"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wandering thoughts....

Still was wondering why all the websites to promote pitbulls. Then it dawned on me...maybe it's because there's an attack somewhere almost every day on a person or pet. That's it I think. Up goes a website after each attack. But here's a thought. Maybe if the Pit people didn't think everyone should own a pitbull the attacks would lessen. Maybe if they didn't adopt out to anything with a pulse, the attacks would lessen. They say it's because they are so popular. But why is that? Because you are promoting them as the ultimate pet? You say it's because of the dog fighters. Well, those people use them for dog fighting because genetically they can bring out aggression to fight. You say they have to be taught or abused to be aggressive. How many dogs all over in shelters are abused and neglected yet not aggressive? Dogue de Bordeaux's were used historically for fighting. Don't here about finding them in dog fight raids do you? Becaused the dedicated breeders have worked hard to eliminate that trait. Now they can be aggressive with the same sex. They dislike them. But normally, even with that dislike, they don't initiate a fight. But they won't back down from one. The Dogue breed advocates worked hard after Turner and Hooch to make sure they didn't suffer the fate as many other dogs that become popular following a movie. Dogue people(with the exception of backyard breeders-but even from them how many ads do you see for a Dogue de Bordeaux?) are careful who they place their dogs with.  Maybe if the Pit people contacted the Dogue people for advice there would be an improvement? Guess I won't hold my breath.