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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Isn't that the truth!




Notice a little boy pulled the dog off.

War Dogs


George Vest's Tribute to a Dog

Gentlemen of the jury, the best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son and daughter that he has reared with loving care may become ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has he may lose. It flies away from him when he may need it most. Man's reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees and do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our head.

The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his DOG. A man's dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground,where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master's side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wing and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens. If fortune drives the master forth an outcast into the cold, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him to guard him against danger, and to fight against his enemies. When the last scene of all comes, and death takes his master in its embrace and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by his graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws and his eyes sad, but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even to death.

-Senator George Vest, 1870.

George Graham Vest served in the United States Senate for twenty-four years, from 1879 to 1903, but the act for which he is best remembered is a speech delivered in an insignificant court case while he was still a lawyer in rural Missouri.
The lawsuit that brought him immortality concerned the shooting of "Old Drum," the best hunting dog of a local farmer. A neighbor who suspected that Old Drum was moonlighting by killing his sheep gave orders to shoot the dog if it appeared on the property again. When Old Drum was found dead near the neighbor's house, the farmer filed suit, seeking damages of fifty dollars. After a jury awarded twenty-five dollars, the neighbor successfully appealed the ruling. The dog's owner, however, succeeded in his motion for a new trial and hired two skilled lawyers, one of them George G. Vest.
Vest's summation to the jury at that trial has become familiar to dog lovers across the country through succeeding generations. Rather than discussing the details of the case, he eloquently praised the loyalty of a dog to his owner in terms that brought tears to the eyes of the jury and of those who have read his brief remarks in the years since. As a result, the owner was awarded damages, although the amount—whether the original twenty-five dollars or much more—is unclear.
Afterward, the speech took on a life of its own, being reprinted both in the U.S. and abroad. So famous did it become that, in 1958, the town of Warrensburg, Missouri, where the speech took place, erected a bronze statue to honor Old Drum and George G. Vest. Over the years, the brief oration has been included in a number of anthologies, often with slight variations in wording and punctuation.

'Fluffy" Mastiff

Is the Belgian Malinois Right For You?


Before I get accused of leaving out breeds, I am not going to profile really rare breeds. I may not profile a breed if I can't find a good website that depicts both the pros/cons/ of the breed. Any breed people are interested in me profiling, let me know.

Is the Bearded Collie Right For You?


Is the Basenji the Right Dog For You?


Is the Australian Shepherd Right for You


Is the Australian Cattle Dog Right For You?


Is the American Staffordshire Terrier Right For You?


***However, no one can say any type of dog will never aggress towards a human.



Well, sure dogs bite, but I haven't read many stories of the small breeds pulling down adults and killing them. Also small dogs tend to bite and release..damage minimal. Also easier to scare a small breed off.  Larger breeds, like the Pitbull, grab and hold, shake and tear, causing serious injury/death. Hitting them on the head with a frying pan won't get them to let go of their intended target.  Sorry, Pitty people...it just doesn't wash.

And sometimes they turn on each other


What's your opinion?


Animal abuse


Now, I am totally against animal abuse of any kind. If this dog bite the child, take it and have it put to sleep, not this.

Pitty People try to influence the media


Now, Pitty people don't want the average JPQ to know their dogs are involved in attacks. Personally, if I was looking for type of dog, I would want to know this. It's called Informing and Being educated!


Do you think Pitty people do petitions when one of their own is involved? My guess is there is a good reason why this guy shot the dog and if he gets anything, it should be the current lame consequences Pitty people are given.

Remember Boy Scout Motto-Be Prepared(locked and loaded)



Yet another example


"It is a SAD DAY for Pit Bulls once again. As an owner of a Muscle Breed myself, I can honestly say that I have endured many comments from people who are ignorant to the breed and in ownership of these dogs in general. People seem to forget DOGS are not CUPABLE for their actions....Owners are cupable, for they are saying they can handle the dog and are willing to make sure that everyone is safe including the dog. I do not put my dogs in positions that I know they cannot deal with. In this case the women not owning the dog for very long needed to be HYPER VIGILENT...obviously that didn't happen. That the boy was so seriously injured and yet another dog paid with its life is simple WRONG ! People need to know they are RESPONSIBLE for their DOGS in everyway."

Typical pitty response. Though there are more pits looking for homes then there are people wanting to adopt them(I think that's why many pit people follow the Lay's Potato Chip attitude), they will still careless who these dogs injure, only expect the dog should still get to live after the attack-NOT!.

Pit bull attack raises questions about adoption



Thought I'd use all capitals like pitty people. Anyway, whenever you post something negative about pitbulls, the pitty mass instantly chimes in about BSL. So, to clarify my point of view: I am neither for or against BSL(if you can get one passed in your area, good for you!). Personally, we have already seen many examples on how pitty people get around this anyway. What I am strongly for is serious consequences for owners who's dogs inflict serious injury or death on humans or other pets-not this lame slap on the hand and tiny fine. That's right, our pets. Don't sit and ignore the frequency it happens by stating or focusing on the human aggression issue. We will not allow our pets to die by the jaws and claws of your dogs. If your dog seriously injures or takes a life, it needs to give up it's own life. Fair is fair. Blame no one but yourself.  With as much intensity as you promote your Pit's, we will counter with stories of people and pets injured or killed by them.

