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Monday, May 7, 2012

Spix's Macaw

Picture is the three Macaws last seen in 1986. No Spix Macaw's have been seen in the wild since 2000 after the disapperance of a lone male. The story was written by Tony Juniper, The Spix Macaw-the Race to Save the World's Rarest Bird.
One of the rare Macaws. Currently believed to be extinct in the wild due to poaching. The Spix's Macaw is the only species in its genus Cyanopsitta, and one of only four species of "blue macaws." Of the other three, the Glaucous Macaw has not been reliably sighted in over 50 years despite systematic searches and is presumed extinct. The Lear's Macaw is designated "Critical," and numbers in the low hundreds in the wild. The largest and best known of the four, the Hyacinth is now "Endangered" by the IUCN's Red List. Efforts to halt the trade in these species and to promote their recovery in the wild are ongoing in their native range in Brazil. A handfull of organizations are currently working to increase the small population of this wonderful blue Macaw. http://www.acecoinage.com/spixsmacaw.html