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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"When you hear in the news that a pit bull just snapped and attacked somebody but never showed any signs of aggression that is a myth … A properly trained and socialized pit bull will display absolutely no human aggression for any reason"

ANY dog, no matter how well trained and socialized, can display aggression for any reason at any time. Period! If you don't accept this as a possibility you will fall into the category of irresponsible owner. This is why so many dog owners are caught by surprise. They didn't expect the unexpected. Also pit people tend to minimize the dog aggression issue with pitbulls. Aggression is aggression, whether it's toward humans or other animals and is NEVER to be tolerated. Now I accept that same sex aggression issues are a part of the Dogue de Bordeaux so that factors in to the other dogs that make up our pack. The difference between a DDB and a Pitbull is the DDB usually will not initiate the attack but won't back down from one. I could not have Gremlin around a dominant male. There will be a fight. I know and expect it so my Irish Setter male is laid back and has the omega type personality. Now if I lived in Lala land like many pit people, and I didn't consider the genetics within a breed, I'd have a lot of problems in my pack.