Have you seen this guy?


The above person noted in the article is why abortion should remain legal. Now I'm not saying, ALL Pit people would leave the area after their dog attacked but many would and only a few(and those are the ones not 100% programmed by the pit mass), if they stayed to address the situation, would willing put their dog down.

Bullmastiff Attack


While I love Mastiff's, there are certain ones I wouldn't own and those are the ones that are genetically more apt to be aggressive. Like the Bullmastiff.

However, unlike the Pitbull group, Mastiff people don't want every Tom, Dick and Inbred Harry to own one of their beloved dogs. Hence, more likely to point out the cons of owning their breed besides important information for the potential owner.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A dog victim who won't let the attack just go away


Many attacks just go away..because of course there are new attacks to report. This owner, on behalf of her beloved dog, wants to keep the message going. Good for you! Remember no dog should get a "free kill" do not expect the owner of the offending dogs to do the right thing. They don't care about anything else but their dogs...so you should share that same sentiment by shooting their dogs after they attack/kill.

Lame consequences


Glad she's got a lawyer involved.

An example of why non- lethal measures don't work


Oh Please!


Too bad more people don't own mules


Good read


The Pittie people just don't seem to have a clue how it makes no sense to a rational person to make comments on articles on how wonderful pitbulls are with children when the article is about a child that's been mauled or killed! Of course we get the irresponsible owner, not the fault of the dog. Well in my opinion it's both. First, the owner for believing the falsehood of the Nanny Dog myth and second the dog for the actual mauling/killing.

Friday Musings

I ran across a discussion this morning on a GSD site talking about Pitbulls. A person brought up how to avoid an attack and was bashed by everyone else. It got me thinking. Many people do this, not because they are pro pittie, but because they have believed the pittie people that is if they don't support them, their breed could be in the same boat..like with breed bans. That is pretty much why I don't talk about breed bans. People want to talk about the irresponsible owners. Well, ok. But then there is no discussion about how to make people take being a responsible pet owner seriously. And of course when I bring up felony charges being brought against owners who dogs seriously injure/kill people or domesticated animals, then it's but but...no buts! Now If I can support that, owning two Mastiff's, why can't other people..especially the pittie people?  I think it's because they want to still fall on the "well accidents happen". Spilled milk is an accident that is no big deal. People who are drinking and driving that cause accidents where someone is seriously injured/killed oftentimes have significant consequences. Why should this be any different with dogs?

Ya know....

You just can't go anywhere these days without your CWP:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Could only come from a Pitbull Owner


"I feel bad for the child and the dog as well.
You might want to check your "information/knowledge" about the Pit Bull breed before running your mouth!
Pit Bull's, or the terrier breed unto which the "pit bull" belongs was not bred to kill.
It could have been any dog. The mother was downright IRRESPONSIBLE for putting her child into a position to let the attack happen. ANY dog could have done this, especially a dog from a shelter that she had NO idea of it's history/background/demeanor.
Don't forget, the mother LIED in order to adopt the dog. A PRIME example of an IRRESPONSIBLE mother and dog owner!
I personally own 2, YES..2 Pit Bulls, have young children...and would trust my childrens life with either of them!
I am a RESPONSIBLE parent and dog/Pit Bull owner.
Before you go blaming the dog and making a blanket statement about the breed....check the other end of the leash for the one who is in the wrong!!
If a person goes out and runs over someone with a car, do they get to blame the car (because it could drive too fast, etc, etc)...or does the person responsible for taking care of and maintaining control over the car get the responsibility for their actions????"

****She should be reported to CWS.



Breed ban


"Smith and Wheeler pointed out that poodles and other smaller breeds of dogs bite people more often than pit bulls, but pit bulls are singled out only because their bites do more damage."


Petsmart Pitbull ban


Now how many bully breed owners do you think use a doggie day care? And many of these bully people didn't know about the ban because they didn't use doggie day care. So if you don't use the service, the ban affects you how?

Dog off lead/Other news





Dog off lead/Owners leaves with dog


Is The Anatolian Shepherd Dog right for you?


Is the Airedale Terrier Right For You?


Is the Akita Right For you?


Is the Afghan Hound Right For You?


From an article

"No, they do not deserve their bad rap. It is people that are the issue, but most people don't look at that and blame the dogs. Pit bulls are the dogs of people that want a dog to intimidate, and will continue to be as long as public fear continues."

-It's actually both the owners and the dogs to blame. I believe dogs are able to make choices, whether it's dictated by training socialization, genetics or free will. Because of the severity of injuries/death when Pitbulls attack, public fear is justified. There are many choices of dogs for people to pick from and people need to pick the type of dog right for their family and their abilities as a dog owner....not because they feel sorry for a dog.

This person is relating a dog with people, ignoring the owners, and blaming the dog. I don't think Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Hellen Keller, or General Patton would appreciate it, as they were all pit bull owners when pits had a good rap as the family dog.
-And Nixon owned a Irish Setter, so what?

