize, Socialize

It's important to socialize your dog starting at an early age in regards to different people, dogs, cats, birds environments etc. The area I live has alot of hunters and hunting dogs. I kind of  attribute that to the lack of dog attacks here. If a dog attacks, there is no calling 911 or animal control. The offending dog is just shot. People that live here and own Pitbulls treat them as family members and don't let them languish in the back yard. Lest they get loose and shot.
We have a hunters fair sponsored by by the gun club and a dog kennel each year. It is wonderful to be able to bring your dogs their to socialize. Now I don't hunt but I bring my Mastiff's every year. There is always someone that asks what kind of a breed my English Mastiff is. With a dead serious face I always reply: "She's a new kind of retriever..makes a big splash when she jumps in the water". Many people have actually believed it!

Horse Attacks

Seems like an increase in horses being attacked by various types of dogs. I recently read of mules down south in desperate need of homes due to being turned out by people who not longer needed them(were used to guard livestock). I could be wrong, but maybe if those who own horses get a female mule(I guess they are more docile than the males) to guard their horses there would be less of a problem as mules hate dogs and will defend themselves with hoofs and teeth.

But what about Petey!

Pitbull people will bring up long dead pitbulls. So? And your point is? A Mastiff was in the movie Sandlot but I never bring that up. Is it because they can't find any well bred, well trained, well socialized Pitbulls of current famous people? Can we say Rachael Ray?
Now don't get me wrong. I have met pitbulls that didn't try to go for my jugular but I would not trust any dog but my own as I know their personalities.

Cesar Milan

Pitbull people tend to foam at the mouth when they read anything negative about Pitbulls. They do not accord the right to Freedom Of Speech in others though they expect to say and feel what they want. That denial of a possibility of a problem with a dog(even though there has been no problems) then causes them to comment later if there is an attack.."He/she's never done that before". Just be aware with any dog to never let your guard down. Always expect the unexpected.
Pit People will often bring up Cesar Milan due to his work with Pitbulls. First off, Cesar is not in denial of some traits in the breed. He has called them Gladiators and Killers. Don't get me wrong. He has much affection for the breed. BUT he is not only a professional dog trainer(with staff to help with the dogs) but ensure they are properly contained, trained, socialized and disciplined when needed. He also will acknowledge when a certain dog/person are not a good fit due to the dog. lifestyle or personality of the individual.

Media Bias?

Pitbull people like to claim that the media is biased against pitbulls and that attacks by other breeds are not reported. FALSE! I have read accounts of attacks by other breeds. I don't think the Pitbull people notice as they may only be looking for articles that contain the word Pitbull. Also when pitbulls do attack, many times only lethal force will get them to let go. That will defintely make the news. If you don't want your dog in the news, it's best to treat it like a family member and keep it in the house when you can't be supervising it(or letting it out in a secure fenced area for short periods of time) and PLEASE do not leave it outside when you are not at home. I do not believe in getting dogs just to leave them outside. If that's your idea of home security, get ADT.

One more time

You are responsible for your dog! Your neighbors and their pets are entitled to feel safe in their community. If you own a breed capable of inflicting serious injury/death to a person or pet, the life of your dog is not going to be taken into consideration if your dog is attacking a person/pet. Some breeds are impervious to efforts to use non lethal measures to stop an attack. Also the attack may be at the point where killing your dog is the only way to stop the attack. DO NOT complain that non lethal force should have been used. It should never have gotten to that point. Your dog should not have been loose. DO NOT use the "it was an accident he/she got loose" In 25 years of owning large and Giant breeds I have never had a dog get loose. We have 6 ft high chain link fencing, locks on the gates and a gate to prevent the dogs from getting near the front door. You are responsible to ensure similar measures are in place.

