"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Opinions are....

Alot of our opinions are based upon experiences, things we read, etc. Others can have opinions that differ from mine and I don't have a problem with that. What normal for one, is not normal for someone else.
When my kids were small, we had small dogs. When they got to be teenagers, I got larger dogs...Irish Setters. When they moved out, I got my large and giant breeds. I didn't want anymore dogs that would sit on my lap and lay on the bed(don't like all the dog hair on the bedding). I wanted dogs that I didn't feel would be appropriate when  the kids were here. I don't feel people need to have the same type of dogs I own, in fact I always discourage it. I research breeds to decide which would be appropriate for the pack and other factors. As I've mentioned before, our oldest dog is a 12 year old Irish Setter. Hubby wants an Irish Wolfhound but I'm still in the researching stage to see if that would be a good dog for the pack among other things. The health issues in the IW are a concern. Plus this is a sight hound which I've never owned so need to research that more.
All my dogs are house dogs. I don't believe dogs should be left outside. The pack members are selected to co-exist with each other based on breed genetics and individual temperments. They have their own couch and anywhere on the floor to lay. I have another couch, my couch, which they are not supposed to lay on. Of course though they do when I leave the room, they quickly jump off when I return.
I think above all, no matter what type of dog we own, they are our responsibility...not the neighbors. So even if you own a small dog, don't let it run loose. No dog should be running loose. If you do need to let it loose, if it isn't in a secured, fenced yard, it sould be a secure area where it will not injure a person or other dog. How your dog is with you is not necessarily how it will be with another person ort dog and safety for everyone should always come first. It is your responsibility as the owner to keep your dog safe and other humans and dogs in the neighborhood safe.