Many dogs, if not all have the potential to kill. Are pit bulls the only breeds that kill? Besides, death by dog is extremely rare, and many more people die by stray bullets from hunters while out on a walk. Falling coconuts kill more people per year than dogs. Horses kill more people, and so do cattle.
-Actually death by dog is very common...many pets that have been killed by Pitbulls go unreported.

rarely ever do you hear about these other breeds in the media. They aren't the media's bad dog. Dachshunds are used in Japan as fighting dogs, and yes, a few of them have even killed humans in the recent past. Realize, most severe attack victims are kids or the elderly. The ex-president of France was hospitalized by his poodle in 2010, and that is the only reason it made the news. media sells far, and no interest in these other dogs. Pit bull is just the bad dog of today, as rottweiler, dobermans, and german shepherds were the bad bad boys of yesterday. Vilification made those other breeds popular and well known, as we can see the same trend with pits.
-Attacks by other dogs are reported..you just need to goggle something other than Pitbull.

So, public fear, over reporting, and relating dogs to people are all some reasons why they get a bad rap. Actually, pit bulls were specifically bred to be extremely human friendly, and under proper ownership, they make some of the best family dogs. They have an unmatched love for children. We need to stop marketing these dogs to bad people, and we will see a big turn around. Notice, most pit bulls under responsible owners are very friendly and never cause an incident.
-I guess you could say not relating dogs to people puts them in an insignificant level. So why then are Pit people opposed to putting the offending dog down? Again using the "good with children" makes the average JPQ feel they can  leave their child unattended with the dog(http://www.wgal.com/news/susquehanna-valley/lancaster/Boy-7-seriously-injured-in-dog-attack/-/9704306/10267202/-/21fx3b/-/index.html). As far as marketing, there is no other breed I think that is marketed more than the pitbull. As long as that continues, irresponsible owners will continue to get these dogs and the problem will continue. If you quit marketing them, allow supply to dictate demand(there are more pitbulls than potential owners who want them), I would think the attacks would lessen.
I think this is an example of why many of us consider dogs like people.

Editorial: Euthanizing pit bull is difficult, but right choice

Austin’s city council made an unpleasant decision Monday night, but one that was ultimately correct, in determining that a dangerous dog needed to be put down.

The case began March 9 when a pit bull rushed onto a residential walkway and killed a smaller dog, which was being walked past the property on a leash. The man who was walking the dog was also injured. After a period of observation, animal control officers determined that the pit bull should be euthanized, and the owner then appealed the decision to the city council.

While it may be possible that an animal with such a short fuse could for the rest of its natural life be blocked from ever again attacking another dog — or, even worse, a child — possibility is not the same as probability. Every pet owner is aware that dogs will roam if given the chance. And, in this case, a gate left ajar or a muzzle left off could result in another animal’s death or injuries to more people. It’s an unacceptable risk.

This is a case where there are no winners. It is sad that the pit bull’s life will end — sad for the owner, sad for the animal and sad for everyone who cares about animals. It’s too late for the small dog that was killed, and that too is sad. The best that can be said of the situation is that euthanizing a dangerous dog ensures that it will do no further harm.

Putting an animal down is never good. But it is better than the real risk that more animals would die if this dog is allowed to live.

Sometimes Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do


Laryngeal paralysis

A dogue de Bordeaux died after leaving the ring at this years Crufts dog show. Laryngeal paralysis was the diagnose. I had never heard of this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laryngeal_paralysis

So Sad


There is not such thing as a Nanny Dog


Remember, all dogs need to be supervised around children.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Famous Movie Dogs


