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Friday, April 27, 2012

Comment from a Pitbull Owner

"I have a pitbull & have been petitioning to save the pitbulls reputation for many years. I agree with much of what you say but those people who you see as haters aren't haters, they fear the breed due to what they've witnessed through the media, the damage they can cause should they bite, attack or fight. The people you should be targeting & labelling psychotic are those idiots who have pitbulls for the wrong reasons. Its those people who give pitbulls a bad name not those who fear the breed." This comment is going to get you more traction with others than 99% of the comments made by the Pitbull Group.

Now a crappy Pit Owner:
"You have to expose these sociopaths for what they are. If they are allowed to put these videos up with lies you have to expose them and show the world they are not people to be taken seriously when it comes to passing any bans or laws. Irresponsible owners and bad breeders are the root of EVERY dog's problems along with animal abusers. I understand that and I am addressing that also but I know these sociopaths need to be exposed who put these videos up on innocent dogs full of lies." Sorry but a video of a dog attack doesn't lie! Few other types of dogs other than pitbulls and their kind will continue to attack a dog after it's down.
Another stunning Pitbull owner:
"Any dog can be aggressive and attack anything...I have a pit and he is awesome....I don't use a leash to walk it, there are plenty of other dogs around too and he plays with them all the time...People need to stop being so bias against them..." "I don't use a leash to walk it"..humm..wonder what will be the trigger for this pitbull to attack?