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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Socialize, Socialize, Socialize

It's important to socialize your dog starting at an early age in regards to different people, dogs, cats, birds environments etc. The area I live has alot of hunters and hunting dogs. I kind of  attribute that to the lack of dog attacks here. If a dog attacks, there is no calling 911 or animal control. The offending dog is just shot. People that live here and own Pitbulls treat them as family members and don't let them languish in the back yard. Lest they get loose and shot.
We have a hunters fair sponsored by by the gun club and a dog kennel each year. It is wonderful to be able to bring your dogs their to socialize. Now I don't hunt but I bring my Mastiff's every year. There is always someone that asks what kind of a breed my English Mastiff is. With a dead serious face I always reply: "She's a new kind of retriever..makes a big splash when she jumps in the water". Many people have actually believed it!