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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Could only come from a Pitbull Owner


"I feel bad for the child and the dog as well.
You might want to check your "information/knowledge" about the Pit Bull breed before running your mouth!
Pit Bull's, or the terrier breed unto which the "pit bull" belongs was not bred to kill.
It could have been any dog. The mother was downright IRRESPONSIBLE for putting her child into a position to let the attack happen. ANY dog could have done this, especially a dog from a shelter that she had NO idea of it's history/background/demeanor.
Don't forget, the mother LIED in order to adopt the dog. A PRIME example of an IRRESPONSIBLE mother and dog owner!
I personally own 2, YES..2 Pit Bulls, have young children...and would trust my childrens life with either of them!
I am a RESPONSIBLE parent and dog/Pit Bull owner.
Before you go blaming the dog and making a blanket statement about the breed....check the other end of the leash for the one who is in the wrong!!
If a person goes out and runs over someone with a car, do they get to blame the car (because it could drive too fast, etc, etc)...or does the person responsible for taking care of and maintaining control over the car get the responsibility for their actions????"

****She should be reported to CWS.