Friday, March 30, 2012

You are responsible for your dog



Always know where your dog is at all times



What dog is right for you

Ignorant, uneducated, misinformed..these are common phrases you will hear from Pitbull people.  There is so much information on the Internet, that I find these words very inaccurate. Each person gathers information that is best useful for them personally. As you look for the type of dog that best suits you and your family, look through many resources to best understand the breeds as each account can differ.
Each breed has inherent characteristics besides the dogs individual personality. Many dogs were bred for a purpose which contributes to these inherent traits. These traits effect the dogs behavior. Take the Great Pyrenees for example. They were bred to work independent of humans. Thus this makes them not the most obedient dogs. They are runners so a 6 ft high fence and being on a leash when in the community is required. Dog shows are a good source for looking at various breeds. Talking with different breeders can give you a good perspective on possible options for a pet. When my sister was looking for a dog to show, she went to several dog shows and talked with breeders. She was really interested in the Akita but many of the breeders she spoke with encouraged her to make another choice. She finally selected the Norwegian Elk hound which was a great dog for her and her family.

Adopting a dog

Adopting a dog from a shelter is good for single dog families. If you have more than one dog, it can cause problems. Many dogs are returned after being adopted with the comment "doesn't like resident dog". Well duh! Because I am a multi dog household, I get my dogs from responsible breeders. These are breeders who are members of a breed club, do health testing on their breeding stock and often show their dogs in conformation, obedience, field or other such trials. This provides a good foundation for the puppies. The breeders are then also more inclined to want to place their pups with the right owner to ensure as much as possible a good fit. They often have contracts which states they are to be contacted if the owner is no longer able to care for the dog. They also usually prefer the pups to be fixed and some will even have it done before the pup is sold.

Please read


Blanket statements

"They are GREAT dogs and they are completely safe around other dogs and people when their needs (emotional, social, energy, discipline, boundaries) are met."  This is the kind of statement you will often see by Pitbull people. It is very irresponsible to make that kind of blanket statement about any group of dogs. Even with emotional, social, energy, discipline, boundaries being met, they can still have issues. You need to be aware of your dogs individual personality and NEVER be lulled into a false sense of security.  Can we say Rachael Ray?

Training from the cradle to the grave

Dogs need training, period. It is your responsibility to give them that never ending training. This is a link which I believe spells it out very well:

It's all on how they were raised?

Pitbull people will claim that a dog that attacked was not raised properly or abused. However, this is just to blanket of a statement to make. Many factors can come into play such as inherent breed traits(Pitbulls have a tendency to be dog aggressive), lack of socialization and training and individual dog personaility. Also there are many well loved dogs that have attacked. Rachael Ray's dog is a prime example. Again aggression towards people or other pets is never to be tolerated. An example, my Irish Setter is 12 years old..spends most of the day just laying around. My Dogue de Bordeaux believes only he gets to be the guard dog and bark the "Intruder Alert". One day as my Irish Setter lay by the desk, the door bell rang. Now they have lived together with no problem for 6 years. The Setter just barked and my Dogue flew at him and attacked. I grabbed him off the Setter(since he's a Dogue de Bordeaux I didn't need a break stick) and put him in a down stay for an hour. He was then not given any affection for the rest of the day and the next. He made sure that when he was near the Setter, he was on his best behavior. He was reminded that I am the Alpha.

It is your responsibility to properly contain your dog

When you own certain types of dogs, there is no room for error or as many Pitbull people call, "unfortunate Incident". Dogs that are left in the yard tend to get bored, become aggressive and territorial and will seek ways to escape. If you have become negligent in your responsibility to properly contain your dog(it really should be a member of your family and in the house) and it attacks a person or animal and is killed, DO NOT blame the victim or police. It was your fault for being negligent in your dog owner's responsibility.

Blame the owner?