Service Dogs

From Jewel Jade:
The first thing that bothers me about the photos(of a person on a train with a pitbull wearing a service dog vest) is that the dog is staring at another rider and not even paying attention to its handler. A service dog is a service dog, for whatever reason, but it's purpose is to care for/serve its handler. How is it going to serve its handler, when its busy staring at other riders on the train. It isn't even paying attention to what's going on with its handler. Another thing...yes, a service dog will sit when its handler sits usually, unless for some reason it knows it's not supposed to. That's rare. Yes, it should at least be sitting either sideways where it can see its handler peripherally or sit facing its handler, or lying down, with handler in its view. (peripherally works) Unless the dog is for PTSD specifically and it's "protecting" its handler, meaning letting the handler know when someone is getting too close.  Speaking of mental handicaps, there are some that a service dog can assist with. PTSD is one, but the dog MUST be individually trained to PERFORM SPECIFIC TASKS, not just make you feel good. Some are trained to lick its handler's face to break the handler out of a flashback, or put their paws on the handlers chest, etc. A service dog can also find the door and take the handler to it, in case of a panic attack etc. But no, a service dog is not a service dog if it's just there to make the handler feel good. That's an emotional support animal, not the same thing, and not afforded the same public access rights.
As far as the vest goes....my service dog always wears a vest, or her harness (for mobility purposes) when out in public with me. It just makes good sense to avoid confrontations about access rights. No the dog does NOT have to have any type of i.d. card or paperwork to prove its a service dog...the dog's behavior should speak for that. Most people can tell whether a service dog is a REAL service dog by the way it behaves, and whether its serving its handler or not. The ADA regs are not vague regarding what is and is not a service dog. I personally prefer that people DO NOT PET my service dog as that distracts her from doing her job. Most handlers feel the same; however, there are some people that feel it's okay if their service is pet, but they want people to ask first. I do let some people pet my dog, when she is not in her harness, and only wearing her vest. That's because she's not in the process of doing mobility work, because I'm in a scooter. When she wears her vest, she is doing only retrieving, and other work, not mobility. I prefer NO ONE pets her, but some people beg, and I feel bad, so I let them. Mostly children...while they pet, I educate them about service dogs. Some handlers do have vests that state,"Ask before petting," but I disagree with that whole thing. It should be noted, that regardless of what any of the vests say, people tend to pet your service dog anyway, most times without asking. I HATE THAT!!!
Having said all that, although the ADA does NOT have any breed specific regulations on what can/cannot be a service dog, I WISH THEY DID! I don't personally believe that pit bulls make good service dogs, as they are completely unpredictable. One thing I'd worry about with this woman and her "service dog" on the train....what if another person with their service dog came on also. How would this pit bull react? That's extremely important, as their are other service dog teams out there.
And, lastly, yes, there are a lot of invisible disabilities. I know it's hard, but it's important to really try not to discriminate against someone with a disability that you cannot see. I realize that's not easy, but it's important. This dog could be a diabetes service dog, or a seizure response dog. But...if that were the case, IT'D BE AT LEAST PAYING ATTENTION TO ITS HANDLER. Also, the vest should have the logo, or patch of the organization that trained the dog, if it was trained by an organization. It's crucial to represent the organization and give them credit for training your dog.
Any business owner or manager has EVERY right to ask a handler to remove their service dog if it is being a nuisance or being aggressive, etc. A restaurant owner can ask a handler to remove their service dog if it's sniffing customers or their food, begging for food, etc. Business owners really need to understand that this is their RIGHT! They DO have the right to ask a service dog to leave, BUT they must allow the handler back in to finish their business without the dog. 
I think if business owners and managers knew or understood this RIGHT that they have, there'd be a lot less problems. They don't have to determine whether the dog is a REAL service dog or not, they CAN ask it to leave if it's bothering people, barking, etc. 
One comment here talked about a service dog lunging, barking, snarling etc, and the manager refused to put the dog out. That's CRAZY!!! There is absolutely NO reason that manager couldn't have asked that dog to leave. Business owners have rights too, and they need to use them. They need to be educated on that.
*****So you may see dogs wearing a service dog vest that are not in essence a true service dog. No more than a GSD who lives with a cop is a K9 cop.

American Mastiff


The "American Mastiff" is a designer breed recognized by the Continental Kennel Club and has only been in existence less than 25 years. It was created by crossing the English Mastiff with a livestock guard dog breed --Anatolian Shepherd. This breed's founder stated her purpose was to eliminate genetic health problems, increase the life expectancy, and to produce a "dry Mouth" mastiff. Also often advertised as an "improved" Mastiff and marketed as a potential "new Breed", it is in fact a cross-bred--7/8 Mastiff and 1/8 Anatolian Shepherd. Many an owner of an "American Mastiff" will inform you it is the SAME dog as an "English Mastiff" only born here in "America"--thus it's an "American Mastiff". I hate to be the messenger of bad news-- but that ain't so, folks
Many AmMa owners discover marked aggressive traits in their young dogs at 8-24 months ; a period of canine development when all dogs go through a fear and dominance stage. Because of the influence of the Anatolian Shepherd which is a Guarding breed-- an inborn "guarding instinct" begins to develop and these dogs can become very aggressive toward strangers and if they have not been socialized and obedience trained, very difficult to train and control. These dogs can become too aggressive for the average owner to keep and they find their once loving manageable puppy has now become an uncontrollable dominate dog. It takes a very experienced "dog savey" person to handle a dog with aggression and dominance issues. Most dog owners are poorly prepared to deal with these problems in any dog much less a giant breed.


"When you hear in the news that a pit bull just snapped and attacked somebody but never showed any signs of aggression that is a myth … A properly trained and socialized pit bull will display absolutely no human aggression for any reason"

ANY dog, no matter how well trained and socialized, can display aggression for any reason at any time. Period! If you don't accept this as a possibility you will fall into the category of irresponsible owner. This is why so many dog owners are caught by surprise. They didn't expect the unexpected. Also pit people tend to minimize the dog aggression issue with pitbulls. Aggression is aggression, whether it's toward humans or other animals and is NEVER to be tolerated. Now I accept that same sex aggression issues are a part of the Dogue de Bordeaux so that factors in to the other dogs that make up our pack. The difference between a DDB and a Pitbull is the DDB usually will not initiate the attack but won't back down from one. I could not have Gremlin around a dominant male. There will be a fight. I know and expect it so my Irish Setter male is laid back and has the omega type personality. Now if I lived in Lala land like many pit people, and I didn't consider the genetics within a breed, I'd have a lot of problems in my pack.

ATTS Stats-updated

Pitbull people will comment on the ATTS rating for Pitbulls. However, keep in mind that only 839 were tested to achieve a 86% rating but GSD's had 3133 tested for an 84% rating.
Wanted to mention that Rotties had 5545 tested for 83% rating.
SO since there appears to be so many well mannered Pitbull's, according to the Pitbull people, I'm surprised the numbers tested weren't higher for the pit. Always consider the size of the sample when looking at the percentage. Reason because if only one is tested for 100%, what does that really mean?




