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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

American Mastiff


The "American Mastiff" is a designer breed recognized by the Continental Kennel Club and has only been in existence less than 25 years. It was created by crossing the English Mastiff with a livestock guard dog breed --Anatolian Shepherd. This breed's founder stated her purpose was to eliminate genetic health problems, increase the life expectancy, and to produce a "dry Mouth" mastiff. Also often advertised as an "improved" Mastiff and marketed as a potential "new Breed", it is in fact a cross-bred--7/8 Mastiff and 1/8 Anatolian Shepherd. Many an owner of an "American Mastiff" will inform you it is the SAME dog as an "English Mastiff" only born here in "America"--thus it's an "American Mastiff". I hate to be the messenger of bad news-- but that ain't so, folks
Many AmMa owners discover marked aggressive traits in their young dogs at 8-24 months ; a period of canine development when all dogs go through a fear and dominance stage. Because of the influence of the Anatolian Shepherd which is a Guarding breed-- an inborn "guarding instinct" begins to develop and these dogs can become very aggressive toward strangers and if they have not been socialized and obedience trained, very difficult to train and control. These dogs can become too aggressive for the average owner to keep and they find their once loving manageable puppy has now become an uncontrollable dominate dog. It takes a very experienced "dog savey" person to handle a dog with aggression and dominance issues. Most dog owners are poorly prepared to deal with these problems in any dog much less a giant breed.