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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Should breeders be working to eliminate the dog-aggression in the APBT?

On a Pitbull website the question was asked and in a poll answered by 46 people:
YES - Dog aggression is an unwanted trait, and should be bred out. 9 19.57%
NO - The breed should be left as it is, including the dog aggression. 31 67.39%
Undecided/unsure or Other 6 13.04%

Ok, now most of the comments were that dog aggression should be accepted as a part of the Pitbull. Fair enough. But again what the pit people fail to realize is that all the pets that are being killed by these dog aggressive pits are much loved pets to the owners. Those owners then become part of the campaign to ban pits. They will also demand that the pit that attacked be PTS. While the pitty people may accept dog aggression as a whole to be a part of the pitbull makeup, on behalf of our pets, the rest of us don't and never will. And we will do everything in our power to protect our animals, including using lethal force against your pit, because in the end when your dog is loose and it's a choice between your dog and my dog, my dog's life takes precedence over yours.