This site clearly sees Collen at Dogsbite.org as a severe threat. However, they should be thanking her to help consider the many issues regarding pitbull(that you won't get from a pitbull person) people who may be looking at getting a pitbull that are not up to having that type of a dog. Clearly due to the huge problem this is(and it would be less of a problem if they didn't promote the pitbull as a dog most people should meet and want but rather a dog that few people should own-but I guess it's just easier to blame irresponsible owners).

"Who Is That Man Who Classified My Dog as a Pit Bull? And What Are His Qualifications?"

We all kinda think the same thing as far as all the so called "service dog" pitbulls.

Is the Irish Wolfhound Right For You?


Hubby, please read...he wants one when our old Irish Setter is gone.



Ya know, a cop's job is a thankless job. For crappy pay given the level of responsibility, they put their lives in danger every day. They should not be expected to treat loose dogs that that are attacking people and other pets with kit gloves.

Dog Scouts


Locked and Loaded


Man up!


I wish dog owners would accept responsibility for their negligence and the behavior of their dog instead of making excuses and blaming others.

Is the Malamute Right For You?

Is the Alaskan Malamute the right breed for you?

You may have seen one of these magnificent animals at the beach or in the back of a truck, or perhaps on one of your favorite hiking trails. Perhaps you had seen a Malamute puppy being eeid and awed over at a local park or event, - they are adorable, so cuddly, cute and fluffy. At some point you've seen a Malamute and thought that this is a dog you would love to own. Wherever you may have seen or become interested in the possible ownership of an Alaskan Malamute you should be forewarned that this is not a breed well suited to just anyone.

We suggest that you do your research of this breed in books, or on the internet, and also by talking to other owners past or present of a Malamute. Then its time for some soul searching to truly ask yourself if you're the right candidate to be an Alaskan Malamute companion.

Let us give you some of our views on the possible negative characteristics of this breed and also some of the characteristics of successful owner and unsuccessful owners. The Boy Scout Motto of be prepared is a good motto to abide by for owners and prospective owners of an Alaskan Malamute, - be prepared.

On a whole, Malamutes are supposedly the largest of the Nordic breeds of sled dogs. Because of their large size, bone and muscle structure they are generally strong dogs. Because most of our dogs are much larger than average and because we compete so heavily in weight pulling our dogs and offspring are very very strong dogs, even if you don't train them for weight pulling. Mix that size and power with an untrained or an out of control dog and there could be trouble. Don't underestimate the dominance and the power of these animals.

Malamutes, in our opinion are one of, if not the smartest of domestic canines. They are quick to learn but if the game or task becomes a chore or bore or not in their liking they conveniently forget what they were taught. Mal's for the most part are independent thinkers, or sometimes darn right stubborn.

Mal's can change a pretty well groomed yard into something that looks like a world war detonated minefield. And those shrubs and flowers, - chewtoys, lets hope they weren't poisonous. Then those big muddy paws, and footprints all over your nice clean clothes, all they were trying to say is I'm glad to see you.

A full grown, untrained or spoiled mal left alone inside the house, - you may be lucky if they just spread the garbage or chew up a few shoes.

Most Malamutes love people and children but they can be very dog aggressive, - mixed with that strength, - well it can be ugly.

Some Malamutes can also become predators. Sometimes they can develop into cat killers or sometimes if you just decide to let you're Mal roam they can become small livestock killers.

Some Malamutes can be very vocal of you leave them alone, they might howl for your return and when you do return they sometimes scream and bark with joy. Not all neighbors or neighborhoods will care for this. If they are left out of these activities and don't feel included they may start to develop problem behavior.

Every Mal is unique and most home environments are unique also. We recommend that if you plan to own a Malamute that you go into it with a commitment right from the start that you will do everything possible to make your Mal's life a great one. Your commitment to that Mal should be rewarded down the road with an animal that will also be committed to you and your family.

When a Mal must be left unattended we recommend that they have as big of an escape proof pen as you can possibly give them with a nice doghouse and shade and of course water availible at all times. Most Mals by the way don't care for those small igloo type dog houses. Some of our dog houses are 4 foot by 8 foot long and 4 foot high with decks and with another deck over the top creating a lookout that they enjoy.

We recommend consistent training from an early age. Puppy classes are good, and puppy ages that they allow vary from trainer to trainer but keep in mind these dogs grow rapidly and the sooner you start your training the better. Socialize your pup with positive life experiences.

Some unsuccessful owners are people who just thought getting a Mal would be cool without doing any research on whether this is the right breed for them. Then they get them and play with them for awhile as a puppy but as the newness wears off so does their interest. Then they just leave them alone more and more until they decide they have a real problem on their hands. Then they try to find a home for them but rarely will anyone want a problem out of control dog. So they call the rescues or the breeder in hopes someone will bail them out of this situation. Please don't get an Alaskan Malamute or any dog if your not going to be committed to it. There are to many dogs in rescues that could have been prevented. So please do some soul searching and research before you impulsively buy a pet.

