"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are breed-specific laws needed for pit bulls?


"Frankly, I'm just sick to my heart about inherently and repeatedly vicious and sometimes (how often/many is enough?) minority socially embraced deadly dog "pets" being mercifully defended here until I want to puke.
Innocent people are grave-yard dead and life-time mauled and physically/mentally scarred because of pit-bull and other types of historically vicious and deadly breed dogs. Forget the warm and fuzzy factor when you can-not convince the general public that it will not happen again. Even in your own living room or fenced yard.
It just WILL AGAIN as the sun will rise, somewhere, some time, to some one.
That is an absolute fact just waiting for time to play out. Two deaths within two weeks is just the worst. And here in our area.
Draw your own final solutions to save yourself from jail or public or even criminal lawsuits. It will happen again, here, there, and elsewhere. Going to prison or into debt forever for your damned dog is more than stupid and you and your vicious dog will deserve it.
You totally don't want me on a jury of your peers.
Denial and defense won't ever bring back a dead human or other animal a bad "pet" has killed.
I really wished I didn't feel this way, but your absolute fuzzy facts and slanted statistics won't ever bring back the innocent dead. It must be said....again. You can't beat my facts. Amen."