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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pitbulls in a pack

I just read your material on breaking up a fight and found it quite informative. I do have some questions I would like advice on. First let me explain the situation... I have 8 dogs, assorted breeds, and 3 are pits bulls.
Last night a vicious fight broke out between the Shepherd & Dobie. The Shepherd in the Alpha Female and once the others saw what was going on, all joined in against the loser (the Dobie). We were able to get all the dogs to stop BUT the pits who were in a death match fury. By the time we were able to break things up - this included grabbing hind legs, breaking holds, etc. it was too late. Bones (the Doby’s name) had arterial & vein wounds and were bleeding out. I am a vet tech. and could do nothing to save her... she was glassy eyed by the time we got all dogs off. We ended up losing a loved pet of 7 yrs. due to a damn stick my granddaughter threw (she did not know we don't do that with all dogs out at the same time) and Bones got to it first. My husband is disabled and cannot fight with them as well as I, so it was a nasty situation. Today they all act just like nothing happened at all.. I would like to know what you'd suggest in my situation. I have all ready said the pits will not go out with ANYONE other than themselves anymore for they are the ones who caused the deadly damage. Should this ever happen again what can I do to break them? I will go get some of those poppers we use to awaken those knocked out, but do you suggest pepper spray? What about the cattle prod if it is at a high enough voltage to stun them? The grabbing by the hind legs just is not feasible here - not enough people to work with. A break stick was advised to me, I have never used one and do not know if it would work. Please advise - I do not want to go through this again. Sure we have had spats in the past 10 yrs. but never of this magnitude. Hope to hear from you soon.
This death is tragic. You have created a dog pack and have now witnessed the ramifications of pack behavior. Build some kennels to keep your pets separated or give some dogs away to good homes. This kind of fighting will happen again. It takes some courage to be a responsible pet owner. In your case the courage means finding better homes for your pets. What you are doing is 100% wrong!

****This is called Pit nutter gone wild!