We are not saying that all Malamutes will have all the aforementioned undesirable habits or traits, what we are saying is to do your research, prepare your Malamute living area or that area that you will leave him or her when you can not have 100 percent supervision. Then once you get you're puppy be prepared and be ready to train and retrain. Or maybe an older rescue dog might be your choice, if it is our hats are off to all those who help out rescues.

In our opinion we feel characteristics of successful Malamute owners and families are active, loving, forgiving, and patient.

You must also be warned that if you are a responsible Malamute owner the chances are good that throughout your life no dog will ever stand up to owning a good Alaskan Malamute.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is the Great Pyrenees right for you?


Is the Dogue de Bordeaux right for you?


Is the Jack Russell Terrier Right for You?


Good humor


I feel sorry for PO's

Comment from article: "He should be removed from his job. If I was standing there defending my loved one would you shoot me. Now the poor man that was hit has had two tragedies to deal with. I hate stupid people."
This would have been the same outcome if it was me lying on the road with my English Mastiff standing guard. Since when has tasers worked on many pitbulls? The guy was critically injured. The cops concern what for the man injured, possibly dying, not the dog. If he would have wasted time with the dog and the guy died, he would have been blamed for that too.

I think I might have done the same thing


Helping a friend


Make sure when you are around a neighbors dog, that the dog is put in a secure area when helping a neighbor.

Nanny dog?


This is an example of why the previously noted airlines, refuses the transport this breed.  They will chew through even a chain link fence to get out. Another reason to not get this type of a dog, or nay dog as far as I'm concerned, if you are just going to leave it outside.

Loose Dogs


If you have a problem with loose dogs in your neighborhood, as far as I'm concerned, you need to be locked and loaded. Your pet's should not be injured or killed because someone else can't be responsible for their dogs. Also I see more of this type of incidents happening with people that have wooden fences. People with dogs that are capable of inflicting serious injury/death should have chain length fencing. You can also by those things that you put into the links so your dog can't see through the fencing. I'm thinking of getting those for my side of our fencing by my neighbor's house(we live in a corner). His little dog is always loose and one day Gremlin, my Dogue de Bordeaux, got so agitated that the dog was running along our fencing he bite his tongue so severe, we had to go to the emergency vet for stitches.

Pitbull Rescue dogs


This is one of the reasons I am skeptical about people getting Pitbull rescue dogs. So many Pitbull people think love, etc can rehabilitate a Pitbull.  MAYBE some(with an experienced own who has gone the extra lengths to ensure it is trained, socialized and contained-preferably behind an electrified fence with a cattle prod near by) but I wouldn't want to take the chance. I guess I'd liken it to a group advocating that serial killers can be rehabilitated.

Is the Tibetan Mastiff Right For You?

                                                                      Tibetan Mastiff

Why the Tibetan Mastiff May Not Be The Right Breed For You...
Tibetan Mastiffs are a wonderful breed, but they are not the dog for everyone. In addition, they are a dog that, in order to be a good companion and member of the family, need more work than many breeds. Given their size and strength and natural guarding instincts, it is of utmost importance that you socialize and train your Tibetan Mastiff.
  • TMs are dogs of high intelligence and are extremely independent. They generally do not do well in obedience or in agility or other organized activities.
  • You may never walk your TM off leash.
  • Your TM will not come when called. It needs to check out what is over the next hill. As one TM owner once said, "Oh, TMs want to be with you, it is just that TMs think that if they are in the same country as you, they are with you."
  • TMs do not adapt well to being outside dogs, but rather must be integrated into the family.
  • TMs are highly protective of their family and their property. Your friends may not be able to walk into the house. Your children's friends may not be able to come to play. Many TMs will not permit anyone other than a very few, very well-known and accepted people, to walk into their house.
  • Your TM may not listen to you when you tell him or her that it is "OK". They know better than you do.
  • Although TMs are extremely independent, they are also extremely sensitive to your moods and to the moods and emotions of any of the family members. TMs may not wish to be present when you are disciplining your children. Do not fight in front of your TM - they will become very upset.
  • Tibetan Mastiffs have been raised for thousands of year as property guardians. You must socialize your TM. If you do not socialize your TM, take it to town, take it to playgrounds, take it to dog runs, you may have a dog that at the age of two or three has become so protective and so "guardy" that the dog will be unmanageable.
  • Many TMs like children, however, strange children will often raise their guardian instincts because they will not realize that normal running, playing and screaming is not aggressive behavior.
  • Tibetan Mastiffs, particularly as puppies and young adults, can be amazingly destructive. Tibetan Mastiffs have exceptionally strong jaws. TMs have been known to eat their way through doors, chainlink fences, concrete foundations and almost anything else you can think of. You must be prepared to have a certain amount of destruction caused by your TM, particularly under the age of three.
  • TMs are highly intelligent and therefore are easily bored. If left to their own devices, you may not have a home left to come home to.
  • TMs like to dig. TMs may decide that your landscaping is not good and will happily provide you with new landscaping, including tunnels to Tibet.
  • TMs bark, particularly at night. If you plan to leave your TM outside, you should be aware of the fact that your neighbors may complain strenuously. TMs who live and sleep in the house will generally not be a problem.
  • While TMs do not shed, at least once a year (and in some cases twice), they do blow their coats. Remember that TMs are large dogs. When they shed their entire undercoat in the space of four to six weeks, this can present a problem unless you have a very good vacuum cleaner.
  • One of the TM's glories is its coat. Be prepared to groom them. While they are blowing their coat, be prepared to work on their coat almost every day.
  • Many TMs, particularly the males, are difficult eaters. TMs may go for four or even five days without eating.
In short, if you want an obedient dog, a dog that you can walk off leash, a dog that will come when called, the TM is not the dog for you. If you lead an active social life, with many people coming in and out of your house, the TM is not the dog for you. If you have several small children, and many children come to visit, the TM may not be the dog for you. If you prize your wood furniture (or your plaster walls), and you will be upset if they were chewed on (or eaten in their entirety), the TM is not for you.
Please think carefully before you fall in love with a beautiful, adorable Tibetan Mastiff puppy. It is a highly intelligent animal that will bond very closely with you, but it will not be your obedient servant, and it will be convinced (perhaps correctly) that in most circumstances it knows better than you.