This is a constant mantra from the Pitbull people. However, you do not see any effort on their part to advocate change to laws that will set severe penalities and fines for owners who's dogs causes serious injury or death on people or animals. As far as I'm concerned unless there are laws that allow felony charges and hefty fines for these type of owners, what is the incentive to be a responsible owner?This is the kind of penalities Pitbull people should be advocating for in regards to owners who's dogs cause serious injury/death to people or pets:

Dog Owner's responsibility

I am a firm believer that our right to own the choice of dog we wish, ends when we do not ensure it is properly trained, socialized and contained to ensure the safety of people and other pets. Pitbull people find many excuses for their dogs behavior. When a dog attacks, inflicting serious injury and or death on a person or animal, at that point it's irrelevent who is at fault..the dog or owner. Aggression towards humans or other animals is not to be tolerated. If you can't properly contain an aggressive dog, it should be PTS. Even Mastiff rescue will not take in an aggressive dog as they not only do not want to encouage the behavior but they don't want to then make the dog someone elses problem. There are too many well tempered dogs looking for homes.

One too many Pitbulls?

Pitbull people seem to think they can never have enough of these dogs. HOWEVER, when you have a dog pack, you need to be not only aware of dog behavior and individual breed traits besides taking into account individual dog personalities. Now I will use my dog pack as an example.
We have a Dogue de Bordeaux. They tend to have same sex dog aggression. They are very dominant, have a high prey drive and guarding instinct. They will not usually start a fight but will not back down from one. Due to the dominant personality of the breed, I selected members of the pack that would not challenge him. So when selecting our English Mastiff, I chose a female who had a confident personality. This also worked well with our Great Pyrenees who's breed can also have same sex aggression issues-she also has a calm laid back personality which works well in the pack. Our oldest dog is an Irish Setter. He is the perfect omega dog for the pack.

From a plastic surgeon

1. Properly train and socialize your own dog: Never tolerate aggressive behavior by saying, “that’s just how he/she is” or blame it on the breed.
2. Control the number of aggressive dogs: Neuter male dogs to reduce aggressive tendencies, limit reproduction where dogs have little chance of proper socialization, confront aggressive behavior, and limit the breeding of pit bulls. (Personal opinion: these dogs are a menace and bringing one in to your home or allowing your kids near one is a form of child endangerment).
3. Obey leash laws: It doesn’t matter how docile you think your dog is, you don’t know how he/she will behave when confronted by a stranger. As someone who has been bitten or just jumped all over by strange dogs while their owners stand by, I can attest that this isn’t pleasant. If you truly love your pet, don’t put them in a situation where they could hurt someone else, especially children, or you’ll be giving them a one-way ticket to the gas chamber. Don’t let your children approach strange dogs or hug or tease any dog that is in the least bit aggressive. An unknown dog older than four months should not be placed in a household with young children unless it has been evaluated by an animal behaviorist or by a veterinarian.
4. Know when dogs are more likely to be aggressive: dogs that have recently delivered puppies or are eating or sleeping tend to be in a foul mood when messed with. Teach your kids to treat dogs kindly and never tease them or take away food or bones.
5. Use proper barriers: Enclosures, fences and sometimes muzzles should be used to keep dogs away from potential problems.

The Nanny dog myth

Pitbull people will say that the Pitbull is called the Nanny Dog. Actually, the term was started by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier group( called the Nursemaid's dog) in their effort to gain Kennel Club recog which they lacked due to the breed's fighting history. NO breed should ever be given a term like that. All dogs are individuals as far as their feelings about kids. For some, even with socialization, they are uncomfortable around children. This can lead the dog to bite. ALL dogs should be supervised around children.

Advocating for a breed

When people ask me about owning a Mastiff, I never talk about anything positive. A TRUE breed advocate knows that their breed is not for everyone and they want to protect their breed from people who should own nothing more than a pet rock. Once I get done talking about the drool, the gas, the 2 year old personality, the high food/vet bills, poops the size of cow pies, the guarding instinct...they decide the breed is not for them. Only once has someone taken that info and still was interested. She now breeds and shows her Mastiff's.

