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Thursday, May 3, 2012

MD ruling shows Pitbull Owners Hypocrisy


OK, take away the Pitbull term in the ruling. In essence, an owner is libel if their dog causes serious injury/death. Dog needs to be proven still that's it's a pitbull, that's what DNA is for, but there's no more "one free bite" or "one free kill". So what's the problem Pit Posse? Haven't you been saying all along that the irresponsible owners should be held responsible? Well that's what the ruling does. As far as the landlord issue, most landlords usually have either a no pet policy or a weight limit policy on pets. The uproar against the ordinance(which does not ban pitbulls) just shows that for all the "blame the owner", the Pit Posse is just blowing smoke and they ultimately expect to not be held responsible for their dogs actions.