"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why is so much of the taxpayer’s money being wasted....

"Why is so much of the taxpayer’s money being wasted on something as insignificant as a pit bull? The only person responsible for this shooting is the dog’s owner who failed to control and contain it. As for the wagging tail, I witnessed two pit bulls attack a carriage horse and all the time they were biting, ripping and tearing the horse apart, they were wagging their tails and they were still “wagging” when they turned and charged a man who ran out of his house with a gun and shot one of them. The officer did the right thing because now there is one less 4-legged shark to terrorize the neighborhood. Officers do not need a “course” in how to deal with dogs, pit bull owners need a “course” in how to control and contain their monsters."
This is a posting from a person on a pitbull killed article. Now because pitbull people press their right to own the dog of their choice...my feeling is then taxpayer money should not be wasted when any dog that is capable of inflicting serious injury and death is losse and causing injru/death to people and other animals. Because people have the right to bear arms and protect themselves, they should not have to bother calling 911/AC...they should just shoot the dog. Now before some peoople get their panties in a bunch for me saying that, keep in mind I say that ALSO being an owner of two dogs that are capable of causing injury/death. *Disclaimer-the attached pic of the Dogue is not my Dogue.