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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anacortes Police Blotter, May 18 - 25, 2012

Police and paramedics responded to the report of a man on the ground being attacked by two pit-bull dogs in the 5500 block of Sugarloaf Street on Tuesday evening. The man yelled for help and neighbors came to his aid by using shovels in an attempt to drive off the attacking dogs. The dogs had fled when police arrived. The victim and witnesses reported that the two pit-bulls had been running loose in the neighborhood when they began to attack the victim’s poodle that was tethered in its own yard. When the victim went to try and help his dog, the pit-bulls attacked him.
The victim man was severely bitten on his arm and suffered numerous puncture wounds. He was transported to the emergency room. The victim poodle also suffered severe injuries and had large areas of exposed muscle from where its fur and skin had been torn off. It was taken to a local animal hospital for treatment and is expected to survive. The attacking dog’s owner, a 35-year-old man who lived on Rosario Way, retrieved his pit-bulls and he told police that they had escaped their yard through a faulty fence. The pit-bull owner appeared to be intoxicated and he was belligerent and insulting towards the police officers and said that his dogs “wouldn’t bite anybody.” The pit-bulls were transported to the pound where they were placed into quarantine. The pit-bull owner faces criminal charges of his dogs running loose and the incident is under further investigation by the Animal Control Officer.