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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Man stabs pit bull to death to save dachshund in Roseburg


"Six men tried to separate the animals, but when they realized the dachshund was being torn apart, Patton says he asked the pit bull's owner if he could kill it. He says she said yes."
***I wouldn't have wasted the time asking....I just would have done it to protect my dog. The rights of the attackee override the rights of the attacker.
"The pit bull owners told KPIC they did not give Patton permission to stab their dog."****As far as I'm concerned, the owners shouldn't have had to get permission to save his dog from getting killed. If the pit owner wasn't able to get their hands in their dogs mouth to pry it off(without the benefit of a break stick), then the victim's owner had a right to use excessive force for save his dog.