"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went"~Will Rogers

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pitbull Owners

There appears to be a metamorphosis that happens when a person obtains a Pitbull. They lose the ability to have any independent thought or action. They are like a puppet or robot mimicking the same words and phrases as other Pitbull owners. They no longer have the ability to engage in critical thinking and are now acting is the same manner as the German's who followed Hitler. Their sole focus is centered on the Pitbull. The become enraged when someone does not agree with their feelings about Pitbulls. They en mass try to intimidate others to either follow their logic regarding Pitbulls or to withhold speaking their thoughts or feelings about Pitbulls. When they are given sound logic by others that counters what they say regarding Pitbulls either they respond with words like "Ignorant" "Uneducated" or remain silent because, since they have lost their ability to form a independent thought, they need to get from the Pitbull group the words they should say to respond. They will put the lives of others in jeopardy due to the blindness they have regarding Pitbulls. When a Pitbull kills it's owner, who has treated it well, they will come up with the most illogic reasons for why it happened. In their mind, the dog is not responsible for anything. The lives of other people and their pets are not important...only the Pitbull.
There are thousands of website that are geared to convince people what wonderful dogs Pitbulls are. This does not happen with any other type of dog. This is where you need to use sound judgement. Why does a dog that comprises a small percentage of the total dog population, need to have all these websites promoting it? While they say the sites are to educate, in reality they are to convince you to follow their thinking and adopt a Pitbull. They are not concerned if you may not be the appropriate owner for a Pitbull. Because then, if you turn out not to be, they will just blame you anyway.
Also because media reports of dog attacks, in particular the Pitbull, counters what they are trying to say(that the Pitbull is a wonderful dog, please adopt one) they will again show up en mass to try to intimidate media outlets to not report attacks. Again, this is where you need to use sound judgement. Why would they not want people to be informed? Let's say a heart device, that the company who made it states it is safe, has issues with it...would you want to be informed? Would you want the company to try to squash any reports of problems since it will affect their sales? Something to think about.
Finally, in their effort to promote the pitbull, you will see pictures of tiny babies posed next to a pitbull. Again the safety of others, even their own child, is not as important as the pitbull. Use sound judgement and not follow the mass. I actually know a family who broke away from the mass! The group was furious! They had two pitbulls, that they loved, but then found out they were having a baby. They decided the safety of the child was more important then the risks. They dropped the dogs off at a shelter. They decided they couldn't be a good dog owner with the responsibility of a child. That should be an ok decision but of course they were lam blasted by the mass for, what was felt, a betrayal. Bottom line you need to do what is right for you and your family, even if it goes against the mass. Because remember, if something happens, you are at fault anyway. It's a lose lose situation.