"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

And from my favorite Poet the Pit bull Poet Laureate

I saw it on the news last night:
Another report, a fatal dog bite.
It seems this happens much to often:
Another victim ends up in a coffin.

60 seconds into the media report…
“Attacked by a pit bull," then "graphic" she retorts.
Incongruous, through a lovely reporter’s smile,
The words that she reads are upsetting and vile.

Facts were presented, professional and objective,
She interviews an advocate, who gives their perspective,
“It’s all hype, it’s a witch-hunt, it’s media crap,
Don’t blame the pit bulls, you give them a BAD RAP. “

‘Though the advocates are shrill in what they accuse,
Yet I’m finding it hard to find fault with the news.
It’s hard to believe that people buy papers,
Just to keep up with the last pit bull capers.

We buy it for coupons, and for movie reviews,
Sports, comics…things that delight and amuse.
I’m thinking those people who buy it for dogs,
Are using it to clean up after their “logs”.

And for those of us who tuned in at 10,
Do we tune in to hear of those pit bulls again?
Turned it on for the forecast, but instead get story,
But I wish that I hadn’t; it’s upsetting and gory.

Oh, I know, you object, but I must retort,
It’s not really newsworthy for them to report,
The attacks of all of those assorted mutts,
The next thing they’ll have to report paper cuts!

The rest of the public, the sort with a brain,
Find your arguments suffer when you whine and complain,
Demonizing the media, for putting pins on the map,
Hey stop blaming the press; they don’t deserve the BAD RAP!

If it’s to find a culprit to be the aim,
The fault of the matter, just who gets the blame?
Blaming a dog, we just have to laugh,
Should they be sued in court, on the victim’s behalf?
Should we garnish their wages, send them to jail,
Or would their pit mommies provide them the bail?
If you believe that a dog can provide restitution's;
Do you have nice padded cell walls at your institution?

One time, my own pooch took a dump on the floor,
And I scolded, “Bad puppy”, sent him out the back door,
Found a chewed shoe, and a hole in the garden he dug,
There was not a shred of guilt expressed in his mug!

I tried to use reason, “Your fault, bad dog” I said.
That darn dog just sat there waggin’ his tail instead.

Yes, blaming a dog, though are charming, are dumb,
Their vocabulary limited; “sit, roll-over” and “come”,
And the understanding Pavlovian, motivated by crumbs.
And they completely lack logic and opposable thumbs.

Here I am, declaring with the Pit bull Advocacy,
On this point of “Blaming the dog”, UNITY.
Instead, I have to ask, why you won’t join forces with US,
And with those who protect the public safety, discuss….

Some policies to keep these poor dogs away
From the criminally clueless, from whom they do stray?
Let us strive to protect these poor dogs, let’s unite,
And instead of blaming victims, support all civil rights!

Yes, blaming a victim, how vulgar and cruel,
I’m betting you were a big bully in school.
Then I realize, the proof of it, there by your side,
Your pit bull, the object of your fragile pride.

”That poor dog attacked, and now it is dead,
”How I wish they would euthanize humans instead. “
”Everyone needs to know some “self defense”,
”You were attacked in your yard: Build a better fence!
”It’s their fault, for living in such a bad slum.”
”You’re lying, that wasn’t a pit bull, you’re dumb!”
”What did they do to the dog? They don’t just attack”
”Everyone needs to learn to be alpha of the pack!”
”Terrible parents, lowlife trailer trash.”
”They’ll be banning your breed next, so watch what you bash!”
”Pit bulls can sense any weak apprehension.”
”Get over it, Asshole, you just want attention!”

Blaming victims who become a voice for a cause,
Instead, victims targets, they don’t get applause.
Truth’s scary, so they seek to silence the source,
And in turn, all of those who support and endorse.

And there’s quite the obsession about dogsbite.org,
Instead of preventing innocents from ending up in the morgue.
So to all of you pit fans who call victims “Racists”,
Look in the mirror, and look at the faces:

That reflection you see is the one who should work,
To keep these dogs from the inept criminal jerk,
Seek to find some good policy that will ensure,
That these dogs are in hands most capable and secure.

Should we blame nature, should we blame God?
Events that take place nearly daily aren’t odd,
And a civilized response, is we do what we can,
This breed of dog wouldn’t exist without man!

At this point, Pit bull apologists are on the same team,
With dog fighters, and men with low self-esteem,
Back yard breeders and all of the criminal thugs,
Who use pit bulls to guard their illicit drugs.

Ironic, when half the victims listed on that same infamous blog
Are the slain owners and children of the family dog.
Some will join their sweet pit bull in an eternal dirt nap,
Requiem to the concept: who gets the “BAD RAP”.