******If someone finds this level of information from a Pitbull website on reasons not to get a Pitbull, let me know.

Taking a ride

Taking gladiator to the extreme

Neapolitan mastiff

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why oh Why?

There are thousands of dog rescue groups, from the small to the large and the breed specific. There are more dogs waiting in shelters, foster homes, etc then there are homes for. Funds to operate these are stretched thin.  Most of these dogs would make great pets for the right person. Even Cesar M told an elderly women who got two Terriers, plus had an older lab, that she should re home the terriers as that was too much high energy dog for her.
So why would you waste limited resources, limited shelter/foster home space/few homes for these animals you already have to go to, on dogs that have been pulled from a dog fighting raid?  There's a reason pits are used for fighting instead of a collie or even a GSD. That's like taking the food bowl away from one dog and giving it to another.

Fatal Dog Attacks


Now I am against dogs not being put down in a fatal attack. That should be the one strike your out policy. Fine to deem it a dangerous dog if the victim survives with minimal injury but more than that? Nope, should be on the express way to be PTS.

And for those pitbull/Chihuahua comparisons


I just don't understand...

Why so many dogs just SOMEHOW get loose?

I hear all the excuses but that's all it is..excuses. If you own something larger than an ankle biter, you have to go to extended lengths to ensure your dog doesn't get loose. There is no room for error! Otherwise, if you are unable to do that,  this would be your better choice for a pet:

Wandering thoughts....

Still was wondering why all the websites to promote pitbulls. Then it dawned on me...maybe it's because there's an attack somewhere almost every day on a person or pet. That's it I think. Up goes a website after each attack. But here's a thought. Maybe if the Pit people didn't think everyone should own a pitbull the attacks would lessen. Maybe if they didn't adopt out to anything with a pulse, the attacks would lessen. They say it's because they are so popular. But why is that? Because you are promoting them as the ultimate pet? You say it's because of the dog fighters. Well, those people use them for dog fighting because genetically they can bring out aggression to fight. You say they have to be taught or abused to be aggressive. How many dogs all over in shelters are abused and neglected yet not aggressive? Dogue de Bordeaux's were used historically for fighting. Don't here about finding them in dog fight raids do you? Becaused the dedicated breeders have worked hard to eliminate that trait. Now they can be aggressive with the same sex. They dislike them. But normally, even with that dislike, they don't initiate a fight. But they won't back down from one. The Dogue breed advocates worked hard after Turner and Hooch to make sure they didn't suffer the fate as many other dogs that become popular following a movie. Dogue people(with the exception of backyard breeders-but even from them how many ads do you see for a Dogue de Bordeaux?) are careful who they place their dogs with.  Maybe if the Pit people contacted the Dogue people for advice there would be an improvement? Guess I won't hold my breath.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Typical Pit Owners responses

"Its not the breed its the owner!! Aggressive dogs are made not born, pitbulls get a bad rep because of their past. I personally own a retriever and a pitty and they are both sweet and harmless"
-You'll also usually see the term "bad rap"
"Pit Bulls are actually nowhere close to aggressive naturally."
-State of denial
"And to anyone saying Pitbulls aren't aggresive naturally...I beg to differ. They are aggresive, but with the proper training and environment can be just as sweet as any other dog. My best friend has 2 and they are the biggest babies I've ever met."
-False sense of security
"In my experiences, pit bulls (American staffordshire terrier) are just big babies. If your experiences dictate otherwise, I urge you to reconsider your opinion and please give these dogs another chance."
-The begging for someone to adopt a Pitbull..not whether it's an appropriate dog for you.

Adopting a rescue dog

When you adopt a rescue dog, you are also adopting a dog with a past. Adopters rely on the rescue group to disclose the dogs behavior and other pertinent information. However with Pitbulls, due to the high amount of dogs up for adoption that have had aggression issues in the past, you can't be guaranteed that the dogs past will openly be disclosed. Again expect the unexpected. I think that's why I've always been a pessimist...I'm never disappointed then.

