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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Typical Pit Owners responses

"Its not the breed its the owner!! Aggressive dogs are made not born, pitbulls get a bad rep because of their past. I personally own a retriever and a pitty and they are both sweet and harmless"
-You'll also usually see the term "bad rap"
"Pit Bulls are actually nowhere close to aggressive naturally."
-State of denial
"And to anyone saying Pitbulls aren't aggresive naturally...I beg to differ. They are aggresive, but with the proper training and environment can be just as sweet as any other dog. My best friend has 2 and they are the biggest babies I've ever met."
-False sense of security
"In my experiences, pit bulls (American staffordshire terrier) are just big babies. If your experiences dictate otherwise, I urge you to reconsider your opinion and please give these dogs another chance."
-The begging for someone to adopt a Pitbull..not whether it's an appropriate dog for you.