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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Facebook Comment

"I like how you erased my comments and pics from last night. Oh and blocked me as well. Not one profane word was used nore was any one disrespected. clearly it was to much to bear to see the truth. Here's an idea..... Rather than tring to brain wash everyone. why don't you give a fair oppertunity ur hands on my animal. Here's a concept. Let's drag your misdeeds out of the shadows. The things you do when you think no one is watching. Lets bring that to light. I'm sure what we would find on most of you would disgust us all. On a level where i'm sure society would like to put YOU down!! Now how ever if you people are open minded I encourage you to do this. Go out and buy a pit bull puppy and raise it for two yrs. Even tho the dog never hurt any thing, go ahead and put it down yourself. Get the real deal experience."
*****Yup way to act as you "advocate" for the pits. Again I see no other breed who's owners think everyone should own one. A REAL ADVOCATE wants to shelter the breed they love from those that will end up as irresponsible owners, does NOT want them popular and DOES NOT want every Tom, Dick and in-bred Harriet to own one.

Here's another from a new article:
"Here we go again with the breed baiting. I think most here will agree that the morons that blindly post (with no real evidence that these were actual "pure bred" American Pit Bull Terriers) how these dogs need to be eliminated. Sad really, I'm surprised you wussies can cross the street without wetting yourself. Here's a news flash folks: These are the MOST popular and Bred dogs in America! Yes, some will be problem dogs, but so is your lab breed (I.E recent story of the lab tearing the 18 month old to bits while the dad slept in the next room). These dogs are often mistaken for other breed dogs (or mixes) but VERY RARELY is a PURE bred pit involved in these attacks. Most of the time they are mix breeds (as pure bred pits have NO HUMAN AGRESSION TENDENCIES). How did we go from the "Little Rascals" and their pit, to every uneducated moron in this town scared to death of a very loving, gentle, family dog? Yes training IS VERY important, so are good owners, but the fact is more people own this breed than any other, combined. If they are so dangerous, why aren't we all dead? This is just a precoursor to outlawing any breed that may bite the cops that show up at your door to escort you to your new living arraingements (soon, sheeple, be patient). Farewell pacifist dog owners, may your labs lick your carcassas clean. "

****Sorry dude but according to AKC: http://www.akc.org/reg/dogreg_stats.cfm, Pitbulls rank 72(2011).  http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=4592...not even close to the top for 2012. And how's that going for ya being so overly bred? I'm sure all the pitbulls in the shelters and the ones being PTS, don't think it's the best thing either. And what planet did you just come from that you think more people own one than all breeds combined?