From The Truth about Pitbulls blog

As pit bull advocates celebrate the recent passage of HB14 in Ohio, which repeals regulations on pit bulls by removing them from the definition of "vicious dog" in state law, a recent article in the Toledo Blade caught my eye. The article, titled "Move doesn't fix problem, Lucas County warden says" explains that simply removing pit bull regulations won't increase adoptions automatically; there are more pit bulls flooding the Lucas County pound than there are homes for. Despite the fact that the Lucas County pound intends to "loosen" requirements for rescue groups to take pit bulls directly from the pound, they still anticipate the continued euthanization of pit bulls, due to lack of homes. Which got me to wondering.... who in Ohio, is breeding pit bulls, if so many of the dogs end up homeless?

There is widespread agreement amongst dog lovers, humane advocates, and trainers as to what constitutes a responsible, ethical breeder of purebred dogs. The rubric for the ethical hobby breeder is defined quite clearly by hundreds of dog advocates, breed clubs, trainers, and humane groups and can be found easily in an internet search. Ethical breeders breed to "improve" the breed. They don't breed frequently, and have a well defined breeding program. They breed only titled dogs, and only to parents who have been screened for all genetic defects common to the breed. They require puppies going to pet homes to be sold with a spay/neuter contract. They belong to a breed club, and compete in some way in conformation or performance activities. Puppies are sold with the agreement that if the owner cannot keep the dog, it can be returned to the breeder at any time during the dogs life. They are there as a resource for puppy buyers, to provide help and advice on behavior, training, and health issues for the lifetime of the dog. Prospective puppy buyers will be carefully screened, and may be required to provide references. Puppy temperaments will be evaluated and the breeder will carefully match puppies to the right family.

In the case of working dogs, the breeder will not breed to any physical standard, but makes the dogs performance in the "work" he was bred for the basis of the breeding program. In the case of hunting dogs, the breeder will often have dogs titled as field trial champions. Breeders of working dogs will also screen prospective puppy buyers, and will refuse to sell a high drive, working dog to a "pet" home where it's need for exercise and meaningful "work" will go unmet. Again, dams and sires will be screened for any genetic defects common to the breed.

Breeders who fall outside of this description are "for profit" breeders, often called "backyard breeders". The goal of breeding the dog is simply to make money from selling the puppies. Obviously, there is a problem in Ohio with so many unwanted pit bulls flooding rescues and animal shelters... and that problem can be traced right back to the breeders, whose right to continue breeding pit bulls was defended and supported by the Ohio legislature. So who, exactly, are these people?

Imagine that I am a responsible dog owner who has decided that I want to purchase a pit bull puppy from a reputable breeder. I have researched what to look for in a breeder, and know exactly what I want. I do not want to rescue a dog; I have heard how "wonderful" pit bulls are at dog sports like agility and obedience, so I want to buy a registered dog from a breeder that I can "socialize" and start training from puppy hood. I decide to start my search on the AKC website, in the breeder classified listing, for an American Staffordshire Terrier. No Ohio breeders are listed. I then take my search to the national breed club listed on the AKC website.... The Staffordshire Terrier Club of America. I look at the national breeder listings here.... no Amstaff breeders listed in Ohio. I then tried to find a regional AmStaff club, based in Ohio, or even the midwest. No luck there.

I decided that I would try finding an American Pit Bull Terrier breeder from the UKC national website, based out of Ohio. There is only one name listed, with a phone number. Under "Health Screenings", there are "none listed". I google the name and phone number, hoping to get a kennel website, or at least find the breeder's name listed under UKC show results, but nothing comes up. This makes me uncomfortable, so I continue my search. I locate the national bred club..."The National American Pit Bull Terrier Club of America". I search for breeder listings, but none are listed. I search current events, looking for Ohio shows to try and find a kennel...no shows are listed in Ohio.

I next try to find a local breed club, and find the name of "The New Central Ohio American Pit Bull Terrier Club" listed on-line, with a name and phone number. However, I can find no website, or other reference to this club, no show listings, etc. I find no evidence that this club actually exists, so I move on.

