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Monday, April 23, 2012

Humm, very interesting indeed!

Well the grapevine is talking about the dog that was involved in the fatal attack on the two month old infant. On closer look at the dog, it appears to be a Pit mix(other aspects look like GR but face looks like a Pit). A poster showed a listing of a Lab mix where again it looks like a pit mix. So, again, here goes the Pitty Party attempts to shed themselves of these dogs that, they normally have a hard time finding homes for, by passing them off as something else. It would behoove people to get a signed statement from the person they buy a dog from that they are declaring it to be XYZ so in the event something happens...I personally would sue for false misrepresentation that had dire consequences. Guess this is right up there with calling dogs pulled from a dog fighting raid as "bait dogs" rather than fighting dogs.