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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do Your Diligent Research Before Selecting a Pitbull

The Pitbull group is almost like a cult. Anyone who is not 100% spouting the same tired phrases, and actually says anything negative against pitbulls is sworn at, call them derogatory names, etc. You can see for yourself by reading comments by the pitbull group on any articles that present the pitbull in a unfavorable light. You usually don't see this type of behavior to this degree with owners of other dog breeds. They want to have removed articles, websites, etc that don't promote the Pitbull. This type of radicalism is really wanting to limit free speech, I suppose you could compare it to something like living under a dictatorship.  They may at times offer an apology if their dog is attacked or killed by a pitbull, will find excuses for the dog and of course oppose it being put down(with a few exceptions). It's no different if a human is injured or killed by a pitbull. They want to "rehabilitate" dogs that have been taken from a dog fighting raid and of course place them in homes. No wonder then some turn around and attack a person or other dog. You have to be careful when you get any kind of dog other than from a reputable breeder or reputable rescue group that honestly describes of pros/cons of each individual dog.  They strongly encourage people to adopt pitbulls  regardless of whether it's the right kind of dog for them and their family. There concern is primarily about finding homes for the dogs because they are hard to home which should be rightly so! They require a certain type of owner and the diligence required by the owner is often beyond the average person. Not saying that there isn't some responsible owners of Pitbulls but they are no more the type of dog for the novice owner than someone learning how to swim for the first time in a river as opposed to a pool. Many who get one find out the hard way when they realize that it's not the right dog for them and if they don't turn it into a shelter, it's left in the back yard. I can only hope they are not criticized if the pitbull is not right for them and they turn it in to be rehomed.  Many are blind to the inherent traits of this type of dog so become lax and let their guard down and are surprised when suddenly their dog attacks a person or other animal and their make the usual comment that it's never shown aggression before. I'm not saying there aren't some good owners of pitbulls but they are the minority.
Bottom line, know your strengths and weaknesses as a dog owner. Do your research among the 160+ pure breeds and the dogs that make up these mixtures. It does the dogs no good to bring one into your home just because you feel sorry for it.  Many of these dogs are in shelters for just that reason. Many breed groups have rescue dogs and don't just give them to anyone that wants one. They try through a home visit, application process, etc to make it a good fit for both the dog and the owner.  Find the dog that best suits you, your family and your abilities as a owner. In the end, it's what's best for the dog. An example is wanting an Irish Wolfhound. I'm researching the breed but not sure if it's right for me and vice versa. I've always had a pack of dogs so have to be careful of who makes up that mix as far as inherent breeds traits besides individual personalities.