I finally find myself at the ADBA registry, the American Dog Breeders Association. This is the breed club dedicated to "preserving" the American Pit Bull Terrier in its "original" form.... the registry for "game-bred" dogs, the dogs from fighting bloodlines. While the registry publicly condemns the "sport" of dog fighting, I am uncomfortable with this groups desire to "preserve" the trait of dog aggression that has proven so deadly to innocent pet dogs across the country. Since I am looking to be able to compete in dog sports, a game bred dog may be a bad choice for me, since a dog aggressive pit bull would be dangerous to have in off leash competitions and at dog shows. Still, I decide to see if I can find a local breed club to get more information....but none are listed in Ohio. I then turn to the breeder classifieds, where there are two litters listed in Ohio. Neither listing gives a breeders name, just a phone number and e-mail. I try to google what appears to be the kennel name of the sires and dams with no luck. Again, I am looking for a "responsible" breeder, who is proud to put his name and kennel out there, and show the public what his dogs have accomplished. However, I find another dead end.

Ultimately, I simply google "American Staffordshire Terrier breeders, Ohio", to see what I can find. I am encouraged to find a web page of AmStaff breeders, with four listed in Ohio... but none of the kennels can be found on-line, and although I can find some names of conformation champions in on-line pedigrees with two kennels, the information is dated; there is no indication that these kennels still exist. I do get several on-line classified ads for back yard breeders, or individuals with limited command of the english language looking to sell their pit bull which they can no longer keep, sell puppies, or stud out their male pit. I decide to try googling "American Pit Bull Terrier breeders, Ohio". I find a back yard breeder of hideous looking "American Bullies", selling untitled dogs with no health screenings...even though the OFA current data suggests that Amstaff and APBT suffer from some of the worst rates of hip dysplasia of ALL dog breeds. About 25% of the dogs tested... by their responsible breeders who actually test... are dysplastic. Imagine the rates of HD in these, bow-legged, cow-hocked monsters known as "American Bullies"?

I decide on one last try, and google "pit bull terrier breeders, Ohio". I get more back yard bully breeder/puppy mills selling puppies over the internet to anyone with a credit card. And of course, plenty of on-line classified where teenagers are trying to get 50 bucks for unvetted, six week old pit bull puppies. More of the same on Craigslist, where young women and wanna-be gangstas are trying to unload their pit bulls because the landlord is threatening eviction. So what can we conclude from this exercise? Does this mean there are NO responsible pit bull breeders in Ohio? Not exactly. I am quite sure there are a few kennels breeding and showing Amstaffs or APBTs that would meet the criteria of responsible, ethical breeder. But it appears that an average person looking for a "responsible breeder" of pit bulls would be unable to find them. It means that the handful of "responsible breeders", if they do exist, are in no way contributing to the crisis of unwanted pit bulls in Ohio. Most pit bulls being bred in Ohio are the product of unscrupulous back yard breeders, whose ONLY goal is to make money, and who are ignoring the health and temperament problems that plague the breed. Sadly, that is the best case scenario.

According to Pet-Abuse.com, a clearinghouse for information on animal cruelty cases across the country, there have been numerous cases of organized dog fighting across Ohio in the past decade. Game-bred pit bulls from fighting bloodlines can command top dollar in the underground world of dog fighting; judging from the number of large scale dog fighting rings that have been discovered in Ohio, dog fighters are also breeding pit bulls that end up in the Ohio shelter system. Add to this the fact that drug dealers in Ohio, like everywhere else in the country, are using pit bulls for guard dogs, and it becomes clear where all the homeless pit bulls are coming from.

