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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Linwood officials receive reports of dog attacks

Action to declare animal dangerous may come April 24
Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter
Linwood Town Board supervisors on Tuesday, April 10 listened to a complaint from residents living on 242nd Lane NE, about repeated problems with a dangerous dog.
A pet cat was killed by the animal which came into their yard. Their dogs have been attacked repeatedly by the dog while in their yard.
The residents said they cannot allow their children to play in the yard because of the constant dog barking and aggressive behavior.
There have been two police reports filed about the attacks. Attorney Gerald Randall asked for copies of these as documentation.
The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, at which the board will consider a resolution to declare the identified dog as “potentially dangerous.”
Many of the actions described by the complainants fit under the definition “potentially dangerous dog” (MN Statute 347.50, Definitions Subd. 3). Considerations are if attacks are unprovoked, if domestic animals have been killed, if threatening people or other animals in an attitude of attack, or has a tendency to attack unprovoked.
If the resolution is passed, the dog owner will be given written notification to take specific steps related to fencing and muzzling; to demonstrate the animal is under control. A notice of a special meeting will also be posted.
Once notice is given, the owner has 14 days to take specified action to secure the dog. The special meeting date will be scheduled sometime during the week of May 14.

*****Doesn't say what breed of dog is involved but no owner of any type of dog should create such a climate of fear in a community.