Now here is a comment from that article:
Ive raised pitbull terriers for 31 years and rehabilitate dozen of dogs that had been used by dog fighters not one time over those 31 years has a pitbull bit me but i have been bit twice over that span by two different German shepherds so your uneducated opinion is way off Don as for you other pit haters in the 70s it was dobermans in the 80s it was German shepherds in the 90s it was rottweilers now its pitbulls when are you animal ignorant people going to blame the humans who fail to train and control their animals?
"Never ban breeds. Accidents happen. Who knows what that dog went through before being adopted and who knows what the kid did. Maybe she provoked it."
"Pit bulls...lovely pets with a much better temperament around kids and adults then lets say...a Yorkie."
There's the usual pitbull words, "ignorant" and "uneducated" besides of course blaming the owner. The usual "accidents happen' which implies acceptance of attacks and the usual comparison of a Pitbull to a small dog. Remember, you are responsible and will be blamed if something happens.

Good with children?

Airlines ban certain breeds


Now I have a hard time believing that military pet owners are wanting to fly with these dogs when they are on active duty due to the dog ban of certain breeds on military bases. However this is typical of the Pitbull mass...try to find an angle to gain sympathy from the public. And why is it such a big deal for regular dog owners? There are other airlines that have no breed restrictions. Pick one!

Why is so much of the taxpayer’s money being wasted....

"Why is so much of the taxpayer’s money being wasted on something as insignificant as a pit bull? The only person responsible for this shooting is the dog’s owner who failed to control and contain it. As for the wagging tail, I witnessed two pit bulls attack a carriage horse and all the time they were biting, ripping and tearing the horse apart, they were wagging their tails and they were still “wagging” when they turned and charged a man who ran out of his house with a gun and shot one of them. The officer did the right thing because now there is one less 4-legged shark to terrorize the neighborhood. Officers do not need a “course” in how to deal with dogs, pit bull owners need a “course” in how to control and contain their monsters."
This is a posting from a person on a pitbull killed article. Now because pitbull people press their right to own the dog of their choice...my feeling is then taxpayer money should not be wasted when any dog that is capable of inflicting serious injury and death is losse and causing injru/death to people and other animals. Because people have the right to bear arms and protect themselves, they should not have to bother calling 911/AC...they should just shoot the dog. Now before some peoople get their panties in a bunch for me saying that, keep in mind I say that ALSO being an owner of two dogs that are capable of causing injury/death. *Disclaimer-the attached pic of the Dogue is not my Dogue.

Good reads from Terrierman









If you have a home security system, why do you have a guard dog outside?:

Pitbull Owners

There appears to be a metamorphosis that happens when a person obtains a Pitbull. They lose the ability to have any independent thought or action. They are like a puppet or robot mimicking the same words and phrases as other Pitbull owners. They no longer have the ability to engage in critical thinking and are now acting is the same manner as the German's who followed Hitler. Their sole focus is centered on the Pitbull. The become enraged when someone does not agree with their feelings about Pitbulls. They en mass try to intimidate others to either follow their logic regarding Pitbulls or to withhold speaking their thoughts or feelings about Pitbulls. When they are given sound logic by others that counters what they say regarding Pitbulls either they respond with words like "Ignorant" "Uneducated" or remain silent because, since they have lost their ability to form a independent thought, they need to get from the Pitbull group the words they should say to respond. They will put the lives of others in jeopardy due to the blindness they have regarding Pitbulls. When a Pitbull kills it's owner, who has treated it well, they will come up with the most illogic reasons for why it happened. In their mind, the dog is not responsible for anything. The lives of other people and their pets are not important...only the Pitbull.
There are thousands of website that are geared to convince people what wonderful dogs Pitbulls are. This does not happen with any other type of dog. This is where you need to use sound judgement. Why does a dog that comprises a small percentage of the total dog population, need to have all these websites promoting it? While they say the sites are to educate, in reality they are to convince you to follow their thinking and adopt a Pitbull. They are not concerned if you may not be the appropriate owner for a Pitbull. Because then, if you turn out not to be, they will just blame you anyway.
Also because media reports of dog attacks, in particular the Pitbull, counters what they are trying to say(that the Pitbull is a wonderful dog, please adopt one) they will again show up en mass to try to intimidate media outlets to not report attacks. Again, this is where you need to use sound judgement. Why would they not want people to be informed? Let's say a heart device, that the company who made it states it is safe, has issues with it...would you want to be informed? Would you want the company to try to squash any reports of problems since it will affect their sales? Something to think about.
Finally, in their effort to promote the pitbull, you will see pictures of tiny babies posed next to a pitbull. Again the safety of others, even their own child, is not as important as the pitbull. Use sound judgement and not follow the mass. I actually know a family who broke away from the mass! The group was furious! They had two pitbulls, that they loved, but then found out they were having a baby. They decided the safety of the child was more important then the risks. They dropped the dogs off at a shelter. They decided they couldn't be a good dog owner with the responsibility of a child. That should be an ok decision but of course they were lam blasted by the mass for, what was felt, a betrayal. Bottom line you need to do what is right for you and your family, even if it goes against the mass. Because remember, if something happens, you are at fault anyway. It's a lose lose situation.