So, who is breeding pit bulls in Ohio when thousands of pit bulls are euthanized in shelters each year across the state for lack of homes? We have the dog fighters, who are trying to breed animals that are so aggressive they will race across a pit to slaughter another dog in an unprovoked attack. We have criminals, gang members, and drug dealers, breeding human aggressive guard dogs. We have back yard breeders breeding macho dogs as thug fashion accessories. And we have the lazy, the uneducated, and the clueless kids who think they can make a few bucks selling pit puppies to their friends. None of the people breeding pit bulls care about the welfare of pit bulls... they don't care about breeding dogs that are healthy, and they don't care about breeding dogs with safe temperaments. The public has been asked to believe that the types of individuals breeding pit bulls in Ohio are somehow producing wonderful family pets, even when its obvious that many are selecting for aggressive temperaments, and the rest are ignoring temperament altogether.

Pit bull advocates who successfully lobbied the Ohio legislature to pass HB14 have not scored a victory for pit bulls... they have scored a victory for pit bull breeders. By removing insurance and containment restrictions, its easier for more amateur dog fighters to become involved in this underground "sport". Its easier for more young men who lack the drive and ambition to get an education and a real job to make money breeding "Monster Blue Pits" with bad hips and sketchy temperaments. Demand for hard looking dogs amongst irresponsible, transient youth will continue to feed the cycle of acquiring and abandoning pit bulls. Rescue groups that celebrate the passage of HB14 won't be celebrating when they realize that most families looking for a pet still don't want a pit bull. Insurers still won't sell policies to pit bull owners, based on their actuarial data; landlords still won't rent to pit bull owners because of liability issues. Home owners associations, condo boards, and military bases will still restrict them. The criminals, thugs, animal abusers, gang members, kids and losers who are breeding them will continue to create dogs with unstable temperaments. Pit bull attacks will continue to make headlines, as unstable dogs are adopted out into pet homes whose owners are unprepared to deal with them. Rescue groups and shelters will still be flooded with dogs that no one wants, and will continue their desperate attempts to market the dogs and make them more popular, while lowering their standards on who can adopt. In the end, permanent homes with responsible owners who contain, train, and manage the dogs appropriately will remain rare, and the cycle of acquisition, abuse, and abandonment will continue. Instead of addressing the problem at its source, and working for meaningful change to end animal suffering, pit bull promoters instead protect and support the very people who are hurting the breed they claim to "love". Until some animal welfare advocates have the courage to stand up and address the real issue of pit bull overpopulation by advocating restrictions on pit bull breeding, the number of homeless pit bulls euthanized will likely increase after the passage of HB14.

And that is definitely not worth celebrating.

ATTS Stats

Pitbull people will comment on the ATTS rating for Pitbulls. However, keep in mind that only 839 were tested to achieve a 86% rating but GSD's had 3133 tested for an 84% rating.

Are Pitbulls aggressive?


Insert Pitbull where needed


Plastic surgeons view & why Pit Bull attacks are so severe


Pitbull Owners' Creed

I will troll all comment threads on the net about pits religiously.

I will lie through my teeth if need be about my dog and its kind.

I will swear at and openly threaten people I disagree with.

I will publicly defame little kids, the elderly, and anyone else pits attack.

I will always without exception blame all victims of pit attacks- never the dog/s.

I will never talk about killings or maulings by pits except to blame the victims.

I will suppress the pictures of shredded people and dead animals that pits have attacked.

I will backstab all pit owners whose dogs attack people and label them 'irresponsible'.

I will be careless about how secure my dog is.

I will place my pit near kids every chance I get to prove a point.

I will distract from facts and studies any way I can.

I will compare laws about pits to human racism.

I will use aliases for pit breeds to distract from the facts of maulings.

I will dress up my dog as a ballerina and post it online.

I will use the words irresponsible, gentle, and lick excessively.

I will mention the little rascals dog daily.

I will accept two weeks of coddling as rehab for a killer dog.

I will aid the deceptive rehoming of vicious dogs into homes with kids.

I will fight for preferential treatment of pits in shelters while other dogs die.

I will continue to beg the help of ARA's as dupes for our cause.
I will. Amen.